Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sun Tzi' s Art of War

Hi Folks,

Did you all go on to Master Joseph Yu Blog for his views on Liu Fa Fengshui, I assure you that it would be interesting. and it is not a commercial site. I have not come across any reputable master yet who have taken this stance on Liu Fa Fengshui. Sure admire him for that for bringing out his views. I’ m not related to him, so don’t worry, ha-ha…

By the way, I was getting bored yesterday but got amused when I came upon an interesting article about a news report by Master Ken Lai in his blog from October 2007. Nothing to do with the above topic. Guess it would be tedious for you all to search, here it goes.

‘The following case is a real Feng Shui war happened in Taiwan. This is taken from a newspaper report.

The office building of a government department looks like the mouth of a tiger. It is called "Tiger Snooping" (老虎探頭 ) formation.

Around 1980, the residents lived across the street of this office had a family member who died accidentally. They hired a Feng Shui master to find out the cause.

The master said the government office across the street looks like a tiger opening its mouth to bite potential prey. The mouth pointed at this resident's (Mr. Wu) house. So accidents happen to them.

This family was advised to put two 30 cm long wooden arrows on the external wall facing the government office. Life becomes peaceful again for many years.

Five years ago, the government promotes energy-efficient designs and put sun-blocking steel mesh around the office building.

Mr. Wu did not feel comfortable with this steel mesh, so he consulted the Feng Shui master again.

The master said the Feng Shui formation becomes "tiger wears armor". The steel mesh has boosted the power of the tiger mouth. ( Ha-ha, pardon me when it gets to this part, I sure love the beauty of the Chinese language in fengshui, didn’t meant anything else, my personal quote )

Mr. Wu replaced the wooden arrows with stainless steel arrows and increases the bow and arrow sets from two to three.

Strange things happened after this Feng Shui battle has started. The wife of the dept. head of this government office and multiple employees died of accidents or cancer. Low morale and fear rule this government office.

The government office invited Mr. Wu for negotiation and compromise. But so far nothing is done yet.'

Well, well, I will just leave it to you all to decide…

Sweet Dreams.