Monday, February 23, 2009

Na Yin

Sorry folks,

Being busy with meetings lately, got an offer to do a fengshui audit in a third world country Argh but wait, it’s in US dollars, still sounds attractive. However, they need to do some markup on my consultation fees and such they have to look for a not known practitioner like me who have nothing to complain. Well, have to say thanks to my connections, principles aside but for a casino? They got to be kidding, it ‘s not my cup of tea, ha-ha. Of course, have to reject it though I can’t do without money, ha-ha, Hah.

Anyway to carry on, let’s put poker card divination aside and instead look at music appreciation which is what Na-Yin is about and what it got to do with Feng shui and the importance of knowing the Chinese language for metaphysics. An MTV to pass your time…..

No, that I’ m starting a music appreciation course, ha-ha but you can try to learn Chinese through songs if you like MUSIC.

Till-then, cheerio!!!