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The Diary Of A Blindman

My master then continued:

'I deduce that this person is very much younger than you...'

The woman replied: 'By how many years you think?'

Master: 'Should be ten years at least ah...'

Woman: 'Yes, he is younger by thirteen years,' and then she excitedly asked: 'Do you think our relationship can lasts?'

Master: 'No need to be anxious about this, let me confirm more accurately about your this lover first from my readings before we go further.'

This is one strange habit of my master unlike the other fortune tellers who are more than glad to conclude when the customer is satisfied. He treat it as painting a masterpiece, not willing to sacrifice any single minute details to complete a satisfactory work of art. This perhaps differentiate him from the rest who are contented to be mediocre and therefore had make him as a legendary person in the metaphysics world today.

Master: 'I can tell that this person is one of your younger generation of relatives.'

Woman: 'Yes, he is...'

Master: 'And he has true affections for you...'

The woman: 'Yes, he is very close to me. Tell me what I should do and would he change his heart or not?'

Master: 'We will come to that later, let me first confirm who he is among your relatives.'

Woman: 'All-right, you tell me who he is?'

Master: 'This lover is not an outsider, he is your step son...'

Woman then laments : 'Oh Master, why you have to be so accurate in your readings? You tell me now, is my birth chart meant to have this fate of being lovers with my own step son.'

Now I understand why she refused to give her complete birth date when she first went around asking in the alley. She was afraid that it might be leaked out from being shared among others from those who cannot read the chart well. If she had not met my master, I doubt that she might find one easily to guide her on the outcome in the future and probably she would be keeping the secret for life.

This time the woman then started crying as she continued: 'It started five years ago when I started working in a ceramic factory and I had to work overtime at night. Since young, I doted on him and he reciprocate by having concern for me. He felt that it was not safe at night for me go back alone and insisted on fetching me back from work. He was very attentive and caring to me during that period and as time goes by, our feelings developed.'

'In 1990, it was time for him to get married as with our Chinese custom and a match was found for him by his insistent uncle as his father is no longer around, a honest and educated young village girl. They then got married in that year however as from then on when he speaks to his wife on intimate terms as a couple, I started having strange feelings, maybe jealousy.'

'I then took matters into my hands, I will summoned my stepson to my bed chamber and keep him till before midnight and then allowed him to go back to his bedroom. My daughter-in-law had shows no dissatisfaction as she is also normally a quiet girl who do not gossips. Even if she is not happy with the arrangement, I don' t think that she will dare to voice it out.'

The woman then suddenly went quiet and after which she said softly: 'Then out of the blue, a year ago, she committed suicide by taking rat poisons..'

I was shocked on hearing this, the daughter-in law probably have found out the mother and son relationship to be more than what it is and must have suffered a blow which she cannot accepted and ended her life. To be honest, I have come across many strange cases that my master had read the fortune for the customers and this is one that if I did not personally hear it, I would not believe it if anybody will to tell me this as such is our strict culture at that time.

'After her death, my son's attitude changed and he seems to kind of blame me for it as well as himself. He then remarries again later probably out to spite me. He then started ignoring me, I am now stuck as I cannot forget him though I have thought of trying to give up the relationship. Master, tell me what I should do now.'

The woman shows deep torments on her tears stained face by now.

My master then consoles her: 'You Ah, your life is destined to go through this, don't be too sad. Tell me your son's birth date and I will see what will happens in the near future for both of you.'

After working out the birth chart, my master says: 'Well, next year onwards, both you mother and son will undergo some major changes in your lives and when you go into your next luck pillar of Ji Wei luck pillar, both of you will get back together again but it will no longer be the same as in the past of being that loving.'

The woman sounds disappointed : 'Then what about for the future, will it ends.'

'Both of you no longer have that kind of affinity and it will definitely ends when that luck pillar is over when you reach the age of 54. During this period, you will also need to be mindful of your health and that will be all.'

She showed disappointment and sadness in her expression on hearing this, I felt sorry for her but at the same time still cannot accept the thought of her coming between her new daughter-in law for the next ten years or so. I also hope that she won't cause another tragedy in the family again.

After she left, I mumbled to myself : 'Such a despicable loose woman...' and my master on hearing it, the ears of the blinds are particularly sharp, rebukes me:

'Little Chao, do not speaks rubbish. Everyone have their own destiny to follow since born and this woman is no different though she unfortunately have a bad low grade chart. Character wise, she is in fact better than some of our so called model citizens. We are to guide them in their path in life and do not have the rights to judge them.'

However, I have never seen a birth chart like this and I was curious to want to know more,

'Master, why does she still have the affinity with her stepson to be together in the next ten years in Ji Wei pillar?'

'It is because in Wei, there is Ding Fire which represent her male offspring and it is a favorable element to her. The Ji Earth is also controlled by her Jia wood. And remember if the chart have strong parallel stars such as Bi Jian 比肩and Jie Cai 劫财, that person will look for a younger companion.'

