Saturday, October 25, 2008

Do you tilt like him?

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Erich Teoh from CAFS.

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Anyway, let's carry on with Fung Sui, yeah?

An introduction to a famous entity in Singapore.

‘The Venerable Sek Hong Choon, a well -known monk in the Malay Archipelago.

Venerable Sek was born in 1907 (2nd Age), came to Singapore in 1938, thereafter went to Penang in 1943 to be the abbot of Mio Hiong Lim Temple where he met Wu-Chang Sect Geomancy Grand Master Yu Xi-yin. This chance encounter made the Grand Master accept the Venerable as his selected disciple to impart the Xuan Kong geomancy theories.

Therefore in 1965, Venerable Sek officially returned to Singapore to take charge of the building of Phor Kark See Temple. Venerable Sek Hong Choon devoted his time to the Buddhist faith. It is a great loss that he did not impart his geomancy skills to any of his close disciples or they were not interested in the material gains’

Quote courtesy of Master Victor Li from Hongkong, part of it edited by me.

Now today, let’s look at tilting of doors from an example from Raymond Lo’s book of Feng Shui Essentials.

Here, he gave an example of Venerable Hong Choon audit for Hyatt Hotel.
For flying star chart to go along, you have to do the plotting yourself. It is facing NW1, Xu or 戌 at Age 6.

Here it goes,

‘In Singapore, there is a very famous feng shui story about the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Scott’s Road. This is an ‘Age of 6’ building with front facing northwest 1.

The main entrance in the NW has water star 8, which is good but it is “future prosperity” during Age of 6. So its effect is slow. Hence the hotel did not enjoy good business when it was opened in the sixties. The most prosperous star at that time is water star 6 which is located at the back of the building at SE sector. And the other prosperous water star 7 was trapped in the centre. So the local management decided to try Feng Shui. They engaged a famous monk called “Master Hon Chuen” and he is a Flying star practitioner under the lineage of Master Tham {or some refer to as Master T’an Yang Wu of Liu-Fa Fengshui,}

It is said that since Master Hon Chuen recommended some feng shui changes, the hotel suddenly gained prosperity and maintained good business until today.

What has Master Hon Chuen done to the Hotel? The most obvious is that he changed the angle of the doors at the main entrance. The entrance was facing NW1, he turn all the doors to 45%. That means all the door now faces N1.

If we look at the flying star chart of “Age of 6” building facing N1, we will easily understand why he did this. By turning the doors to face N1, the doors will get water star 6 energy which is exactly what is needed at that time. Besides this, he also put a water fountain in the entrance, and this is to activated the good water star energy in the NW. Since then, the hotel have been very prosperous until today. What about Age of 7 and 8 ?
We must not forget that the main entrance is still in the NW location with water star 8 in the flying star chart for the building and star 8 now takes over to continue the prosperity of the Hotel for both periods.’

Courtesy of Master Raymond Lo from Hongkong.

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