Friday, February 26, 2010

Of Angels And Demons

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Ok, I'm Back.

What is Happiness

All-right, we are already into the third month of the new year and this would be my elixir for life, not just for the year. Whenever I will feel down on the road in Life, I will remind myself to watch this video clip. For once, I find blogging useful as it allows me to keep a record of my life. Thank you, woogle,google, ha-ha, I meant you Google.

What is suffering?

‘福自天来, 不自人为.’

‘Happiness have no definition’

Coincidentally and I’ m serious because of a posting in the fivearts forum, I happened to watch a show on TV Channel that night, titled: The Life Transformer, a reality show organised by the station for social volunteers. It was the first time I saw the show and it was also the last episode. It talks about a 80 years old lady who have her own medical problem, cancer and still have to take care of two children in their forties since her marriage, both mentally retarded but however on medication and do not need to be kept in a Mental health institute. They had lived the last 15 years without electricity because her daughter had suddenly lost control of her mental faculty and short circuit the electricity cable and they have no money to repair it.

She wasn’t bitter or remorseful about it. She went about her daily chores cooking, washing clothes for her children who are adults, and living on S400 plus from social welfare. Imagine that she can keep leftovers for several days to cook again and eat for her self so that the money she have can be used to buy fresh food for her children who are adults to eat. When told several times that this is unhealthy, she says that it is all right as long it is refrigerated.

Sometimes when there isn’t enough meat for herself and not her children, she will just eat rice mixed with soy sauce when the show presenter came across leftover rice with soy sauce which she could not bear to throw away. And she has not brought fishes to eat as it is too expensive instead relying on the generosity of her neighbours giving her a share of their food occasionally.

Her only concern was if she was no longer around, who will be taking care of her children. There isn’t any possibility of the children having marriage and having a partner to take care of them. The motherly love, I can’t imagine how it will be like when I saw this part of the program showing her having to untie a packet of noodle so that the forty year old son is able to access and eat the noodles. Who will marry a man like this? What will you do if you have a husband who ends up like this suddenly? I then felt ashamed of myself of times when I cursed at Fate and then laugh that what fate had thrown at her she had accepted without giving Fate the satisfaction of seeing her been bitter.

The best part was when she was asked how she managed to read Chinese newspapers which appear to be her only pastime without a proper education and coming across words she don’t know. She produced several old but well kept sheets of Chinese writing paper written with ink brush, her so called her dictionary which she had bring with her from China. This is a true story shown on our TV channel that night.

This is the video clip of part of the reality show.

Thinking back, I did feel ashamed of myself of the times when I was depressed and gave in to Fate. I’ m not that holy you know, ha-ha…..

I will not end my posting with Cheers for today.......

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Ghosts Carry Wealth

Here is one photograph taken from Mr. Joseph Yu blog of the success that Mr. Szeto reaps after the court case of the Nina Wong Billions on a ritual he conducts for the new Chinese year of the Tiger where 100 people paid HK$8800 each to him. You all can go to his blog to read further.

It is with interest that after the court case where Mr. Szeto, Fengshui cum Taoist master for the plantiff won not because of his taoism expertise but on the basis that the judge rules that the will is a forgery. It is probably that people have forgotten that before the trial starts, the irony that the signature or handwriting expert that Mr.Tony Chan personally nominated for the case had already gone against his favour stating that the will is a forgery. The success of the part Mr. Szeto played was in making the Judge look at the rituals with distaste of a Mr. Tony Chan, also a Mao Shan practioner, preying on a sick and desperate woman and concluding that there are doubts to the integrity in the character of Mr. Tony Chan, another factor in ruling against him on the origins of the will.

Anyway, this is one ritual taken from Taoist Wilson Yong, 5 Ghosts Carry Wealth.

‘In Feng Shui some of you may have heard of it, "The Five Ghosts Transportation Wealth Technique" it's actually a Feng Shui secret technique to enhance your wealth and good fortune. Most Feng Shui practitioners know how to use these theories to enhance their wealth.

In religious Taoism, we also have the "Five Ghosts Transportation Wealth Technique" also called "Five Ghosts moving treasure". It's a secret dharma from Taoist lineage, it had the ability to make a practitioner very wealthy by practicing this secret dharma. However to practice this secret dharma there are several criteria that needs to be fulfilled before anyone can practice it.

Firstly the date of birth of the practitioner is evaluated to see if he has an affinity with the Five Ghosts, there is an elaborate chart that we need to consult to determine this. Only these with affinity with the Five Ghosts can practice this secret dharma otherwise it will not work.

