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The Way of the Dragon

Its Dragon's Time!


The above chinese words can also be read as The Return of the Dragon too. It was the title of a famous movie by the late kung fu actor, Bruce Lee, a blockbuster. Obviously, most of his movies uses the name of the Dragon or he was fascinated by it apart from his name which means Little Dragon. 

Okay, due to a email question from my persistent chinese ethusisast about the above words today, I decided to give you a  reply and edit my post now, Argggh....

15th December 2010

Mr. X: ' The words can also means 'Fierce Dragon Crossing the River or Lake?'

Hey, come on X, you dun expect me to write everything down right as it is the Chinese Whispers. This is a hidden meanings which you manage to grasp, my congratulations as it refers to the Tai Chi Tu or Ba Gua where the number 5 is Void as the Bagua have 8 number only. In Xuan Kong Da Gua, it would means the Dragon crossing from The Upper Era to the Lower Era, Got it?

My apologies, as you can see above, I have delete all the mails except your which I happened to read first and the reason why I have disable the comments for my blog. My further apologies to all as it is Seasons holidays, I would not be replying to any questions but no worry, there are still a lot of experts around elsewhere on the Net, please forward your enquiries to them. :  )

I will be BACK next Year!!!

Okay, Tea break over......
Some Heavy Stuffs today, as I have said before, if you happens to come on by here, please have some basic metaphysics knowledge, if not, please get out to avoid wasting your time reading about my crappings.

Interestingly, in Feng Shui, we have an important old classic line about this elusive Dragon by the Grandmaster Yang Yun Song,  先看金龍動不動,次察血脈認來龍, meaning See whether the Golden Dragon moves or not, verify the veins for the real Dragon.

Now why this Dragon is called Gold and not by some other names such as Water, Wood, Fire and Earth of the five elements of Chinese metaphysics. A Flying Stars Feng Shui practitioner must know this to know the essence of the Flying Stars for Feng Shui.

'此行于十一月十五日养吾由上海动身,家父乘民船,与先祖父灵柩,山横林启硅,相约于南方泉王明卿先生处会晤,是日风平天晴,于午后五时,相互到达,翌日伴同家父上山,家君步力尚佳,年虽七十有三,养吾已五十有一,彼此欣然而行,家君对此地极为满意,外堂开展,内堂蓄聚,虽穴情似有研求,而弦口清晰,中现微突,即于此鸠工开圹,初开动时略有斟酌,深约四尺,见土色紧润,色泽而有紫嫣,知穴矣,遂于是月十七壬辰日申时登穴,立子午兼癸丁,先祖系道光八年戊子生,今为辰日申时,可称三元齐合,亦天缘也。先祖母王太夫人已于壬申年冬,安葬于无锡西乡山地十五亩半,今与先祖墓地,遥遥相对,相去不过数十里,交通尚称便捷,春秋扫墓,即可竣事,(今按家君意,拟定明年已丑,将先祖母田华藏合兆于此,)当日即将墓碑封好,内地尚属不靖,幸有王明卿先生及何鸿 等,整日照料,得以安度,心甚感激,是年七月二十八,家母黄太夫人弃养,寿享古稀,本拟同葬于此,因地势太小,只得另觅吉壤,再行新扦矣,十九日与家君同行回锡,家君乘轮回乡,养吾则乘火车回申,此事为入土为安计,未加工程,所费不过二百五六十元,(后加工筑罗城又费五六百元)山地五分,计一百二十元,事已告成,家君可以放心,濡笔记之, 以资不忘。




第三, 当然谈氏家族会祸难当了。这就是我为什么说谈氏卦理符合经旨,一到入用就变调了的原因。


Part of the above chinese article is taken from a Chinese Feng Shui master in showing a case study on Master Tan Yang Wu who popularise the Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法 and gave up on the popular Flying Stars technique and wrote the book 玄空本义 after learning it from a Taoist Master Lee Qian Xu in the summer of 1929 and denounce Shen Zu Reng' s Flying Stars Feng Shui which then opens another new dimensions for metaphysics lovers. Here the writer explains his findings that in 1948, after Master Tan Yang Wu relocated his ancestral Ying Feng Shui  based on Two Era, Eight periods of Time in Xuan Kong Liu Fa for the Fourth period in the eighteen years of the Dui Trigram using this method. This was done during World War 2 and to be able to do it, the family must be well-off or wealthy. However, sadly as the writer who have taken the trouble to research and check on Master Tan Yang Wu' s audit of the newer Ancestral tomb and see the consequences that the late master's descendants have completely disappeared which contradicts the Liu Fa techniques that Master Tan have advocated and he had hoped that any of the present late master's descendants who come across his article can verify with him on their fortunes.

Now I am not here to critisize on different schools of thought, just that I find it amusing. It is with interest that I am writing about this is because this event happens during Age 5 for Flying Stars Fengshui in 1948. Shen Zu Reng' s Flying stars techniques uses the San Yuan Nine Yun or Three Era, Nine Periods of 20 years to measure time. Now most of you knows that for Age 8 now, sector Gen Gua Star 8 is the Zheng Sheng 正神, the Ruling Star for the period and the opposite sector Kun Gua Star 2 where star 5 the Dragon is the Ling Sheng 零神. Ling Sheng means Void sector which wants to be filled up with Yang energy so the saying that it is good to have water or activities in that sector. So in Age 5 where Star 5 The Dragon did not go Missing but Return to the centre of the Luo Shu Square, some present day masters advocate Star 4 as the Zheng Sheng, the Ruling Star and Star 6 as the Ling Shen for the first ten years and vice versa for the second ten years in their teachings. Another school of thoughts advocates using Star 2 as the Ruling Star for Zheng Sheng and Star 8 for Ling Sheng for the first ten years and vice versa for the next ten years of the 20 years period. So who is right or wrong? That is to say that either Star 2, 8, or 4 and 6 would have extra 10 years each, doesn't it sound not so perfect for measuring time? And interestingly, the Water star 5 in the birth chart of the property cannot have water but the Star 5 in the age of the Ruling star in the Luo Shu Square must have water or Yang energy for Flying star or Liu Fa (The Golden Dragon for Liu Fa is in the North East or Gen Gua for this period which is the difference for the two schools of thought). If you can understand this, you would have taken another step forward to understanding Flying Stars.

Now for Xuan Kong Liu Fa, the above chinese writer have already mentioned that in 1948, Master Tan Yang Wu who knows part of the Shen' s flying stars technique is most likely to have use the Trigram school of measuring time using the yaos and relocated his family ancestral tomb, yet accordingly have bear no fruits for his descendants. If the time measurement is incorrect, it would also means the date selection for the new location of the ancestral tomb would also be wrong. The positioning of the Tomb would also have to be timely.The above writer stated that he is keen to locate anyone related to Master Tan Yang Wu to verify his findings.

Now, now, don't panic, for those of you using Flying stars technique, it is still safe as Age 5 would still be at least another 100 years away. But if you would like to have great great grand children enjoying great fortune 100 years later, could help to do some research or find out from those who know. Actually the answer is in the meaning of the Golden Dragon or Star 5. It would also helps in understanding on how to Fly with the Stars. : )

Seasons Greetings to all who happens to pass by here.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

For Emperor Only

It amuses me that a few years back, a friend of mine had attended a Chinese Metaphysics course called Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲. Having paid about US$1500 and despite after spending 2 full days learning it from that Master and only manages to know how to plot the charts and that it is to pick a good direction to do important things such as looking for a doctor, going for a job interviews, etc. That friend have to pay another US$100 for the course book in English where I was given a copy to discuss with him as he was still unclear about some of the jargon and I had not thought highly of the book then. Later on, I had also came across a series of books written in English about this art also costing about 800 Euro dollars. At the moment, this secretive art is still being taught for about US$1000 at least by some Masters. If that friend of mine today happens to come onto this new book written by Calvin Yap, I guess he would be fuming mad as this book explained and teaches it more clearly that a beginner would have no problem understanding the concept. There are even several case studies to show how it works if you still don't get it end of the day.

