Friday, September 19, 2008


Undertake 3 audits today, my worse nighmare coming true. 'Caskets' to me, not the clients. It's not worth it, you know, my thoughts. A paltry sum to change destiny.
No,I'm not discouraging you all to be a practioner. Did you know Mr. Bill Gates had spent part of his life in spiritual quest in India in his early teens? He could probably be a well-known fengshui master if he had opted for it. And I would rather not, if in his shoes. However, argh, for Karma, it would still be fine with me. Don't know about you and your thoughts?

About the occult, another day as I'm tired tonite.

Hmm, look like it's time to use Sun Tzi' Art of War.

Quote from Sun Tzi : " A top military strategist would never be unveiled as it would means unveiling his successful tactics to the enemy, thus his only downfall."

Anyway, for tonite, a song to end the day.
One of my favorite, though short-lived.