Monday, February 22, 2010

Flying With The Stars

For Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Liu Fa and Xuan Kong Flying Star, all agreed that the Period Star 5 in any Ruling Period is the Golden Dragon and not the Ruling Star. Why does Period Star 5 is called the Ling Shen or Void Energy and needs to have Yang Qi or preferably Water Landforms? And why instead the Facing Stars in the Flying Stars Chart for Star 5 do not want to see Water Landforms or Yang Qi?

The Answer.

Now to begin, lets look at, '阳 一片, 阴一片' from the classics, Yang one half, Ying the other half in the later heaven arrangement, you have the yang trigrams on one side of the circle, the ying trigrams on another side and together they form the Tai-chi.

天地定位,山澤通气, 雷风相薄,水火不相射。A literal meanings: ‘ Heaven and Earth fixed position, Mountain and Marsh connect energies, Thunder and Wind together therefore Water do not shoot Fire.’ The Yang must meet the Ying. This verse refers to the Early Heaven Arrangement on the Bagua.

By this, the meaning is the trigrams of father(Heaven)乾 face the opposite (Earth)mother坤 trigram, the eldest son震(Thunder) face the eldest daughter巽(Wind), and so forth.

先天为体, 后天为用。The early heaven chart as the body, the later heaven chart as the use. About the use 用, it is about the timeliness of energies to meet and give birth to prosperous energy..

Okay, if you are puzzled by the ‘Yang One Half, Ying One Half, 阳 一片, 阴一片’. I am, referring to the Use 用 Yong which is the Loushu chart and the Hetu for Later Heaven Arrangement where you will see all the yang trigrams, Chien乾6, Kan坎1 , Gen艮8 and Zhen震3 in one half and all the ying trigrams, Xun巽4, Li离9, Kun坤2 and Dui兑7 in the other half.’ 先天为体, 后天为用.’ If you look at the Later Heaven Arrangement Chart, you will find the Yang trigrams on one half and the Ying trigram on the other half. Look at the attached picture.

Ci Xiong雌雄

Now雌雄 literally means Male and Female to meet or mate. The deeper Chinese meanings will of course covers a wider scope. 雌雄者,阴阳动静对待之称,以言乎体,则一动一静,一山一水,一实一空,即雌雄也。In 玄空, Ci Xiong would means visible landform of energies of Stillness雌 Mountains and Movement雄Water Activity. Therefore as in a direction or sector where there is Stillness, the opposite direction or sector, you want to have Movement and they must be able to see each other to qualify for this principle. So the saying the Yang must meet the Ying.

Now this is not all about it, 上下有无形之阴阳互相往来,而后有有形之雌雄互相交媾,天气下降,地气上升,此大雌雄之交媾也。山静水动,山峙水流,此形体上之交媾也, literally meaning that apart from forms energy, you still have the formless energy which is timely energies which you cannot measure or see and which you then use the principle of the Golden Dragon金龙or Ling shen 令 to establish where it is. 天气下降,地气上升, Heaven Qi Invisible forms moves down and Earth Qi Visible forms moves up. And so as to match the Form and the Formless after establishing the Zhen Shen 正神vibrant invisible energy and 令神expired invisible energy, you put the 正神Vibrant invisible energy into a Still visible Expired energy雌 landform or Mountain and Ling Shen Expired令神 into a 雄Moving visible water landforms thus achieving a Tai-chi of Ying and Yang apart from having the Male meets the Female. This is the essence of life.

Ok, when a energy field at a certain Time meets another energy field at a certain Place and has no conflicts and instead combine, a positive energy field or the Tai Ji is created.

Now why does different units on the same floors and different floors with the same facing and the same flying stars charts for buildings do not have have the same fengshui effects on the occupants?

Is this the weak point of using flying stars theory?

Was this the reason that Master Tan' Yang Wu denounce the flying stars theory he learn and came out with Xuan Kong Liu Fa? Why did he then went into esoteric fengshui taught by a Taoist priest if Liu Fa Fengshui is so effective?

I, Of Course, have the positive answers for the above to prove that flying stars works but however must be secretive about it like the Sceptics as in Sun Tzu Art of War, 'A true strategist do not reveal his techniques to the Enemy.' Ha-ha, hope I' m kidding.

Till-then, cheers.