Next a set of rituals need to be perform, practitioners need to follow all procedures and must have the perseverance to practice it consistently for 49 days. If any of the steps in the procedures are omitted you will need to restart the entire rituals again. It may seems very tedious but the rewards gained after the 49 days rituals is very lucrative and rewarding.

The Five Ghosts originally are spirits from the Five directions each representing the five elements namely; North (Water element), South (Fire element), East (Wood element), Center (Earth element), West (Metal element). Some practitioners even claimed that the Five Ghosts are the denizen of Hades. On another account some practitioners claimed that the Five Ghosts are not human souls, they are the souls of five types of animal i.e. cow, goat, pig, dog and donkey. They claimed the so-called Five Ghosts moving treasure is actually using the spirits of five types of animal to move the treasure. I'll show you some essential Talismans that are needed to be used to practice the Five Ghost Transfer Wealth Technique.

An altar is set up as in the illustration below, the Five Ghosts are drawn on a piece of white paper and then placed on the altar on five bowl of uncooked rice as in the arrangement above. The practitioner then cut some finger nails (male left hand & female right hand); place it in the 5 bowl of rice directly on top. Some hairs from the practitioner head is also place into the five bowl of rice. And lastly the practitioner needs to write his date of birth and hour of birth on 5 small piece of red paper. Each paper is then placed into the 5 bowl of uncooked rice.

Meats are to be offered daily at night after 11.00pm consists of duck, chicken, pork, fish and wine. A pair of white candle is only lighted when the offering are made. Prepare a set of Joss paper that consists of the gold ingots and silver ingots. Light 5 incense and place it into an incense censer. Make sure the incense censer had one piece of the talisman stuck there; this is to control or protect the altar. Next form the mudra and chant the mantra, state your wish and then burn the sets of joss paper. Finally pour the 5 cup of wine on top of the burned remains of the joss paper. You have then completed the rituals; one needs to consistently practice it for 49 days.

And on the last day of the 49th night put all the 5 paper effigy into a basin together with the joss paper, take out your finger nails, hairs and the paper with your date of birth and time. Then burn everything together. Once you have done this the 5 Ghosts would be able to assists you for the rest of your life, as they are now merged or attached to you.

And lastly write your name, date of birth, time of birth and address on the talisman above, then stick this talisman above your main entrance. This would enable the Five Ghosts to identify your home and then consistently transfer wealth to you.

Remember to offer the set of Joss paper every month on the 2nd day and the 16th day of the Chinese lunar calendar. This is the Five Ghosts Payroll day! This will keep them working for you!’

Maybe Tony Chan has used this to become unbelievably rich, ha-ha….

I will come back again on Flying with the Stars II later.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Flying With The Stars

For Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Liu Fa and Xuan Kong Flying Star, all agreed that the Period Star 5 in any Ruling Period is the Golden Dragon and not the Ruling Star. Why does Period Star 5 is called the Ling Shen or Void Energy and needs to have Yang Qi or preferably Water Landforms? And why instead the Facing Stars in the Flying Stars Chart for Star 5 do not want to see Water Landforms or Yang Qi?

The Answer.

Now to begin, lets look at, '阳 一片, 阴一片' from the classics, Yang one half, Ying the other half in the later heaven arrangement, you have the yang trigrams on one side of the circle, the ying trigrams on another side and together they form the Tai-chi.

天地定位,山澤通气, 雷风相薄,水火不相射。A literal meanings: ‘ Heaven and Earth fixed position, Mountain and Marsh connect energies, Thunder and Wind together therefore Water do not shoot Fire.’ The Yang must meet the Ying. This verse refers to the Early Heaven Arrangement on the Bagua.

By this, the meaning is the trigrams of father(Heaven)乾 face the opposite (Earth)mother坤 trigram, the eldest son震(Thunder) face the eldest daughter巽(Wind), and so forth.

先天为体, 后天为用。The early heaven chart as the body, the later heaven chart as the use. About the use 用, it is about the timeliness of energies to meet and give birth to prosperous energy..

Okay, if you are puzzled by the ‘Yang One Half, Ying One Half, 阳 一片, 阴一片’. I am, referring to the Use 用 Yong which is the Loushu chart and the Hetu for Later Heaven Arrangement where you will see all the yang trigrams, Chien乾6, Kan坎1 , Gen艮8 and Zhen震3 in one half and all the ying trigrams, Xun巽4, Li离9, Kun坤2 and Dui兑7 in the other half.’ 先天为体, 后天为用.’ If you look at the Later Heaven Arrangement Chart, you will find the Yang trigrams on one half and the Ying trigram on the other half. Look at the attached picture.

