Monday, April 12, 2010

A Love Story

Touch by this posted by a friend on Facebook,

A translation.

The day was the beginning of spring (February 4, 2010), the first day of spring this year to marry her is to be his big day. However when he holds her hand, his beloved was already lying in the coffin in the cold, beside family and friends it would have been tears of laughter and instead turned into crying. Countless times have he dreams of this wedding scene and has finally got his wish, he thought the luxury convertible car and a beautiful wedding bouquets, white wedding dress, but did not know the dream wedding would actually be at the funeral home. They had been separated by Death.

Fuqing groom Zhuanghua Gui is a young man, in Zhangzhou in the advertising industry. In March 2008 met Yan Er who lives in Zhangzhou Pinghe of Lu Yane. That year, he was 24 years old, she was 20 years old. A month later they established a relationship. On December 2, 2009, they registered their marriage, on February 4 this year was to be their wedding day.

However, on January 28, it has become a farewell instead. That day, two robbers on the pretext of renting a property stabs the bride, Yan Er, 8 times with the knife, Yan Er did not wake up from this time for the remaining eight days of her wedding, and she was not only even 22 years old yet. However, at the insistence of the the groom, the wedding is still held on time at the funeral home.

Looks like after putting the word Ba Gua for my links, I' m becoming more and more of a gossip. The word Ba Gua read in chinese means Busybody or Gossip. But at least, I m inspired to blog. Anyway, reminds me of the traditional ghost wedding in the past in feudal China where rich parents buys a bride for their dead sons but this sounds more humane.

Anyway, wonder if they had met a fortune teller, would they had been separated by Death....

Till-then, my condolences to the Bridegroom.