Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Lately I have been getting bored with Metaphysics and thought of taking a break like the frog in the last post. Started with some sorting of books as I thought of selling some of my almost brand new Chinese books, in Feng Shui, they called it clearing the clutter. I then came onto these few books by this author Chen Bo Yu. It was part of a collections of 25 odd books I have bought second hand from a metaphysics enthusiast who have told me he has given up on this hobby. Paid S$150 for them all.It was damn cheap, some of the books cost as much as S$40 alone when brand new. The books were almost brand new conditions even though some bought as far as back as 2001 with plastic cover wrapped protectively. The owner must have been very loving to metaphysics then. Ask him for any other reasons for selling as I was very puzzled with the books in mint conditions but he just shook his head. After buying the books, I had put them aside as I was then doing a lot of travelling in and out of Malaysia.

Well, happen to see this author first with four books and three were on Bazi and one was on Flying Stars Fengshui with also a translation of Purple White Flying Stars. Went thru the fengshui book first and found as usual that it looks suspiciously of those run by the mill Chinese fengshui books. Thought I would just go to the last section and look at his conclusions or viewpoints at least before deciding what to do with these 25 odds books. Surprise, he had concluded by giving some predictions from as way back in 1992(The first version was printed in 1992). This was a reprint version in 2002 Ren Wu year in the epilogue and it caught my attention with a prediction, probably add in at that time of the reprint on the Taiwan Presidency Election 2004. It had caught my interest as I had a Taiwanese girl-friend before and reminds me of my times with her. I then started feeling relaxed thinking how I had managed to get out of the relationship with her dumping me instead. You know if she had been with me, I would’nt have this luxury of time to be a travelling man in my pursuit to learn from masters all over the place. No offence to the ladies, guys better be careful not to get too engrossed with your pursuits that you don’t realise that your spouse have went missing.. Okay enough about me, this author begin by looking at the bazi of the then Chen Shui Bian VS Lien Chan (KMT) and James Soong (People First Party) and claim that Mr. Chen was in good ten luck pillar and would be having a better chance of a second term as president as Mr.Lien Chan was in bad luck cycle and so forth. He then claimed that Mr. Ma Ying-jeou also stand no chance but however would be the next president in 2008 by explaining this person’s bazi. I gleefully thought that I had then caught him there even though I have not much knowledge of Taiwan politics, I had remembered that Mr. Chen Shui Bian’s luck was’nt that good as he was caught in a scandal and Mr. Ma Ying-jeou had taken over as President vaguely. I just need to confirm the time period. I gleefully then did a search on the net to prove him wrong and thought that I would have something to gloat about, me BAD and I like to play catch, ha-ha… , Smugly thinking that I would still give him some respect that though he was wrong, as he had begun with his predictions saying that he might not necessary be right as there is no end to learning and he probably have not reached that level of understanding Bazi. Actually thought he was just trying to pretend to be modest. Don’t know why lately I’m getting cheesed off or bored by metaphysics and trying to find a reason also to dump away some books or to let off gas, whatever it means. Mind you, if he was wrong, the three bazi books I would have probably sell it off to an unsuspecting buyer but probably at a loss to compensate for me being bad. Anyway, thought why worry, why the heck about virtue, Big Bad Wolf (His id user on the forum), had done that to me, by selling the books to me, probably had found out that this writer of 3 bazi books and maybe more have also gone wrong and gave up on Metaphysics and sold the books to me.

Well, it now had ended up with me croaking instead of gloating, must have the fault of that little frog I put in my last post, yes, you froggy!. The writer was correct in his prediction, Mr Chen Shui Bian won the 2004 elections for presidency, his second term and only got into trouble with a scandal in 2006. Mr Ma Ying-jeuo had then won the 2008 elections for President. Well, kinda of feeling guilty, thought I would blog about his books as a compensation to him for having such lowly thoughts. Arggh, that means I would be reading all his books in the mean time and would be too busy for the Net. And worse, my grammars is getting worse with too much brainworks now switched to Chinese or Am I now using the right side of my brains? Anyway, I have to give him respect for having the guts and daring to predict despite at the risk of his reputations and of losing his students and also having written some books and having people like me looking to dump the books fast, ooops. Anyway, I don’t see any reputed master would also take that kind of risk unless super confident of his bazi skill as then there is no risk at all, right?.. And coincindentally, Lien Chan (Koumintang) was gaining votes until a series of events changes the destiny, one was the gunshot injury to Mr. Chen and etc…

Mmm, don’t thank me, Mr Chen Bo Yu, I was wrong about you and I don’t keep things to myself even though no one knows what I was thinking when I read your predictions. To be fair, I would have complained about you if you were wrong as I would be trying dispose your books to an unsuspecting buyers though I would sell them cheap. Hey, you people out there, vote me as your Watchdog for Metaphysics, would ya? :)

Well, enough of my crapping today, thought I would take a break from metaphysics and what the heck, I going thru it all again. Well looks like the Yi Jing wants me to do some readings up even if I’m taking a Break. “Urgh, Master YJ, I means I want I want nothing to do with Metaphysics for my Break.”


Till when I’ m Bad, oh I means Back.

On second thoughts, How about Korean? Thought of knowing more about the language offered at S$120, a bargain at a Community Centre (Local government instituion)for my Break. Man, he looks cool.. Aah, don't worry, I AM Ah-Beng(lingo for being Crude in trying to be Macho), Man. Remember Brother Sharp in one of my posts, mmm,copying from, Master Ken Lai' s Blog, ha-ha....