Now I have put a link here for those of you interested as it is priced reasonably as you can see here. In the past in Feudal China, this art is to be used by the Emperor only and is not accessible to the common people. I was initially skeptical because the book was priced too low as there are no other books on this art apart from those written in Chinese. To my surprise, after reading it, the author had shared almost all that you can know about this art. The meaning of the chinese words 奇门遁甲 is Mysterious Door Hide Jia which is to protect leader(Jia) in one of the Eight Doors as probably in the past, it was mainly used for warfare and not meant for the common people. It was believed that Mao Zedong uses it to defeat the Kuomintang Army which has more soldiers and well-equipped and supported by the Western world who don't want to see a Communist country. For those of you who hates plotting chart, no worry, just copy the chinese words 奇门遁甲在线排盘系统 and google search and you will get a free software to help you plot it. You can then start having fun and testing it out on your career or romance and so forth. I do not want to spoil your fun by telling you more, so enjoy the book.

Taken from part of an article by Joey Yap about Qi Men Dun Jia:

'Now, if you are a Feng Shui enthusiast, you may have heard of Qi Men. You may even have heard that it has certain ‘occult’ elements to it, or that it is so powerful that it can enable a person to escape fate and destiny. Some books and Chinese Metaphysics teachers go so far as to claim that Qi Men can change matters of life and death. Some people even say that Qi Men is not a ‘legit’ field of Chinese Metaphysics because it can be used for illegal acts such as killing someone and getting away with it....'

Till-then, cheers. I will come back on Face readings another day.

Qi Men Dun Jia was used by a war strategist Chu Ke Liang in this part of the Warring States History of China in this movie.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chinese Physiognomy

Now if you are wondering what is Jackie Chan, the actor doing here? Well, it is to explain that in chinese physiognomy for ladies, don't worry if you have a nose like his, in fact it is auspicious as the nose apart from being the wealth palace is also the spouse star for females. A nose like that would means you would get a good husband in the old chinese thought. Pert and shapely noses as you can see from the faces of supermodel and actresses are associated in the past with chinese opera female performers who ultimately ends up as being the second wife or concubine of the Rich. The position is at 45 to 48, however it must be balanced with the rest of the face, does not means that big nose will be good. As have been mentioned in the earlier post, the nose represent the Wealth palace for all. Importantly, the nose must not be crooked and should be fleshy and strong looking. There should not be any mark or mole on it. The tip of the nose should be round, no 48 position like the above picture. There should not be any scar on it. Surprisingly, moles generally not considered positive but if found just below the nose by the side above the upper lip is considered good as it mean locking the wealth into the nostrils, to be able to accumulate wealth. People with this feature normally have substantial savings in bank. You can try confirming it by hinting to people diplomatically when you see this feature with :' Oh you look like the types who are able to plan well for finance...'

The reasons I have chosen to discuss these palaces together, the travelling palace, career, life palace and parent palace is that it is to be read all together, it will determine the person's wealth or career more clearly as for face reading, it is not enough just by looking at one palace alone.

The siblings palace is represented by both eyebrows, if the length of the eyebrows is longer than the eyes, it would normally denotes big family with 3 siblings onwards.If it is bushier and unifom in growth, then it would
means that the siblings get along well together and help each other. If the right eyebrow (female siblings) and left eyebrow (male siblings) are messy and not uniformly, it would means they don't get along well together. Marks or breaks in the eyebrows would also denote health problems or mishaps for the sibling depending on which eyebrow. The other aspects to be read is with the Parents palace distance from the eyebrows, if one eyebrow is higher than the other or what we will call Ying Yang eyebrows which means this person probably have half siblings from a stepmother or stepfather. The position of the ears with the position of the Parents palace if are not uniform or as mentioned, one higher or lower will also indicates this possibility of half siblings.

The tips of the eyes at the position 39 is considered the Marriage palace, left representing guys and right for ladies on the relevant palace as with the chinese principle. As with Jackie Chan, the tip of his eyes have what you can call fish tails or Peach Blossom lines on his right eye representing the wife which indicates flamboyance and showbiz talents. Coincidentally his wife was also a famous chinese actress, Lin Feng Chiao in retirement after marriage. As from the strong lines at the tips of the right eye, it indicates he respect his wife alot and they get along well.

Okay, I got to go now as I have an appointment. Would try to find time to come back and continue later.

Till-then, cheers.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Face Reading

Okay, let' s continue, the numbers above denotes the age of a person's life. We can also use it separately to point out the twelve palace mentioned in the earlier post. Now we will look at three of the palaces together,
The travelling horses or  遷移 Travel palace, position 23 and 24, the Career Palace事業, position 15 to 25 and the Life palace命宮, no 28.

As in the above picture, at position 23 and 24 would means this person is mobile and suitable for jobs which requires frequent travels and would have no problem in starting a new life in away from his hometown. If this two position is dark or scarred or with a mole, then one would have to be mindful while travelling as it could denotes mishaps or unsuccessful business trips. If this two positions are low as the below picture, then he is more suited for a stable and desk-bound jobs.

Similarly for the Career palace at the positions from 15 o 25, if it is high and broad with at least 5 fingers wide from position 15 straight down to 25, the person is normally not the shy type and can be suitable for jobs such as from a showroom salesman to being a CEO. The low forehead type are normally more suited for behind the scene jobs and not being in the limelight. You should also look from the side of the face forehead to analyse further whether it protrudes which will indicate a thinker or the forehead which slanted backward and would means this is a guy who will act first without doing thinking. Lastly, the most important Life palace at position 28 would need to be at least two finger wide between the two eyebrows and should not have any marks or mole on it as it normally denotes an unhappy life with financial hardships. If it is less then two fingers, it would normally means that the person is stressful and paranoid even if well-off, spending most of the time being pressurised by his own dissatisfactions after achieving whatever he wants. Any line on this area is also not a good omen indicating possible financial disasters. This three areas should be not be dark or have any indentations, you might then in your mind wonder: what about races who are dark, ah, then we would want to see these areas glows or shiny in comparison with the rest.

Anyway, these are just general guidelines for the Chinese face reading techniques and would still have to read in line with the rest of the face aspects as a whole to get a complete Picture. Okay, I am bored and would be back again.

Till-then, cheers.

Some music to wind down the week.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Give me some Face, ok?

Ha-ha, the above title is a local lingo translated from chinese meaning give me some respect.Thought I would start writing a series of Face Reading as I can't think of any opinion to share at the moment. So here we goes.....

It is logical that a person's appearance as well as face plays a part in Destiny. E.g. If a very rich person likes your face, you would then have met your benefactor or to put it simple, if you go for a job interview and the person in charge likes your face, you stand a better chance when there is a choice to be made between you and another who have the same qualifications. Anyway, lets look at other aspects first as in the picture above, the thirteen palaces translated as in below:

1)父母- Parent Palace
2)遷移 Travel
3)福德  Virtue or Satisfaction
4)兄弟 Siblings (This is located on the eyebrow itself)
5)田宅 Property
6)事業 Career
7)命宮 Life
8)夫妻 Spouse
9)病厄 Health
10)子女 Children
12)交友Friends or Junior Staff
13)小人People who will creates problem in your life

1)父母- Parent Palace normally refer to the affinity between a person and the father父(Left) or Mother母(Right). It is also known as the Sun and Moon position. Scars or dent on this positions indicate poor affinity or relationships with parents. If the blood vein in that position is thick and highly visible could means the father or the mother would face hardship in the later part of their lives.