Ci Xiong雌雄

Now雌雄 literally means Male and Female to meet or mate. The deeper Chinese meanings will of course covers a wider scope. 雌雄者,阴阳动静对待之称,以言乎体,则一动一静,一山一水,一实一空,即雌雄也。In 玄空, Ci Xiong would means visible landform of energies of Stillness雌 Mountains and Movement雄Water Activity. Therefore as in a direction or sector where there is Stillness, the opposite direction or sector, you want to have Movement and they must be able to see each other to qualify for this principle. So the saying the Yang must meet the Ying.

Now this is not all about it, 上下有无形之阴阳互相往来,而后有有形之雌雄互相交媾,天气下降,地气上升,此大雌雄之交媾也。山静水动,山峙水流,此形体上之交媾也, literally meaning that apart from forms energy, you still have the formless energy which is timely energies which you cannot measure or see and which you then use the principle of the Golden Dragon金龙or Ling shen 令 to establish where it is. 天气下降,地气上升, Heaven Qi Invisible forms moves down and Earth Qi Visible forms moves up. And so as to match the Form and the Formless after establishing the Zhen Shen 正神vibrant invisible energy and 令神expired invisible energy, you put the 正神Vibrant invisible energy into a Still visible Expired energy雌 landform or Mountain and Ling Shen Expired令神 into a 雄Moving visible water landforms thus achieving a Tai-chi of Ying and Yang apart from having the Male meets the Female. This is the essence of life.

Ok, when a energy field at a certain Time meets another energy field at a certain Place and has no conflicts and instead combine, a positive energy field or the Tai Ji is created.

Now why does different units on the same floors and different floors with the same facing and the same flying stars charts for buildings do not have have the same fengshui effects on the occupants?

Is this the weak point of using flying stars theory?

Was this the reason that Master Tan' Yang Wu denounce the flying stars theory he learn and came out with Xuan Kong Liu Fa? Why did he then went into esoteric fengshui taught by a Taoist priest if Liu Fa Fengshui is so effective?

I, Of Course, have the positive answers for the above to prove that flying stars works but however must be secretive about it like the Sceptics as in Sun Tzu Art of War, 'A true strategist do not reveal his techniques to the Enemy.' Ha-ha, hope I' m kidding.

Till-then, cheers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflections' 2009

The Living Hell

Remember way back I had posted an article about The Living Hell on Earth.

Well, finally I was there and back. It has 24 hours room service. A concierge to take your food order with a very nice menu, choices of western or oriental. Two tea breaks, one at 10.00 am and the others at 3.00 pm apart from the three meals a day. You sure would gain weight.

Ha-ha, as some people are fond of using this to quote Buddha: ‘If I don’t go down to Hell, who would?’ Sure, I book a class ‘A’ single ward, look at the pictures, doesn’t it looks like a 5 star hotel room. The bed can be electrically operated for various positions. 24 hour TV with SCV cable channel. Nice view. Pretty nurses, boy, I was surprised. Well, they said with Wealth, you can have Health, now I will think twice about it.

Well, I was cut up, they called it Open Surgery. I couldn’t sleep the whole night before the operation; just as well, I was on the verge of panic, wondering if I will gain consciousness halfway and feel them cutting me up. I got knock out after they put the anaesthesia on me and I woke up pleasantly with surprise, two tubes coming out of body to drain excess waste fluid from the body, yuck. Then I heard moaning sound next to me, it was from a old lady who had an operation too. It sure adds to the new eerie atmosphere I am in, never had an operation before. I was in a so called High Dependency ward where they monitored you for any sudden critical changes after the operation for 1 or two day before they would send you back to your ward.

Boy, I sure had a hard time for two weeks with the tube sticking out of my body attached to a car battery look-alike container and I couldn’t move around. Before I had given the go ahead for the operation, the doctor had told me it’s a simple 1 day operation and I would be back on my feet in no time.

Argh, found out after that I would be stuck there with the stupid tube and the battery for 2 weeks. It sure was painful with the tube stuck into my chest; they call it a chest tube. While I was in the high dependency ward for that night, heard a commotion at a neighbouring ward followed by frenzy movements of nurses and doctors. Somebody must have got into trouble, kept me awake the whole night.

