Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Fun Sui Shop

The shop that is only open for christmas once a year, don't miss it.

X'mas Specials Sales

Get Kermit the Frog and leap frog into the New Year with wealth. After 30% discount, S$3000 only. We will pinpoint the wealth position for Kermit in your house for free with purchase. Note: this wealth position is only given by our fun sui masters who charges from S$888 for fengshui audit to obtain position. This original two leg frog is the ancestor of the popular three leg frog and toad which evolved from it. Your kids will love it.

*Only for customer with the affinity with Kermit can purchase this item. We will verify your bazi chart to check for affinity. ( Hidden msg for practitioners: check whether customer going thru wealth luck, if he is and strike lottery or comes into unexpected wealth after purchasing item, he will come back and buy more and we will rip him off with this next item.)

Live Dragon Dog

Get Douglas the Dragon Dog. Note: this is a special live dog that will beats all the Pi Xiu and Dragon tortise flat with its spikes and protect your wealth and health. Comes with an anti burglar alarm that will sound when unidentified objects comes by. Only for those customer who just hit lottery or get unexpected wealth after inviting Kermit the Frog to their homes.Price subject to bidding thru an auction which starts from Euro $10,000.

P.S. we will throw in a free weather forecasting stone, Gary I am Stone for the successful bidder.Has been weather prove for accuracy.

Ha-ha, I well be back for Bazi. Meanwhile, Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas !!!