Okay, this will do for the moment. Will be back to explain further on the palaces on how to do the readings. Knowing some general face reading techniques help in doing face to face bazi or zwds readings. Have a great weekend with Kitaro' s Silk Road.

Kitaro - Theme From Silk Road
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Problems? No problem...

I like this free article(well, don't you?) so thought of sharing it here. Wonder why some people pays thousands of dollars to figure out something like this. Something similar to high powered life management from Feng Shui Seminars but which makes more sense as you can start using it right away...

18 Problem Solving Questions
Curt Rosengren, On Thursday 14 October 2010, 23:38 SGT

Whatever your path, at some point you're going to come smack up against problems that feel like in impenetrable wall. While there is no magic wand solution to making that wall disappear, asking questions is the next best thing. Asking questions can help you pinpoint where the trouble is, identify creative approaches to solving the problems, and even change your perception of reality so the problem disappears (or at least becomes irrelevant).

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to using questions to solve the problems you encounter. So instead, here are 18 questions to help you design your own approach. You'll probably find some questions more effective than others, depending on the situation.

This isn't a step-by-step list of questions to ask, so scan the list and see which ones jump out at you. Pick one and start there. See what happens. Then pick another one and dig into that. Build on what gives you results and toss what doesn't. Use these questions as a starting point for a self-taught mastery of problem solving.

1. What are the obstacles? Take inventory of the obstacles getting in your way. Get them out of your head and onto paper so you can start sorting through them. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I'm always amazed at how often people leave their problems in the abstract, flying around inside their brains.

2. What one change could I make that would make the biggest impact? Sometimes one big change can make seemingly impenetrable obstacles suddenly feel more permeable. It can shift things enough that the other contributing factors lose their potency or become irrelevant. Or it can take you far enough down the path toward a solution that you can get a new perspective.

3. Which obstacles can be easily removed? If there are obstacles you're facing that are easily removed, start there to get some momentum. You might be surprised at how much difference it makes.

4. What needs to happen for this problem to disappear? Look at the mechanics of the problem. Take a look at the factors contributing to the problem, and then explore which ones need to be changed, improved, or eliminated.

5. Where are the sticking points? Think of getting from where you are to where you want to go as a process flow. First this happens, then that, and then that. Map out a step-by-step ideal world flow of how you could get there. Then look at that flow and identify the sticking points by comparing it with your less-than-ideal world situation. Where are the sticking points?

6. How can I improve this process? Instead of looking at it from a problem perspective, look at it as a process improvement exercise. How could you improve your process? How could you improve how you approach it? How could you improve the efforts you are making?

7. Am I the problem? How? No amount of external problem-solving will do the trick if the obstacle is really created by you. Do you have attitudes, habits, beliefs, etc. that are creating this problem?

8. Are there other paths to the end I'm looking for? Write down the obvious way to get from where you are to where you want to go. Then ignore it. Come up with as many other paths as you can think of for getting there.

9. Can I change any of the variables? Often when we look at problems, we see them in terms of a finite set of parameters. List all the variables you see (how much time it takes, who is involved, whether to do something yourself or hire someone to do it, etc.) and play with changing them. What effect could that have?

10. Who has done this before? If someone else has already invented the wheel, don't bang your head bloody trying to create it again. Who else has been up against the problem you're encountering? Can you talk to them? Read about how they approached it?

11. Does this really matter? This might seem like a funny question to include in a list with a problem solving focus, but the ultimate in problem solving is when the problem instantaneously ceases to exist. Sometimes we get so caught up in making something happen, or doing it a certain way, that we don't realize it is taking more of our energy than solving it would benefit us. If you are only trying to solve the problem "because it's there," consider dropping it and focusing your energy and effort elsewhere.

12. What would I do if I didn't think this were a problem? Sometimes our perception that a problem exists becomes the problem itself. Try exploring what you would do if you didn't see whatever you're up against as a problem. The example that comes to mind is two people without a degree. One says, "I don't have a degree, so I'm limited in my options." The other says, "I don't have a degree...now how can I start creating more options?"

13. What information do I need? What information am I missing? Sometimes problems exist because we don't have enough information to solve them. Identifying what information you need and what information you're missing gives you a starting point change that.

14. How would ______ solve this? Get out of your own story and look at it from someone else's point of view. If there is someone you especially admire, or someone who is well known for solving things like this, ask yourself how they would solve it.

15. How would I solve this if I had to take an opposite-brained approach? Are you more naturally linear or creative in your approach to things? Whichever it is, spend some time doing the opposite. Look for resources to help you take an approach to problem-solving that is the opposite of your natural tendencies.

16. How many solutions can I come up with? Don't worry about quality with this one. Go for quantity. Make it a game. You'll probably come up with a whole lot of goofy ideas, but they just might pave the way for some good ones.

17. What new habits could I create that would help me overcome this? If your goals are going to come to fruition, you are the one who is going to have to be the driving force. Are there any habits that could help make you more effective, reducing friction and limitations in the process?

18. How could ____ relate to my problem? At the end of my sessions with clients, I used to pull a tarot card and read the explanation in the accompanying book. There was no divination intent to it. Instead, it was accompanied by the question, "Does this relate to your current situation in any way?" Sometimes it didn't, but 75 percent of the time that question yielded valuable insights. The card offered something specific for their minds to bounce off, helping them make random connections and have unexpected insights.

You can do that with just about anything, whether it is a tarot card, news about miners stuck in a mine (how could this relate to my career?), your favorite artist's approach to painting, or the traffic on the way to work. It offers a way to get outside your standard set of thoughts and associations.

Questions alone won't solve your problems. You also have to combine them with action and persistent, consistent effort. But the more good questions you ask, the more problem-solving potential you have.

Have a good week as by now, you should have revved up your engine...


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Magician

茅山神算法 重現江湖來
能知過去事 不用纸筆写....................


Nothing much to write so thought I would like to share part of a note from a facebook friend this week about Black magic in South East Asia.

Lao Miao Zhu's notes

法術by Lao Miao Zhu on Saturday, 18 September 2010 at 18:20


Spiritual Arts

Very often, we will hear a story that so and so Master is so accomplished in the supernatural arts. Those that thought that they have been affected by Black Magic will look to him for help. He will just place a chicken egg at the victim' s head and do some chanting. Suddenly the egg will break and a nail will be discovered in it. The victim will then be cured and go back to being normal. When hearing the story, it sounds so profound and with most of the listeners adding in more excitement and encouragements , the story becomes alive and colorful. End of the day, the question is, did the nail comes from the victim' s body into the egg or is there some magic illusions involved.


Arts can be performing arts, literary arts, the arts of magic which many people have seen.


The eyes can be deceived easily and sometimes it is just an illusion like what magicians are so adept at. There are some Spiritual Masters who will often use a cup of tea which will turn black in color while you are holding it to show that you have been hit by black magic.

This actually is using a type of Chinese herbs to cheat the ignorant ones. Heavens help only those with merits.
'What You Do, The Gods Watches.' or 'Man proposes, Heaven disposes'


Old Miao here pleads that spiritual masters, black magic masters, shows your magnanimity and do not take advantage of the ignorant people!