It sure gives me a different perspective of the world now with me as I sit here, grateful that I had got out of Hell. When I was watching medical hospital drama in the past on TV, I couldn’t feel empathy or connected; now I sure do, Man.

Anyway, the reason I’ m sharing this is because I would also like to clarify the Flying Stars theory works. A similar case like mine happens to a friend was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away in a time frame of two years. Considered not bad as the doctors had given him actually 6 months to live. I was fortunate that I know metaphysics and that I had seen this coming as I was having a Fu Yin in my Ten years pillar in my Bazi. I had then coincidentally shifted into a house with a main door that has star 2 and 5, deadly combinations for cancer, the worse scenarios (Surprise, that’s how destiny works). Using the flying stars knowledge that I have, I was able to to get a more positive outcome. It tested negative for cancer but most cases like mine could still turn cancerous anytime. I was fortunate that I am able to use flying stars theory to neutralise it as well as the knowledge of Yi Jing. In the recent gathering for Fivearts Forum members, I had shown my scars from the operation to some of them so rest assured that I’ m not Bullshitting you. I will be back later to clear some misconceptions about flying stars and hopefully, that it will helps in your understanding of the stars.

I would have like to share more but as there are some sceptics out there who had discarded the flying stars theory as in this example, a quote from a website: ‘We will explain the premises of why pseudo Feng Shui such as Xuan Kong Flying Star and BaZhai (8 Mansion) can’t work as Feng Shui.’.

Well, well, so be it. Unless of course, there happens to be a secret manual passed down since the Shang Dynasty or Master Jiang Da Hong in these few thousands of years,and which no one have heard of. Anyway, I have nothing against anybody. Its just that why don’t we do it as in my case as a guinea pig in flying stars research without offending anybody e.g.: ‘ I have discovered certain techniques in the flying stars theory that have not been mentioned by any known masters alive or they want to keep it a secret and which I believed that even Master Tan’ Yang Wu would not have switch to Liu Fa Fengshui if he had known.’, ha-ha…..

Interestingly, a fellow fengshui enthusiast, Fscrazee as he is known in the fivearts. Forum or Master Hung Hin Cheong, the author of the book ‘Zi Bai Purple White Flying Stars Script.’ had more or less concluded that as in his quote: ‘It is also gratifying to note that XKDG is increasingly, and justifiably, being attributed to Zhang Xin Yan and not Jiang Da Hong. That makes it not much older than Shen Zhu Reng's XKFX. Both are 'new kids in the block' in fengshui history.’

Will be back with,

Flying With The Stars,

Till-then, cheers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Day

Yeah, it's been a while
Not much, how about you?
I'm not sure why I called
I guess I really just wanted to talk to you

And I was thinkin' maybe later on
We could get together for a while
It's been such a long time
And I really do miss your smile

I'm not talking about movin' in
And I don't want to change your life
But there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around
And I'd really love to see you tonight

We could go walkin' through a windy park
Take a drive along the beach
Or stay at home and watch TV
You see it really doesn't matter much to me

I'm not talking about movin' in
And I don't want to change your life
But there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around
And I'd really love to see you tonight

I won't ask for promises
So you don't have to lie
We've both played that game before
Say I love you then say goodbye

I'm not talking about movin' in
And I don't want to change your life
But there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around
And I'd really love to see you tonight

I'm not talking about movin' in
And I don't want to change your life
But there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around
And I'd really love to see you tonight.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Wealth God

Arrival time: 12.30 A.M.


Destination: All Chinese Temples.


So what' s the fuss?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Power of Mantra?

Medicine Buddha Mantra by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche

The mantra, or even the name of the Medicine Buddha (Skt: Bhaisajyaguru, Tib: Sangye Menla, Chin: Yaoshi-fo, Jap:Yakushi) is beneficial.

Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche has said that a mantra is essentially an elaboration on the deity's name, and that any mantra is the shortest possible form of the sadhana. The Sanskrit mantra of Medicine Buddha is:

Tayata, Om, Bhaishaye Bhaishaye Maha-Bhaishaye Raja Samudgate, Svaha.

or, pronounced the Tibetan way:

Tayata, Om, bekandzeh, bekandzeh maha-bekandzeh, radza samungateh. Soha.

'May all beings benefit from the sublime love and power of Sangye Menla' is often given as the meaning but it is not a literal translation.

Since the practice of Medicine Buddha is considered a Sutrayana practice (i.e., based mainly on scripture) no empowerment is necessary, but it is good to attend one or to ask for one when you have an opportunity.

