Sunday, May 30, 2010

The New Age

Ooops, nothing new today except a translations I did recently in a forum in response to the new age bazi readings posted by a member there, ha-ha...

Special Charts in Bazi

Most of you have probably come across and get confused by the so called powerful Seasonal combinations of earthly branches followed by Directional combinations and then Six combinations and so forth in the Bazi Section on Combinations and Clashes. The Seasonal or Tri-combinations actually refer to the pre-requisite for a day master to fall into special category chart where the favourable and unfavourable elements of the daymaster is unlike that of the normal chart category.

Seasonal combination:

Spring group: Earthly branch with Yin Mao Chen with daymaster HS Jia or Yi
Summer group: Si Wu Wei with daymaster HS Bing or Ding
Autumn group: Shen You Xu with daymaster HS Geng or Xin
Winter group: Hai Zi Chou with daymaster HS Ren or Gui

Directional combination:

East Direction group: Hai Mao Wei with daymaster HS Jia or Yi
South Direction Group: Yin Wu Xu with daymaster HS Bing or Ding
West Direction group: Si You Chou with daymaster HS Geng or Xin
North Direction group: Shen Zi Chen with daymaster HS Ren or Gui

Spring or East group is called Wood Frame.
Summer or South group is called Fire Frame.
Autumn or West Group is also called Metal Frame.
Winter or North Group is also called Water Frame.

Rules and regulations:

1. Yang Day master must have support from Earthly Branch Season Master meaning the month or combinations from month earthly branch to fall into respective frames: e.g. Jia Day master with month earthly branch Mao with Yin or Chen together for Wood frame. Or Bing Day master with Month Wei with Si and Wu together to form Fire frame.

2. It is easier for a Yang Day master but difficult for Yin Day master to fall into this category with the above conditions. However, it does not means that Yin Day master cannot fall into this category of special charts.

3. If Earthly branches do not have the complete three elements required but however have resources and parallel elements without direct or indirect officers (authority: Qi Sha/Zhen Guan) will be called Dominant Chart and the like or dislikes is the same for the relevant group.

4. If the chart have Direct/Indirect Officers or Direct/Indirect Wealth element but without support or being clash and controlled can be classified as fake follower of the Dominant Element chart. However, it still has a hidden danger as in the right luck cycle, it brings wealth and prosperity but in bad luck cycle will brings disasters.

5. For Dominant Chart overly strong with resources(Pian Yin) and parallel(Bi Jian/Jie Cai), Life will be one way either very prosperous or disastrous.

6. Types of Dominant charts

A)Benevolence chart (Wood Frame)

B)Blazing chart (Fire Frame)

C)Sincerity Chart (Earth Frame)

D)Justice Chart (Metal Frame)

E)Knowledgeable Chart (Water Frame)

7.For the above charts category, same likes and dislikes

-Favor Resources(Pian Yin), Parallels(Bi Jian/Jie Cai) and Output (Shi Shang)

-Do not favour Authority(Guan/Qi Sha) and Wealth(Pian/Zhen Cai)

8.Take note:

With regards to the above charts, it can only be called parallel elements charts, not wealth, authority or output charts. Especially when it is in season, Daymaster will be overly strong and therefore called dominating elements chart and not being controlled or weaken by other elements.

Normal strong chart would like to have wealth or output elements however for Dominant chart is different as it is one way wanting to have same or supporting elements in luck cycle or favoring season and not regressing or being in clashs as it will brings disaster instead. And therefore it is one way ticket chart. (ha-ha, my version)

That’s all.


As usual, a movie, ha-ha, on computer virus in Human, Yes, Virus. (HYV)