Have a Magical Weekend.
:  )

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who let the Cat out?

Well, a Feng Shui story,

Grasshopper and his Master

Grasshopper: ‘Master, what is this Qi that everybody is talking about?’
Master: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Grasshopper: ‘I mean is it invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘How do you know it is invisible?’
Grasshopper: ‘We can’t see it right?’
Master:’ Can the fishes see the water they are swimming in?’
Grasshopper protest: ‘But we can’t use that to compare!’
Master: ‘Of course, you are not a fish and you won’t know what the fish knows’
Grasshopper: ‘Then?’
Master: ‘Is there any fishes in the Oceans that do not have water in its bodies?’
Thinking he have got it finally,
Grasshopper: ‘Maybe I rephrase it Master, if Qi is the air that we breathe, why does it comes from the ground below us and also in the water and also from the Heavens’
Master: ‘Can the Fish see you?’
Grasshopper: ‘Depends’
Master: ‘Therefore Partly….’
Grasshopper: ‘Why Partly? I don’t understand about the Fish seeing me
Master: ‘Be patient, you will know as time goes by.’

Many, many years later,
Grasshopper and his disciple Fishy

Fishy: ‘Master, what is this Qi that we must learn to use in Feng shui’
Master Grasshopper: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Fishy: ‘I mean is it Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘You mean it is Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Fishy: ‘Yes, it should have two forms’
Master: ‘Can you see Energy in Forms’
Fishy: ‘Yes in the clouds that are moved by the winds, in the rains that comes down on us’
Master: ‘Then what is Energy???’
Fishy: ‘Qi is then Energy’
Master: ‘Partly….’
Fishy: ‘Why partly?’
Master: ‘Does the rain that comes down on us fill us with Energy?’
Fishy: 'But Master, it does not but it gives life to everything.'
Master: ‘Be patient, and one fine day, you will know…’

Somewhere in the Near Future,
Master Fishy and his disciple Ignoramus

Master Fishy: 'So Ignoramus, what do you understand about Qi now?'

To be continued…….

Ha-ha, cheers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Of Angels and Demons

Ha-ha, I am getting Bored and I want to let off steams as what they will says in 5arts Forum.

This is the Bazi chart for Liu Wei ,  the talented no arms pianist that I have mentioned in my last post.


Hour pillar not known and is for show only.

戊    Luck Pillar
申     9-18 years

丁    1997
丑    10 years old. Lost his arms through an accident
        while playing with high voltage wires.

Shen Sha or Angels and Demons in Bazi,
is also his Heaven Dog star, a person with this star is prone to injuries from accidents. As in the classical text, two competing of Chou for metal combination will unlock the existing partial Tri-combination of and in the original chart and release to clash on to in the original birth chart. is also known as the Misfortune star. represent the arms or fingers. However some experts says that there is no tri-combinations as there is an existing clash by the side. So will that means that if a person spouse palace or day pillar have an existing clash will never get married?

丁 Luck pillar                                  
     19 to 28 years                                      
is supposed to be his Heaven Void meaning Empty during this period, why is it not activated? It is also his sword star and combining with in the chart and moving the sword. Do you realised he has almost the same chart as Mr. Obama and even the present luck pillar? is also known as the flying sword star as it clash the sword star ,  do you know how to use this star? In this case study, who won the duel?

His hurting officer   庚 2010
His Fan Power         寅  23 years old

when he won the award. The clash by on   is what some
masters would says is favorable called   'Prosperous clash' if the hour pillar I work out from Da Liu Ren is correct and 
will however still makes sense if you check the ZWDS Chart right to the month and day he won the award. So have I confused you enough? Ha-ha, just kiddings.

Till-then, cheers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Unfair World?

Trust the Yi Jing to immediately come up with an inspiration after I complained today. The following episode reminds me of a many time makeover favorite chinese TV drama based on a chinese sword-fighting novel : 'The Return of the Condor Hero' and seeing it comes to Life on screen.

From Shanghai Post, Liu Wei had won the 'China Got Talent'  award,

'Liu didn't put a foot, or a toe, wrong with an impeccable performance on the piano, and he was in fine voice, too, as he sang "You're Beautiful" to conquer the live audience and those watching at home.

Winning over the judges with his remark "at least I have a pair of perfect legs," Liu became the only finalist to move all three.' (This was in reply to when he was told by somebody that he is handicapped with missing arms when it comes to doing things.)

The following video is self-explanatory(no translations yet, my apologies) :

Ha-ha, well as they says: ' In Imperfections, then we Realised Perfections, the Yin and Yang'
Do you envy him, an before, handicapped but Now Superstar with his attitude in Life? Or shall we says he is truly a Master of his own Destiny...

Comparisons in Life?

A Chinese Saying,

'If you want to know your past - look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future - look into your present actions.'

Well, doesn't the above proverb sounds familiar, to change Destiny, we have to start with the word Self.

As usual, being bored with another new week and having lose my directions in Life and with nothing new to excite or put inspirations into my routine, and then a little voice inside my brain reminds me 'Remember when you complains about the lousy dinner you had the last time', our dear Mr. Yi Jing reminding me again.

So I thought I will share it here again for my readers who do not feel comfortable to come to my Facebook of the Change we need now when compared to those unfortunate ones when we carry on with our life this week like me,  looking for a reason about life......

Till-then, cheers.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Believe The Right Magic?

As usual a song first and then something from an email from Victorvictor....

Smile, And The World Smile With You!!!

When we come into the World


Growing Old


Have a great week, its almost over, ha-ha....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Masters of Destiny?

As it is the end of the month and also with weekend coming up, a song to prep up. Actually I had not thought of blogging till I saw some articles proclaiming the true magics or illusions of Chinese Metaphysics.

Apparently anyone can be a Master of Destiny but some however with disastrous consequences for those who thought they have found a Destiny Master while seeking fame and riches. This is a story of a couple of young people, one who was believed to have committed suicide after suddenly losing his fame and wealth.(probably also in debts)

Taken from wikipedia:

When Frank Farian developed the concept of Milli Vanilli, he chose to feature vocals by Charles Shaw, John Davis, Brad Howell, and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco; however, he felt that those singers lacked a marketable image. He then recruited Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, two younger model/dancers he found dancing in a Tokyo dance club, to front the act. Milli Vanilli's debut album All or Nothing, was released in Europe in mid-1988, with Rob and Fab's pictures on the front and center of the albums, but no mention of who actually sang the songs.

The success of the record caught the attention of Arista Records who signed the duo. Arista deleted several tracks from the original album, added several new ones (including a new track written by Diane Warren, "Blame It on the Rain"), remixed many of the tracks and renamed the album to Girl You Know It's True for release in the American market in early 1989.

This version of the album went six times platinum and led to the re-release of the title track, which peaked at number 2 on the Hot 100 in April of that year and was certified platinum. (The song was a cover version of a Numarx track published in 1987 on the US Bluebird label.) The U.K. release featured the original first album and the remix album together as "2 X 2". Even greater commercial success followed, as the pair's next three singles "Baby Don't Forget My Number", "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" and "Blame It on the Rain" all reached number 1.

The first sign that the group was lip-sync-hing happened in late 1989 during a live performance on MTV at the Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Connecticut. As they performed onstage live in front of an audience, the recording of the song "Girl You Know It's True" jammed and began to skip, repeating the partial line "Girl, you know it's…" over and over on the speakers. They continued to pretend to sing and dance onstage for a few more moments, then they both ran offstage.