'Then why did you says that at the age of 16, she found her ideal match in marriage.'

'It is because she have a hidden Geng Metal which is Qi Sha in her year pillar which governs her life for the first two luck pillar and the year when she was 16, it was a Wu Shen year which is why she got married.'

'Then why did you say she married someone far away from her hometown.'

'Normally when the Direct Officer or Qi Sha  is in the month pillar, it will be somebody close to her or in her hometown however she started her marriage star early in her year pillar.'

'But how did you know that she will be a stepmother when she got married.'

'Her first luck pillar was Yi Mao and probably her first child would be born in the Rabbit year but she was still young and not married. The hour pillar for children was already activated by the Mao pillar then. And as I have deduced further correctly, the second one was born in the horse year and is the secret lover.'

'Her chart is also called Prospers the sons and not the daughters by some masters, and there is one matter which I have not told her.'

I was curious, 'What was it?'

'In the future, one of her daughters is destined to pass away before her as the Eating God 食神(Output star)is weak in the chart. Some fortune tellers will also call it jinxing the daughter chart too.'

'Why will the daughter die and which one will it be as there are two, Master?'

My master then said: 'If you should see her again, ask her for the birth date of her second daughter and I will be able to give you the answers. If there is affinity, she would also come here to find out more at the same time and maybe can avert that disaster.'

I did meet her again later in the following year and I had remembered to ask her for it. She willingly give it to me but did not ask why or wanted to know further as I think that she probably was already back on better terms with her stepson in their relationship which is also one of the irony of Life. My master after looking at the birthdate had told me then that this daughter would contract a terminal disease in the year 1998 and will not live beyond 2004. When she came back to look for my master in the year 2002, my master had already passed on to his new paradise as he had foretold for himself.

What follows was really another personal tragedy for her own daughter in retribution for the deceased daughter-in law or perhaps you can call it Judgement Day.....

This is THE END

Okay, folks have a great weekend. Dedicated to Nathalie Mourier and Oey Opkwan at the same time.

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Of Angels and Demons 神煞

Continued from The Diary of A Blind man

It was getting to noon and there was still no signs of her, I was starting to perspires under the hot sun. However, I was impatient to get to see her as I was hoping what my master had find out by just looking at her birth time which was Ding Mao  Hour. I then saw her walking to Old Wang who was sick the last few days and was not around. This time, she was obviously frustrated as at the end she shouted: 'Even you Old Wang cannot read my destiny, I think I have to go to the city instead.'

I then waved my walking stick towards her direction, trying to catch her attention and fortunately she saw it. She hesitated for a while and then she came towards me, saying: ' I thought I am done with you...'

I interrupted her before she go further, also afraid that she might lose her temper as she carries on: 'Oh, I spoke to my master last night and he said he can give you the answers you are looking for but you must wait for the sun to set before I can bring you to him.'

She starts to show annoyance : 'How can I just wait till the evening and go all the way to your place and not knowing whether he really knows or not?'

I then said: 'My master said that it is about your children.'

Her expressions changes immediately and I can tell she was shocked, 'Ehmm, very well, I will go over...'

I then told her : 'But my master wants to have your full bazi chart if you want to have your readings done, if not, he said then he will not do it so as not to waste the time for both sides and he wants double the amount that we normally charges if he is correct.'

She then just nodded her head and look sheepishly.

It was nightfall when we reached my master home, we step into the house and there was no one around as I had put a signboard saying we are closed to visitors for that evening when I went out in the morning. I then prepared for tea and I can hear her telling my master her birth date and my master was using our Meteors Chase Moon method to work out her Birth chart. As I poured tea for my master and her, my master said: 'This is your birth chart and you are a Wood day master and your luck pillar starts from age 4, am I correct?'

She said: ' Yes.'

My master then said: 'Okay, as agreed that you will be paying me double the amount, I will give you a full reading from the age of four onwards and gives you answers for the doubts in your mind?'

She nodded her head, and I tapped on my master on his right thigh to let him know as he can't see.

Master : 'At four, you and your mother left home and you have two fathers....'

Woman: 'Correct.'

Master: 'Your stepfather treats you very well as he had always wanted to have a daughter and you have a very good childhood.'

Woman: 'Yes, he treats me very well.'

Master: 'At the age of seven, you started schooling but at the age of ten, you stopped.'

The woman's face show a look of amazement as she nodded her head and I again tapped my master thigh.

My master then paused and took a sip of the tea and after clearing his throat said:

'You got married as with our custom age at the age of 16 and you pick a match that was far away from your hometown.'

The woman nodded her head again,

'Your husband is very much older than you.'

The woman answered: 'Yes, he is forty years old.'

'From the moment, you step into his house, you became a step mother and your life is destined to have 5 sons and 2 daughters.'

'From then on after the age of twenty to thirty, you bear a lot of hardships.'

