Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lonely won't leave me alone

Ooooh, no metaphysics temporary right?

Yap, but Lonely won't leave me alone. Hey, I' m on LEAVE, Man, leave me alone...

I' m sure relaxing now with a bottle of champagne (Brut)at super discount to celebrate. Hey there, You Lonely(The clash on My Spouse Palace), yeah you, You only got three years left in my ten year luck pillars to torture me and unfortunately bad news for you, there are two years which is my : )

Cheers, I will be soon be BACK with the nine Hexagrams for the nine Palaces for Flying Stars, you mean you never heard of it? Never mind but meanwhile I' m on LEAVE and I will be talking about Life more, about People,people and ME.

Nah, I' m not being Horny but its the privilege of being Senoirs, ha-ha...