Farian confessed to reporters on November 12, 1990, that Morvan and Pilatus did not actually sing on the records. As a result of American media pressure, Milli Vanilli's Grammy was withdrawn four days later (however, their three American Music Awards were never withdrawn because the organizers felt the awards were given to them by music consumers).

After these details emerged, at least 26 different lawsuits[5] were filed under various U.S. consumer fraud protection laws[6] against Pilatus, Morvan and Arista Records.

For the American market, Farian chose to avoid any association to Milli Vanilli and had the tracks re-recorded with Ray Horton on the majority of lead vocals.

In order to restore their career, Farian agreed in 1997 to produce a new Milli Vanilli album with Morvan and Pilatus on lead vocals. This all led up to the recording of the 1998 Milli Vanilli comeback album Back and in Attack. Even some of the original studio singers backed the performers in their attempt to bring back some of the fame that had been shed so quickly. However, Rob Pilatus encountered a number of personal problems during the production of the new album. He turned to drugs and crime, committing a series of robberies and ultimately serving three months in jail in California. Farian paid for Pilatus to attend six months of drug rehabilitation and plane tickets for him to fly back to Germany. On the eve of the new album's promotional tour on April 2, 1998, Pilatus was found dead at the age of 32 in a Frankfurt hotel after ingesting a mixture of prescription pills and vodka, according to the Associated Press.

Ironically, during the Beijing Olympics, a similar incident of lip synching had happened as reported in The Telegraph. co UK.

'Chinese officials have admitted deceiving the public over another highlight of the Olympic opening ceremony: the picture-perfect schoolgirl who sang as the Chinese flag entered the stadium was performing to another girl's voice.

By Richard Spencer in Beijing
Published: 11:52AM BST 12 Aug 2008'

Both girls however gain fame overnight and the wrong act was correctly accredited to the Adults or Masters of Destiny in this case with no harms to both little girls.

Just my thoughts. Would Pilatus died if he had not become famous?
Well, you know it could be true, right? Cheers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Age

As I sit here tonight unable to sleep yet, thought I might as well wrap up my thoughts for the month here. I had undergo an interesting chapter of my life learning about Health after that unfortunate incident of having to go through surgery. Anyway, it gave me the experience of how people feel before they go under the knife. The procedure is painless just that the aftermath is a sort of suffering while recuperating.

Already nine months into recovery with the surgeon proclaiming success with his work : ( The doctor who was with me from the start however does'nt have that optimistic look during the monthly visits on the progress of my health. I had then decided to opt for Traditional Chinese Medicine as a safety measure. In fact, I had read up a lot on Traditional Chinese Medicine prior to this episode and had felt impressed to use it on my diet. I was then recommended a medical organisation called 'The World of......' and on that day of the visit as I reach the clinic, it was raining.

It turned out I had went to the branch as I had been given the wrong address however the Main clinic is a 5 minutes walking distance away. I was impressed when an asistant from that clinic came with an extra umbrella to show me the way there. It was very professional but comes with an expensive tag. Boy, it was an impressive and luxurious big looking clinic, signs of being feng shuied too.

Guess I was not that impressed as the so called Professor who have taken charge of my case was a serious looking lady with an average look. Not talking about face reading but she does'n t look to be in her pink of health or with rosy cheeks showing the wonder of being a practitioner of this chinese arts. Ask me what occupation I' m in and I replied that I am unemployed. Speaking in a serious haughty tone, told me I should try to find something to do. Initially I was touched that welfare of the patient is on their list however turns out that it is because the medicine and consultation is expensive and I need to be able to afford it. Probably I was'nt wearing any Rolex watch or jewellery and being casually dressed. Then told me the complete course would takes 10 weeks which would costs about S$300 per week totalling about S$3000 plus. I was'nt concerned but more on what it can do for my health which have no price tag. She told me proudly that she have patients who are still seeing her after 13 years (In my mind, I got worried:'Could be she means the patients still needs to see her continously for 13 years instead of they are that loyal in my mind). Interestingly, she told me if I sign up a package. I would get an immediate discount of $300 plus of savings. Now, I' m starting to get skeptical, I have been staying in the hospital for a period of time. Instead of the norm of letting me try out the medicine for a week to see if there are any side effects or whether it works or not, they had decided that this package would be suitable for me.It had becomes a kind of force selling tactics regardless of the savings. Benefit of doubts not given, what if I should need more expensive medicine halfway? Anyway, decided to go along with it but did not sign up for the package as I think they will pay more attention to me and give better service as I am not commited and any lapse would see the last of me. Try it for total of 4 weeks and not feeling any better and feeling worse instead and fortunately a miracle was on the way, a 5arts friend told me she was seeing a TCM doctor out of the blue. I then decided to go for a second opinion though my friend says it is normally expensive and not to switch doctor if not necessary. Nevertheless, I persisted and got the address and decided to pay a visit the next few days.

A few days later, surprised when I saw the run down, old looking clinic with a motherly receptionist and a few old ladies but apparently smiling contently unlike the other one. Forgot to add in, at my last visit to that old doc, I had encounter another sickly but rich looking patient with a rolex watch plus a tube attached to his nose and looks like a repeated visits patient and had make me decided to switch doctor. I then went into the consultation room upon being called and was pleased on seeing an kindly old man with ruddy cheeks. He was very polite and ask me several questions, apart from checking my pulse on both wrist as well as look at my tongue, also check my foot to my surprise and even explained to me the reasons why he need to do it. I was surprised when he told me I had a Heart problem which I was aware as there is a clash in my bazi chart and which the western doctor and the last TCM doctor did not mentioned as a benefit of doubt to them. This Doctor then told me to be careful and not to engage in strenous exercise for the time being. I then knew that I had met a True Master who has true concerns for the patients. I had then went to collect the medicine for three days and to go back for another check before he decided whether the medicine is suitable for me. Paid a total of S$30 all in for consultation and medicine. Now a Happy me ☺☺☺ after 3 weeks had paid about S$36 for every visit and medicine weekly and feeling much better. Another suprise was that I found out later that he is a well known physician heading a team in a TCM organisation doing charity and social works. Mmm, I will not disclose his name as his clinic apparently is to help elderly people at affordable fees and I would not want it to be over packed which would defeat its purpose, my apologies. By the way, his daymaster element for bazi was also my favorable element.That friend of mine happened to know his birthday.

A quote from an unknown source:

'Alternative Health proponents want it both ways: First they say your regular doctor doesn't know as much as they do and conventional medicine is a failure. Then they claim their products are 'clinically tested' and 'scientifically proven' to work.'

My silent accolades to him after meeting the 'Knife', ha-ha..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Clown

'Updated Friday, January 22, 2010 10:43 am TWN, The China Post news staff

Liu Jia-chang brings back classic songs

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taiwan's heavy-weight musician Liu Jia-chang (劉家昌) announced hosting a farewell concert at Taipei Arena on Apr. 3, which is going to be the stars last concert ever held on the island.
Songwriter and singer Liu, 68, has been devoted to music for more than 5 decades since coming back to Taiwan in 1960 from Korea where he grew up. Liu quickly earned huge success island-wide after his debut album, following numerous chart-topping songs such as “梅蘭梅蘭我愛你” (Meilan Meilan I Love You) as well as other song tracks for movies that were written by local romance scriptwriter/novelist Qiong Yao (瓊瑤).'