As I have seen my master done analysis for many times, I was not surprised at all this information but I was more curious as to why the woman was so anxious over her children and come for fortune telling instead of confiding to her close ones. I was also getting impatient, waiting for my master to come to that part.

Finally, my master as usual when coming to something important start to read a poem: '遇不遇,逢不逢。月沉水底,人在梦中。'

'To meet with purpose or by chance is not fated, just like the reflections of the moon in the water as being in a dream.'

My master then said:

'Lately, these few years, you have been living in torment for not being able to share this matter with anyone at all.'

The woman looks shocked at this but still do not believe that my master knows by insisting: 'Then you tell me what is my problem? '

'From my calculations, it can be seen that you have a lover.'

This time, the woman admitted readily and saying softly: 'Yes...' and she have an excited expression on her face probably maybe from having a chance to say it out finally.

'Then the last two years, another woman comes in between you and your lover, and you will not able to confront her and it has started tormenting you from then.'

I can see teardrops starting to well from her eyes though it was getting dark by then but at that times despite my failing eyesight, I found that I was able to see even clearer in the dark. I then started to nudge my master to stop him as I was worried she will start crying but my master ignored me and carried on:

To be continued............

:   ) Well, I thought for Now, this picture is more suitable as Angels and Demons should be using guns at least instead of swords as in the past.......

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Friday, July 8, 2011

When A Blindman Cries

Taken from Chip and Candi :

West Gate & Blind Fortune Tellers

'Outside every gate in Jingzhou there are blind fortune tellers. This is how they make their living. They sit and wait for someone to ask them to tell their future and then they get paid. It is really sad to see them sitting there waiting everyday.'

Doubel Clicks on the picture to count how many blind people.







The above passage was quoted by a chinese metaphysics blogger:

'Liu Wen Yuan, an indoor disciple of Famous chinese bazi expert Liao Mo Xiang, Daliang, wrote in his book, 'Four Pillars Life Analysis Origins' in a passage on his viewpoints of the New School of Blindman in destiny studies.

'There is nothing to envy about the blindman technique in destiny analysis though they might be extremely accurate in the intitial readings but as it goes further into the analysis, it tends to get more errors prone and this is where we can see the limitations of this technique.

However, I still feel that if you are not a handicapped person (meaning you can still learn from other traditional schools of destiny analysis), you should not compete with these people livelihoods. As a blind person, there are already hardships for them in their daily lives and it is not easy for them to earn a living and yet there are unscrupulous people who try to learn secretly from them through manipulations (The blind apprentice is under oath to pass the knowledge to the blinds only). To learn it for analysing your own destiny is still all-right but then to steal their knowledge and share it publicly by conducting courses where a fees is charged reflected that it is more of a commercial intent. In this instance, where will that leaves the blind man fortune tellers if every normal person can do their unique technique of destiny analysis after learning the so called real blindman theory even if it is the correct stolen techniques.

Although the blind people are handicapped but not so in their hearts.It is unfortunate that people who are not blind but in doing so are themselves in the Dark for not being able to See the Heavens.'


Well, I leave it to you readers to decide again on the above comments and as lately I have been busy and to make up for it, let me tell you a story about the accuracy of the fortune telling readings of blindman from a case study in :

The Diary of a Blind Man (Xu Xian Chao)

In the summer of 1993, I had just started learning destiny analysis from a blind bazi master for 2 years and while as usual making a living outside in the Blindman alley, I chanced upon a frantic looking lady. At that time, my failing eyesight could still discern shadows and colors, she looks like a normal housewife but she was very fair looking and young. She was going from one to another of the fortune tellers' stalls however, refusing to pay after the readings was done saying it was incorrect. I can feel that she has some problems from my sixth sense as it is probably to compensate for our handicap. I beckoned her over and ask her: 'Would you like me to read your future?'

She answered back with a question: 'All-right, I can give you by my birth time and you tell me what is my situation now and what is going to happen to me in the future?'

At that time, my knowledge and experience was also almost the same as with rest of them in that alley, I was unable to tell much from her birth data and was hesitant at which she can tell, she then said: 'You are also the same, I don't think you are able to read my destiny.' after which she put a token and walk off.

I have met customers who refused to pay for their readings after being done, some were out to take advantage of us blind people but apparently, this was a different case. I then as usual after the sun starts to set, went back and told my teacher, Ching Feng who is a Taoist master too. My master smiling says: 'If you see her again, you can asked her over and tell her I will give her the answers that she is looking for. But let her comes only after you have finished your work and there is nobody else in our house at that hour.' I was curious too why my master had made such an arrangement on the time as I was also anxious to find out too as nobody in our alley managed to find out her problem.

To be continued...........

For Mulberry, this is her chart and the analysis was done about 18 years ago when she was at Chinese age of 41 in 1993 Gui You Year and still in Wu Wu luck pillar :

Till-then, cheers.