Hi all,

No, no, not that I have lately felt guilty of being bad and seek religion as a means to alleviate my guilt, ha-ha....

Actually, it is good to know some mantra for uses in fengshui audit, e.g. protection against negative spiritual forces or reinforcing life energy. The above mantra is for health and it's FREE.

Anyway, lately a friend on my Facebook had wrote this on my wall, I leave it to you to decide about the commercialism that has now gone into religion, whether it should be or should not. Though I'm not in the position to demand.....

'Erick Tsiknopoulos: Please demand that Lillian Too take responsibility for her actions!'

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blindman II

'Friends love misery, in fact. Sometimes, especially if we are too lucky or too successful or too pretty, our misery is the only thing that endears us to our friends.'

Hi all,

To carry on the Blindman technique from the last post. What am I doing at home on a TGIF night? Taking a break, getting old, man. : )

Here we go,

'Advanced Member

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Hi all,

Hi Jo,

It depends on how you establish the yong shen or useful god which is the most favorable element in the chart. In Zi Ping for weak daymaster, parallel stars and resource stars are favorable even if it is in the spouse palace as it strenghten the weak daymaster. For Mangpai as the approach uses the most favorable element or Useful God could then mean Resource stars favored while parallel stars could then be unfavorable in the spouse palace.

For relationships or marriage in this chart from age 33 onwards represented by the Day pillar, each pillar at 16 years, the substitute spouse star E11 Xu denote more favorable relationship and marriage would definetely take place in this period. Xu E11 have the HHS H4 in this earth element which support the daymaster. There are only two combination with other elements E4 Mao and E7 Wu for fire and nothing else to weaken the daymaster. And fire is the useful god in this chart. However, the appearance of another spouse star E11 Xu at the hour pillar could also indicate remarriage or another relationship later on.

Now using Zi Ping, the actual spouse star H10 Gui appeared at this ten year luck pillar of 34 onwards coincide with the Blindman approach. The Chou E2 however would be attempting to complete the Tri-Combinations of Si Chou and You and unfavorable in this ten years luck cycle as it locked the support from Si E6 and it could also mean the marriage might be rocky, ha-ha, no pun meant on Earth. There is also a partial persecuting clash between Chou and Xu in this ten years. This also coincide with the blindman theory of another marriage in later years.

Anyway, I m sharing this for general knowledge. You can try practising this approach after you have used Zi Ping analysis. However, do not attempt to use it direct for clients or friend. This is for all of you to look at charts with missing spouse star from another perspective. Ha-ha, looks like I can go and set up a Dating Agency soon with all this practising here.

Till-then, cheers.

Rating: <>

Hi all,

Hi Jo,

You are welcomed. There is no end to learning as I am also learning thru discussion with all of you.

To conclude, let me just expand on your Ren H9 and Ding H4 combination in Zi Ping which you have put your perspective that bazi is not a dead thing, ha-ha, where imagination would have to be used. As you said it would also mean other women as Bi Jian or Jie Cai could also means apart from peers.

Using the blindman technique, you can see that the first spouse star H6 is problematic having relationship with You E10 (Wealth) which have a combination with Si E6 (parallel stars), in this case other women and indicated that most of the men the subject meet have been combined or married. E10 You unfavorable trying to combine away favorable Si E6 into Metal is unfavorable for weak daymaster.

That will be all.

Till-then, cheers.'

Okay, as usual,

10 Commandments of Marriage

Commandment 1.

Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.

Commandment 2.

If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

Commandment 3.

Marriage is grand -- and divorce is at least 100 grand!

Commandment 4.

Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

Commandment 5.

When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: Either the car is new or the wife is.

Commandment 6.

Marriage is when a man and woman become as one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

Commandment 7.

Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said. After marriage, he will fall asleep before you finish talking.

Commandment 8.

Every man wants a wife who is beautiful, understanding, economical, and a good cook. But the law allows only one wife.

Commandment 9.

Every woman wants a man who is handsome, understanding, economical and a considerate lover, but again, the law allows only one husband.

Commandment 10.

Man is incomplete until he marries. After that, he is finished.

Till-then, cheers

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Blindman

How? Does the lead vocalist looks like Wu Bai of China Blue, a taiwanese rock group, ha-ha......

Anyway, for TODAY, this part copied from a thread is taken from my mentor forum at Singapore Fengshui Centre. I am taking the opportunity to explore the Blindman theory which uses substitue elements for missing elements for bazi chart in the discussion. Too lazy to do any other posting today, maybe later ok, Yeah? Ha-ha, copying myself for the time being.