A respected feng shui master that have shared a lot of the so called secrets used to ask for this song by the above songwriter 劉家昌 - 小丑 when I bring him to Karaoke to dig out secrets from him, me BAD. He told me this song sounds similar to being a feng shui master, to bring joy by playing a clown. Sometimes being human, he has his down swing moods which he can't show to his clients as he try to solve their problems using metaphysics and have to gives off positive and joyful vibes. This master was really different, he really don't care about fame or wealth. Luckily he have a weakness which is wine not women and LONELINESS as being a master, he has few people he can share his thoughts. Luckily, I am one of his few friends and tonight, I had serious thought of travelling again regardless of my health to share his insights of life after being bored and coming across a metaphysics article about a clown.

This is another type of clown in metaphysics who had instead dragged the name of Buddhism into the pursuits of materialism which I am aghast. I hope that he had written it wrongly as he is apparently not English educated from the way he wrote, not being able to portray his thoughts well enough. I am not different as I am English educated but do have many typo errors which I hope my readers will forgive.

Since there are several emails enquiries about the article, part of it:

'the Monk, expressed his wish to change his luck and his underprevilaged condition. He wanted fame, he wanted devotees, he wanted money to substain his temple. Then, he started to sit in my feng shui class since year 2006. Within 9 months, he had started to see drastic change to his temple and increase of devotees quantity.Today, he is still come for regular feng shui study and Daoism.It is sufficient and enough for a religious monk to have a personal bungalow and a luxury car.'

Yes, I am not kidding, this is what was written.

Anyway, the song:

Part of the lyrics:

In the midst of your applause, teardrops wanting to burst forth in my smile
In bringing the laughter in the act to awaken the joy to your eyes,
Leaving my loneliness to myself, through hardships and teardrops, only then I stand here in front of you.

The pains of failure and the encouragements of successes,
No one knows is the spent dusks of tireless experiences from my journey.

Till-then, cheers.

I will be posting less, please go to my Facebook if you are bored, ha-ha.....  

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Step Into The Future

The Origins of Life

Being plagued lately by insomnia from boredom, came across this interesting BBC documentary about Time, Space and Life. How old is the Planet Earth? The first few part talks about measuring how old is Earth. The start was about using the Old Bible to measure time by somebody in the Early century and found it to be about 6000 years old. Next, in the New Century, the river eroding the Grand Canyon and creating its awesome landscape using the present level to measure in accordance took it back to about 50 million years plus at about an inch of erosion for every 2000 years and about the use of DNA.

Anyway, watch the next video with links to the other videos which interestingly reminds me of the Oldest Chinese Metaphysic art called Da Liu Ren or Big Six Water also based on time concept of the 60 Jia Zi with the claims that Life begins with Water. I had written about this art in a previous posting:


If this is the case, then the Ancient Chinese already knew about this a few thousand years back compared to what researchers have found out recently.

Maybe as what the video had implied, one day, we could be travelling spaceman or playing aliens to other races on other planet. Isn 't that nice. ♪♫♪♫♪♪

Or would Man thru its own stupidity self-destruct and goes back to being primitive and comes across that future clock in the above video that is supposed to last ten thousand years later and comes out another He Tu Map(A diagram found on the back of a mysterious animal, the chinese sky map for cosmology and kick start the Chinese Civilisation a few thousand years back). Well, the choice is ours still to decide, ain't it?

The He Tu or Sky Map


Anyway, the Sun Life span can last for about another 5 Billion years and with that Earth would also end. This theory is based on the Hydrogen Bomb invented which powered the Sun.

Thought I would like to add in this video about LIFE
A message from the Past in 2008 for Mr.Obama before he was elected to be President to change the world.

Till-then, cheers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

For those who can't afford it

Picture from Learning Wisdom

I have come across this mantra a few years back from a blogger Rahu Om Chan and found it useful against sound disturbances in Feng shui, thought I would like to share with all of you here today.

This is considered one of the greatest holy mantra discovered from a scroll in Sri Lanka for chanting for great blessings and protection for the family. Just print the above picture (not the hamsters : ) and paste it at a appropriate wall in your home, free from any disturbances and follow the link for the chanting in MP3. It is free and the amulet(the picture above) need not be consecrated. Please donate to a charity that you like if you decided to use it after finding it useful, it is .....

Phra Kata Chinabunchorn Mantra


Chinnabanchorn – The Pali Version and English Meaning

Jayasanagata Buddha Jetva Maram savahanam
Catu-saccasabham rasam Ye pivinsu narasabha

(The Buddhas,the noble men who drank the nectar of the four Noble Truths,
Having come to the victory seat,having defeated Mara together with his mount)

Tanhankaradayo Buddha Atthavisati nayaka
Sabbe patithita mayham Mathake te munissara

(These Buddhas, the 28 leaders,the sovereign sages beginning with
Tanhankara are all established on the crown of my head.)

Sise patithito mayham Buddho dhammo dvilocane
Sangho patithito mayham Ure sabba-gunakaro

(The Buddha is established in my head , the Dhamma in my two eyes,
The Sangha—-the mind of all virtures—-is established in my chest.)

Hadaye me Anuruddho Sariputto ca dakkhine
Kondanno pitthi-bhagasmin Moggallano ca vamake

(Anuraddha is in my heart , and Sariputta on my right.
Kondanna is behind me , and Moggallana on my left.)

Dakkhine savane mayham Asum Ananda-Rahulo
Kassapo ca Mahanamo Ubhasum vama-sotake

(Ananda & Rahula are in my right ear,
Kassapa and Mahanama are both in my left ear.)
Kesante pithi-bhagasmim Suriyo va pabhankaro
Nisinno siri-sampanno Sobhito muni-pungavo

(Sobhita, the noble sage, sits in full glory, shinning like the sun all over the hair at the back of my head.)

Kumara-kassapo thero Mahesi citta-vadako
So mayham vadane niccam Patithasi gunakaro

(The great sage, the mind of virture, Elder Kumarakassapa, the brilliant speaker,
is constantly in my mouth.)
Punno Angulimalo ca Upali Nanda-Sivali
Thera panca ime jata Nalate tilaka mama

(Five elder—Punna Angulimala, Upali, Nanda, & Sivali—have arisen as
ausipicious marks at the middle of my forehead.)

Sesaaiti Mahathera Vijita jina savaka
Etesiti mahathera Jitavanto jinorasa
Jalanta sila-tejena Angamangesu Santhita

(The rest of the 80 great leaders—-victors, disciples of the victorious Buddha,
sons of the victorious Buddha , shining with the majesty of moral virture—-
are established in the various parts of my body.)

Ratanam purato asi Dakkhine Metta-suttakam
Dhajaggam pacchato asi Vame Angulimalakam
Khandha-Mora-parittanca Atanatiya-suttakam
Akase chadanam asi Sesa pakara-santhita

(The Ratana Sutta is in front of me, the Mettra Sutta to my right.
The Dhajagga Sutta is behind me, the Angulimala Paritta to my left.
The Khandha & Mora Parittas and the Atanatiya Sutta are a roof in space above me.
The remaining suttas are established as a fortress wall around me.)

Jinanabala-samtutta Satta-pakara-lankata
Vata-pittadi-sanjata Bahirajjhattupaddava
Asesa vinayam yantu Ananta-jina-tejasa

(Bound by the power of the Victors¡¯realm, seven fortress walls arrayed
Against them, may all misfortununes within & without—-caused by such
things as wind or bile—-be destroyed without remainder through the majesty
of the unending Victor.)

Vasato me sakiccena Sada Sambuddha-panjare
Jina-panjara-majjhamhi Viharantam mahitale
Sada palentu mam sabbe Te maha-purisasabha

(As I dwell, in all my affairs, always in the cage of the Self-awakened One,
Living grounded in the midst of the Victors,
I am always guarded by all of those great noble men)

Iccevamanto sugutto surakho
Jinabhavena Jitupaddavo
Dhammanubhavena jitarisangho
Saddhammanubhava-palito carami jina-panjaretiti.

