Friday, July 8, 2011

When A Blindman Cries

Taken from Chip and Candi :

West Gate & Blind Fortune Tellers

'Outside every gate in Jingzhou there are blind fortune tellers. This is how they make their living. They sit and wait for someone to ask them to tell their future and then they get paid. It is really sad to see them sitting there waiting everyday.'

Doubel Clicks on the picture to count how many blind people.







The above passage was quoted by a chinese metaphysics blogger:

'Liu Wen Yuan, an indoor disciple of Famous chinese bazi expert Liao Mo Xiang, Daliang, wrote in his book, 'Four Pillars Life Analysis Origins' in a passage on his viewpoints of the New School of Blindman in destiny studies.

'There is nothing to envy about the blindman technique in destiny analysis though they might be extremely accurate in the intitial readings but as it goes further into the analysis, it tends to get more errors prone and this is where we can see the limitations of this technique.

However, I still feel that if you are not a handicapped person (meaning you can still learn from other traditional schools of destiny analysis), you should not compete with these people livelihoods. As a blind person, there are already hardships for them in their daily lives and it is not easy for them to earn a living and yet there are unscrupulous people who try to learn secretly from them through manipulations (The blind apprentice is under oath to pass the knowledge to the blinds only). To learn it for analysing your own destiny is still all-right but then to steal their knowledge and share it publicly by conducting courses where a fees is charged reflected that it is more of a commercial intent. In this instance, where will that leaves the blind man fortune tellers if every normal person can do their unique technique of destiny analysis after learning the so called real blindman theory even if it is the correct stolen techniques.

Although the blind people are handicapped but not so in their hearts.It is unfortunate that people who are not blind but in doing so are themselves in the Dark for not being able to See the Heavens.'


Well, I leave it to you readers to decide again on the above comments and as lately I have been busy and to make up for it, let me tell you a story about the accuracy of the fortune telling readings of blindman from a case study in :

The Diary of a Blind Man (Xu Xian Chao)

In the summer of 1993, I had just started learning destiny analysis from a blind bazi master for 2 years and while as usual making a living outside in the Blindman alley, I chanced upon a frantic looking lady. At that time, my failing eyesight could still discern shadows and colors, she looks like a normal housewife but she was very fair looking and young. She was going from one to another of the fortune tellers' stalls however, refusing to pay after the readings was done saying it was incorrect. I can feel that she has some problems from my sixth sense as it is probably to compensate for our handicap. I beckoned her over and ask her: 'Would you like me to read your future?'

She answered back with a question: 'All-right, I can give you by my birth time and you tell me what is my situation now and what is going to happen to me in the future?'

At that time, my knowledge and experience was also almost the same as with rest of them in that alley, I was unable to tell much from her birth data and was hesitant at which she can tell, she then said: 'You are also the same, I don't think you are able to read my destiny.' after which she put a token and walk off.

I have met customers who refused to pay for their readings after being done, some were out to take advantage of us blind people but apparently, this was a different case. I then as usual after the sun starts to set, went back and told my teacher, Ching Feng who is a Taoist master too. My master smiling says: 'If you see her again, you can asked her over and tell her I will give her the answers that she is looking for. But let her comes only after you have finished your work and there is nobody else in our house at that hour.' I was curious too why my master had made such an arrangement on the time as I was also anxious to find out too as nobody in our alley managed to find out her problem.

To be continued...........

For Mulberry, this is her chart and the analysis was done about 18 years ago when she was at Chinese age of 41 in 1993 Gui You Year and still in Wu Wu luck pillar :

Till-then, cheers.