Too Much Fire Lady?, tryin to help but not to give wrong helpTrack this topic Email this topic Print this topic
jeneke Posted: Jan 25 2010, 10:43 AM


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Hi, I have a good galfren who is looking into her relationship matters. From her 4P, she is a very strong fire, NO water at all. Does it mean her chance of meeting a 'man'in her life is zero ? She is in her water luck now, should she make use of it since its her only good oppty? Do advise.

26 Sep 1977 , 1300hrs. DM : BING

-wood (YI).....+fire(BING)...........-earth(JI).........-fire ( DING)

-earth (WEI)..+yang earth(XU)....-metal (YOU)....-fire (SI)

leegiat Posted: Jan 26 2010, 06:37 PM

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Hi Jen,

She should be weak Bing Fire, four against four and not born in season. The luck pillar since age 24 have water but she is not strong enough to handle it. Now that you know its weak fire and she have water in her luck pillar, how would you analyse the chart?

Till-then, cheers.

'Some bring happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go'

leegiat Posted: Jan 28 2010, 04:23 PM

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Hi Amber rose,

Pleased to have you joined in. I would agree with this view point as H10 Gui Water is the actual spouse star for H3 Bing Fire. The arrival of Yin E3 this chinese new year would bring romance although it is a travelling star but for her, it is her peach blossom star.

The H9 Ren water gets locked by H4 Ding fire (her friends) for the ten year pillar of Ren H9 Zi E1 probably indicating attitude problem resulting in guys ending up with her girl friends instead.

Just an opinion.

Till she reply, ha-ha...


jeneke Posted: Jan 29 2010, 01:40 PM


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Hi Everyone! I'm back from hols!

Glad to see responses from my shi xiong & shi jie. Lucky i havent advised her yet. wat a boo boo i made to say she is a strong fire! Pls pardon me the beginner.
I just re-looked into her bazi and she is a weak fire. her fav elements : Wood & Fire. Not :( element: Earth,Water , Metal.

From my knowledge, I know water is her spouse/partner star. So i deduce she started her relx in age 24 onwards. Her stars of romance are Wu & Mao. She has been meeting the wrong men so far, all are either married or divorced! and out to con her. So i feel i should help her to be more alert! Some even cheated her money and she had to seek legal aid to get it back.

For her gal frens, they are close to her and so far, not that i know of who ended with her bf. She is a pleasant and helpful lady,bring sunshine to friends except her romance is challenging which i hope i can help.

She has high expectations for bf but i dun no how come she always ended up to the wrong type.

I guess from her chart her love starts later in her hour pillar. But i cant say when cos she asks me. But I hope she has a happy marriage and meet a good guy lah.

Hear from you soon!
Thanks everyone

My reply,

Hi Jo,

Yap this is interesting as there is live feedbacks to verify chart analysis. Thanks for your belief in me though I might be wrong, ha-ha... Hmm, this reverse engineering kind of reminds me of the blindman theory.

Let me share just for general knowledge only, for missing element as in this chart, spouse star, blindman theory can use the output stars Earth to analyse. In this case, there are three earths, the first one in the month pillar which denote the early years, Ji H6 sitting on You E10 which have locked the useful or favorable element Si E6 in attempt tri-combination meant that most of the early relationships in this period are unfavorable as this is weak fire daymaster and involve wealth issue. As the Ji H6 is sitting on the wealth star E10 You and in a way having a relationship with E10 which is unfavorable element meant loss of wealth as the Si E6 is being locked up making the daymaster weaker to control wealth and too weak to handle water. At the same time, this Ji H6 is helping to create more metal E10 You (wealth) which is unfavorable for a weak Bing H3 daymaster. Unfavorable means negative wealth connected to relationship from this perspective. Please do not confuse yourself while reading this using the traditional Zi Ping method. Keep an open mind as the Blindman theory involved looking at the chart as a whole and also other factors.

I will stop here for everyone to contribute more before I go on to the second spouse star EB Xu E11 and whether it is favorable or not and its complications in this period as it enter into the day pillar period which I will look at as the luck pillar of Gui H10 and Chou E2. In case you all forget, some schools put a pillar as having twenty years, i.e. Year pillar, first twenty years of life while some schools put it as 16 years of life per pillar. In Shen Sha, Si E6 is the prosperity star or Lu star in this chart for the day master. For a weak daymaster, the prosperity star being lock up or clash is deemed unfavorable.

Till-then, cheers.