(Thus am I utterly well-sheltered, well-protected.
Through the might of the Victors, misfortunes are vanquished
Through the might of the Dhamma, hordes of enermies are vanquished
Through the might of the Sangha, dangers are vanquished
Guarded by the might of the True Dhamma, I live in the Victor ’s Cage.)

Till-then, cheers.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Origins of Man

First most, I' m not challenging anybody here about that the world is going to end in 2012, OK? I 'm carrying on with the topic because I came across this theory by a guy named Terence Mckenna, a well-known Occult Scientist who had research the I Ching and came up with a theory in relation to it :

From Wikipedia,

'One of McKenna's ideas is known as novelty theory. It predicts the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory in the mid-1970s after his experiences in the Amazon at La Chorrera led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching. Novelty theory involves ontology, extropy, and eschatology.

The theory proposes that the universe is an engine designed for the production and conservation of novelty. Novelty, in this context, can be thought of as newness, or extropy (a term coined by Max More meaning the opposite of entropy). According to McKenna, when novelty is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as "time wave zero" or simply the "time wave" results. The graph shows at what time periods, but never at what locations, novelty increases or decreases and is supposed to represent a model of history's most important events.

The graph of extropy had many enormous fluctuations over the last 25,000 years, but it hits an asymptote in the middle of November, 2012.In other words, entropy (or habituation) no longer exists after that date. It is impossible to define that state. This is also the date on which the Mayan long calendar ends one cycle through the zodiac signs, then it begins a new 26,000 year cycle through the next era, or the Age of Peace. The technological singularity concept parallels this, only at a date roughly three decades later.'

We will stop short here as the technicalities I will leave it to you to investigate, what we are interested here is in relation to the I Ching is that he formulated accordingly to the time when the I Ching was first known in the Shang Dynasty in Old China, using the cycle of 64 hexagrams to derived time and what is known as the above
"time wave zero" to measure the End of Time. Now how this I Ching Hexagram calendar comes about for his measurement of the Time wave graph, we will not bother, let's instead asks the Gods. Based on the time of my blogging at this moment in Singapore, I get this Hexagram from asking : 'Will the World End in 2012?'

Hexagram 50 鼎 The Cauldron

▅▅ ▅▅ Object Line
▅▅▅▅▅ Subject Line
▅▅ ▅▅

The changing line is at the first bottom line which gives this hexagram:

Hexagram 14 大有 Abundance

▅▅ ▅▅

This is done today Xin Chou Hour Ding Si Day of Jia Shen Month Geng Yin Year. Don't bother about how I get this reading as I am using other methods. It was interesting as the Hexagrams actually coincided with 2 incidents that happened within 2 days of this week of unknown stationary air crafts in the North Eastern Skies that I saw at about midnight on both nights and I wondered whether I have been reading too much end of the world stuff and some theories that Man came from another alien species who uses DNA to create us on the internet. Anyway, I took only 2 or 3 photographs as I only have my cellphone camera which takes lousy shots and you are free to check my phone to see that I did not tamper with it. I don't know what I can make out of it as I thought I could upload on to my laptop and zoom to see clearly which unfortunately wasn't the case. The first Hexagram looks like a spacecraft to me with the cauldron cooking with the fire below or the Chinese pictogram, ha-ha. I did told a 5arts Friend about it when I saw it that night, its not something I thought of last minute to liven up my blog. Don't know what else the I Ching is trying to tell me? Anyway, about the End of the World in 2012 from the readings, No, it will not be the case as you can say its 'Fat Hope'. Your chances of being knocked down by a car or down with a heart attack from now to 2012 would be higher. Anyone wants to have a bet?, ha-ha. If I win, I collect. If I lose, nobody would be around though, LOL.

Nope I'm not going Crazy from Boredom. About Aliens and Superior races apart from Man, I have my reservations and no comments. Anyway, I have no idea why the photograph looks like that when you click on it for a clearer look as there are diffusion of lights in all directions. Well, it sure was an interesting spacey experience after hearing so much about other people' s experience. Don't worry, I sure ain't bullshitting you, could be I am crazy from too much boredom : )

Till-then, cheers.
Well Here it goes, Here Today and Gone Tommorow again:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Affinity 緣份

Well Life is sure strange, I' m sure some of you while as young kids might have met an older person or somebody who got nothing to do with your life and for no rhyme or reason care a lot for you and go out all the way to give you assistance without asking for returns. Let's look at Animals instead tonight, two unlikely companions. Looks like those days are gone in the present mentality, not because of those perverts. Anyway,

A Male Wild Monkey recently adopted a kitten. When this photo was taken, the male monkey attempt to console the unhappy little kitten from the camera which probably looks like a weapon.

Here He introduced his Godson to his peer.

Now what does this Monkey wants out of the Cat? Well, let the Cat out, will Ya?

So remember in Life, do not snicker if you see an unlikely pair together as you are not in this position to Judge. Instead marvel at the intricacies of Fate or whatever.

Okay, lets get back to Feng Shui, with the so many types of school teaching Feng Shui, are still you Lost and clueless what is actually Real Feng Shui? There are at the moment for Feng Shui: Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Liu Fa, Yang Zhai San Yao, etc... Now the latest rage appears to be Landforms feng Shui for Ying Zhai Feng shui or you can simply put it as Burial for the Dead to ensure Health and Prosperity for the Living. And better still, the technique of being 'buried' while you are Alive, a Mao Shan sect technique that is now also refined into so called Feng Shui Secret.

It would have costs a Fortune to probably go through all of the school as all of them claims to be the only legitimate one and ultimately you might find that it still does not works in your life? I think some of you would probably have been already been feeling the frustrations after only one or two inductions into Metaphysics, right? Some after spending thousands on destiny analysis and finding that you still don't know what the heck hit you that day, a messy divorce, told to pack up and leave your job which you have been trying to protect by learning Metaphysics. Nope, I am not here to criticize or judge as I have said before, I am not that holy, Nah,just an opinion. But Ah ha, don't ask me what I think is the Real one?

I would just like to comment that with all this hula bula into Landform Feng Shui, why the heck did nobody put efforts into refining this geographical art as to predicting when the next earthquake disasters or tsunami disasters will happens as this geographical art is supposed to be able to sustain a family to last for three generations or about average of 60 years X 3 = 180 years. This is sure a merit as you can save thousands of lives as with Liao Fan' s Lesson. Or is it the same old excuse given time and time again, 'Heaven 's Secret cannot be Revealed'.天機不可泄漏.

Now look here, I' m not asking anybody to Play God or Nope, I' m not challenging Heaven's will here but if that is what Heavens want, Ok...

Let me share a interesting lesson in Life that I got recently when I come back again the next few days,

Meanwhile, a song, Dreams on with Nice Landforms...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doomsday 2012

Lately, I have not thought of blogging till I saw a news read tonight as I was about to call it a day. Been feeling aimless and tired of the World and even the nonsenses about the coming Apolcalypse or Doomsday 2012, two reasons, one being the Nibiru Theory, about a Death Star coming into contact with our Solar System Orbit in 2012 and creating chaos and destruction with its huge size affecting the gravity of Earth. That theory however have been debunked by recognised and qualified scientists. Anyway, it was supposed to happens in 2003 which have already gone by if you were to search the Internet on the predictions. And there is no doubt that Hollywood have taken advantage to produce a movie about it and makes some money.

