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Golden Secret Proses 金口诀

Well, let me wish all here an Early Happy Chinese New Year together with the Solar when the Rabbit will take over on the 4th February 2011. Thought I would like to share something new for you patient people who have been following me on the blog, here we go.....

Recently, in the forum, there was a posting which reminds me of these verses of an ancient chinese art, 学会奇门遁,来人不用问,学会金口诀,能把万事说 meaning 'If you master Qi Men Dun Jia, you don't have to seek further, if you master Golden Secret Formula, you are able to foretell beyond all.'

It is actually refering to a refined version of Da Liu Ren 大六壬and which traditionally is only passed down orally and 12 years ago though, chinese books have started surfacing about it but as usual have missing parts. Anyway, to share with my readers here on this art, let me just give an example of an analysis.

In the Singapore Feng Shui Centre' s forum recently, there was a poster asking about Feng Shui involving spirits, This is part of the conversation:

chomot Posted: Jan 1 2011, 07:12 AM


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I have a problem with a bad spirit that likes to come through my door to a common hallways with other units in a building.

I want to place a Pa Kua Mirror above my front door but all the web sites say never to use this in doors.

I was then looking at a Foo Dog Lion Door Knocker but I think the neighbors would not like that as it would not match the rest of the building's decor and I would be asked to remove it by the management.

I have Foo Dogs at the back door that works good and the neighbors cannot see them so no problems.

So what to do about the front door??

In My Mind.
As usual, no directions of the property is mentioned and as this involves a spiritual problem so the next thing to do as a practitioner is to check using I Ching poker cards divination, tarot cards divination, Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren or other divinations method to find out more. Based on the time above posted above, using this so called Golden Secret Verse, the following chart was derived:

      岁破:申  丧吊:辰子 月破:午

        择马:寅  桃花:卯  游都:寅

        生气:戌  天医:申  地医:寅  天鸡:酉

        天马:午  禄神:巳  羊刃:午

       人元: 辛 

       贵神: 壬辰(勾辰) 

       将神: 戊子(神后) 用神

       地分: ?

四大空亡:甲寅旬 金空亡
The Four Big Void
Metal is Void in this chart.

It shows 将神 The Month General as 神后 the Celestial Empress which reflects spiritual involvement at property. In the original text, there is a verse where it indicated when you meet this 神后 in this situation, it could implied a spirit vying for use of the premises.Next the 贵神 The Influencing God is 勾辰 the Worm position at Chen Earthly branch with implications of property too. As it confirmed that this is a genuine poster, I had then carried on with the posting a reply. I had to established what is the property sitting and facing direction by asking the following questions as the Worm was located at the Chen(South East) Earthly Branch position which is opposite the Xu (North West)position which is Metal in Void in the above chart.
leegiat Posted: Jan 2 2011, 06:59 PM
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Hi Chomot,

Just out of curiosity, is your main door located in the NW sector?

Till-then, cheers.



The following is the answer.....

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I have children and a cat that get all weird when they sense something around and the kids have told me that they see things sometimes. So I want to secure the appt from sprits so we do not have this problem anymore.

This URL is of the complex.

My unit is in the building directly to the right of the words dueling grounds and all those trees are actually a cliff. It is on the third floor with the rear door to a small patio facing Port Imperial Blvd. The only entrance is to the hall facing to the river. The hallway runs down the middle of the building and there is a neighbor directly across from my door.


_N_______Door__________ E




We have been here about 2.5 years now and have had issues all this time off and on but now there is one spirit that just does not seem to want to go away like all the others do. So I want to help him leave.

I have foo dogs outside the back door to the patio and I was thinking of a foo dog doorknocker for the front door but as I mentioned I may run up against the management on that one.

Any suggestions? I am also open to any other good ideas for how best to make harmony and prosparity here.

Thanks for the help, Cheers

For the rest, if you are curious to know more, please go to that forum as I just wanted to explain what is this so called Secret Golden Proses.

Anyway, I thought I was wrong as the member had indicated his front and back door as his diagram above with a google attachment. However, looking at the map, the following is what I got:

You can click two times on the picture to establish the axis line as it should be sitting on the Void between Northwest and West, the doors are correct for his unit with main at North East and the back door at South West. As have been said, this is just an example on the usage of this art and not necessary applicable for every case as it still involves intuition, another word for divination or talking to the Gods, ha-ha....

For those interested in knowing more, you can try to get some books or google the Internet for more information. It was supposed to be an easier art to learn than Da Liu Ren accordingly but to me, it is still a pain to memorises all the golden verses if to be proficient in it.

Till-then, cheers and have a great year ahead if last year was a shitty one....

:  )