The other was the Mayan Calendar which ends exactly in 2012 and some smart alecs took it to means the world will end at the same time. I leave it to you to see whether it makes sense to you. Interestingly, the Early Chinese have sailed to the so called New World but the South America instead which have been documented and if you will to search on the Internet, you will discover that the Early South American Indian Tribes uses the chemical Cinnabar which the Chinese Mao Shan Sect uses in Talismans to ward off evil. They also uses it for the same reasons coincindentally.

Anyway, this bring us back to where I am blogging again as some of us are worrying unnecessary about uncertain future events. This is also for those who want to Die after meeting setbacks or Lost, Watch the following video:

Hope it will prep up your Meanings in Life. Lets thanks Liu Wei for giving us a stronger belief in Life.

Thought I would like to add in a viewpoint from a Facebook Friend:

"Since the phantasmic synthesizer affords the possibility of an encounter with a world peopled with divine powers, and since, according to Platonic dogma, this world is homologous to the intelligential world, there is a way of acting upon the synthesizer to invoke numinous presences. This invocation... can be carried out using certain substances, forms, and colors to which the higher beings are sensitive." -Couliano

What a phantasmic synthesizer is.

According to Aristotle's Biology, the phantasmic synthesizer is located in the heart and is the processor of the phantasmic pneuma, where images and impressions are stored/processed. In Aristotle's view, the soul receives information throug...h the bodily senses by a process of conversion of sensory information into phantasmatos. The phantasm then, is a sort of rarefied sense-datum or thought. Pneuma is a means of conveyance, like the Upanishadic theory of Prana, but not quite as elaborate. All of the pneumatic currents carrying phantasmic information are transmitted to the mind, which is seated in the heart. This is also similar to the Stoic theory of sensation. Consider how according to traditional Chinese medicine, the Shen神 is located in the heart心.

Kimberly Garrard ‎@ Erick Eros and magic in the Renaissance
By Ioan P. Culianu


Have a Nice Weekend.......

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Passing of An Era in Feng Shui

Once upon a time in the Galaxies before JY, LT, and ET etc.....

Sounds like Stars Wars Stuff?

Ha-ha, Nope, just saw this article in Chinese yesterday on the passing of a Grandmaster who had influence the West on the Chinese Culture. To some, he bought Hope while for some, criticisms but nevertheless had made the Western World aware of the Art of Feng Shui.

密宗大師林雲傳在美辭世 享壽80歲
更新日期:2010/08/13 00:31




A short summary, Master Lin Yun just passed away at the ripe age of 80.

Many years ago in 1997, where he had made a public apology in a press interview where one of his reply to being an Grandmaster with : '“People call me the Grand Master when, in fact, I am the Grand Disappointment.” left me in stitches. I recall it gave me of the feeling of a person who had what we Chinese likes to say: 'See Broken' (translate it to Mandarin and you probably can see my view point). Anyway, I would say for those not familiar with the Chinese mentality, it would means looking at the world from a different perspective even by playing a Clown giving up the burden of Fame and Riches and the Worry of how people view you in the Limelight. Don't pity those Crazy or Mad People you see, they are actually happy, lost in their own world not giving a Damn or bothered wiht how people look at them.

This sadly reminds me of an ongoing tussle between a rich Feng Shui master and a westerner student doing translation of the ancient Tibetan scriptures where the victim had wanted monetary compensation and the master was however more concerned of where by settling the issues would have been publicly admitting that she was in the wrong. Anyway, life still goes on regardless....

Interestingly, the origins of where Master Lin Yun had made an impact again comes from an unusual settings as in my that article on the Hungry Ghost Festival.

An Biography though it sounds like an advertisement:

H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche is a distinguished Buddhist scholar, philosopher and calligrapher and the world's leading authority on Feng Shui. Grand Master Lin Yun has been using Feng Shui to help heads-of-state and corporate executives raise profits and lower stress for more than 50 years. As spiritual leader of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism of the Black Sect, he has met with world leaders including the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Prince Charles and President George Bush.

An advisor to many political and business leaders, Grand Master Lin has lectured worldwide on Feng Shui, the I-Ching, Buddhist practice, meditation, and Chinese culture at such institutions as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, The American Institute of Architects, and the United Nations. He is the founder of the Yun Lin Temple in Berkeley, California, and the Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York. A household name in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Grand Master Lin Yun has taught thousands of students in Asia, Europe, and America. He is largely responsible for Feng Shui's popularity in the United States and has trained most of America's practitioners. Many of the most prominent Feng Shui authors, consultants and teachers now practicing throughout the world have been his students.

Born in Beijing in 1932, Tibetan lamas "discovered" Grand Master Lin Yun's spiritual gifts when he was six. They took him under their tutelage at the famous Yon-he Buddhist Temple For nine years, they taught him Black Sect Tantric Buddhism and later Feng Shui. At seventeen, he left China for Taiwan and continued his studies with Buddhist scholars.

He is the author of four best-selling Feng Shui books - "Interior Design with Feng Shui", written ten years ago, has been called the Bible of Feng Shui by the New York Times. His latest book is "Feng Shui Design: The Art of Creating Harmony for Interiors, Landscape, and Architecture." The video, "Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being," is based on his teachings and is the first TV program on the subject for a Western audience, shown on selected PBS stations, DIRECTV, Pay-Per View.

Grand Master Lin Yun has been interviewed by national and local television networks, including CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, the BBC of England, and major television networks in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Interviews and articles on Grand Master Lin Yun and his teachings often appear in newspapers, journals, and magazines throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Articles and reviews of his books have appeared in the Washington Post, House & Garden, and Harper's Bazaar, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

In 1998, His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, the supreme leader of the Bon religion, which is recognized by the Dalai Lama as one of the five great Tantric traditions in Tibet, personally led four high lamas to the United States from India. Their purpose was to conduct enthronement ceremonies, one in Yun Lin Temple in Berkeley, California, and the other in Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York, to officially present Professor Lin Yun the title of "His Holiness" of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Fourth Stage. This is the first time in the history of Tibetan Bon religion that a Chinese person has been presented such an honor.

The Black Sect School of Feng Shui is unique in that it takes into consideration physics, psychology, architecture, and design in its Feng Shui analysis. While traditional Feng Shui relies upon a compass, the Black Sect School considers the immediate environment to be more important because the chi (energy) flow of cardinal directions is influenced by so many factors of modern life - i.e., tall buildings, freeway structures, power lines, computers, televisions, etc. So Black Sect practitioners study the changing dynamics of chi by examining the immediate surrounding exterior: landscape, conditions of nature, roads, neighboring structures, building design and interiors: room shapes, angles, colors, and placement of furnishings.

Mmmmmm, does the last paragraph reminds you of those Xuan Kong Liu Fa practitioners who emphasises on Landforms as being the main criteria first but.....

Anyway, coincidentally there was a much publicised spending by an Asian, a Malaysian who had splurged Millions in a Nightclub which is normal news to me, I means who cares, if you can afford it, do it after all you can't bring your money with you to the grave. But I had a good laugh as I had saw a phrase from Cheeky Quotes by Paris Hilton before this episode(no pun intended):

"Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything." -- Paris Hilton (American model, actress, entrepreneur and socialite)

While blogging, happens to hear this song on Radio FM 90.5(My local radio station) by DJ Tim, 'Sweet Dreams' with a poem too, also Sweet Dreams, that's strange...

To all the Womans in the World:

Okay folks, dats about it. Have another Great Weekend!!!