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Nicholas Tse

Tomb for the Living 生基

                                            An Urn with a small coffin and personal belongings

Taken from Hong Kong News Daily:

Hong Kong Media Expose: A "Live Burial Ritual’ list obtained have the name of popular actor, Nicholas Tse being involved came as a shock to many people.

According to sources, Nicholas Tse was undergoing bad luck, a motoring accident which results in 2 weeks of prison, an assault case and a dip in his popularity in 2002. His mother, Deborah troubled incessantly by this had then approach a spiritual Master in Guangxi, China who uses ‘Live Burial’ to change his luck.

It is believed to cost S$30,000 to conduct a standard ritual.

So today, let’s have a look at this mysterious ritual which accordingly requires feng shui knowledge as well as the need to conduct a spiritual ritual and which had intrigue a lot of people. It also has other supposed powers such as to bring abundant wealth as well as protecting the Life of the person.

The meaning of Living Tomb simply means a tomb for a living person and would also refer to longevity abode. This practise originates during the founding of the Han Dynasty by Emperor Liu Bang where a Taoist Zhang Liang, an advisor, search for a heavenly paradise to practise immortality came upon a plot of land in Xuzhou, now known as Jiangsu Tongshan and built a longevity abode with superior Dragon Qi or in modern context, good feng shui. Henceforth, this was then passed down in history and later evolved into a feng shui ritual.

To be frank, I am just surprised as I can’t find any well-known Emperor using this feng shui ritual except for Burial for the Dead or Ying Zhai Feng Shui in the Feudal China History. A Taoist master, Lao Miao Zhu of Penang, a friend of mine had said that it is actually used in Mao Shan ritual to hide the soul to avoid calamity for a period of time and how it then evolved into being a feng shui ritual, he also have no inklings about it too. In my opinion, this is more of a spiritual practise than feng shui and secondly, all along, the Chinese have always uses Taoist for funeral ceremony and other religion related activities. It is a known fact that most Taoist priests should have some basic knowledge of feng shui.

Surprisingly, the original Blindman school of thought have an almost similar ritual when meeting bad luck cycle where a Taoist talisman would be required and a ritual conducted at least two years before the bad luck commences. They called it the or 'Hiding the Body Ritual' which is to be conducted on an auspicious date. Based on their school of thought which I am familiar with, Nicholas Tse is supposed to have faced a calamity in this luck pillar of Ding Hai and apparently it is working from the above Taoist ritual as he is going into his next luck pillar Wu Zi which though is no better but should not be that disastrous,' 命' or 'Meeting Death but keeping the Life.'

However so far, there is only bad publicity on this feng shui ritual; one was a public outcry  in neighbouring Malaysia where a Taiwanese master had went to Penang last year and conduct feng shui class. At the same time, he bought a piece of burial land, enthusiastically promoting it as the Dragon Lair (Rare superior feng shui land) and encouraged his students to buy it for live burial for prosperity. An original plain plot of burial land that was bought for $40,000 was then sub-divided and sold for $120,000 a piece to the fortune seekers. Apparently he was the who got the fortune as he panicked and absconded with the money successfully after other feng shui masters in Malaysia investigated the landforms of that land and revealed that it is just a normal piece of land and could be a possible fraud on unwitting students who had enrolled in that master feng shui classes too.

The other publicity that this ritual got was however during the court case on Nina Wang’s will where this ritual was bought up in an affidavit and it was mentioned that the deceased billionaire had paid Mao Shan practitioner Tony Chan S$200 Million to conduct this ritual as she was suffering from Terminal cancer and which had then renewed interest in this ritual for fortune seekers. It apparently doesn’t work for Billionaires too while some claims that Tony Chan was a fake.

Life Tombstone of Nicholas Tse

Okay, I would just go about into the so called important principles that accordingly are used to conduct this ritual for Nicholas Tse.

First find a plot of land termed the Dragon Lair with superior Qi based on Ying Zhai Feng shui landforms theory. Then collect together the living person belongings such as favourite clothing, teeth, nails and hair, etc., together with the seven precious stones and five types of colour beans together, symbolizing the Bumper Harvest for the ritual. For some masters, 10 cc of the person blood would be needed.

Second, this will involves Metaphysics knowledge; use a Luo Pan Chinese Compass to check and choose a suitable plot that matches the living person Bazi chart. An average plot with good feng shui configuration will do if a superior plot cannot be obtained in land scarce country; we have to be flexible right?

Third, this will involves some spiritual imagination as it is assumed that there is a negative energy attached to that living person which is causing bad luck and we are burying that bad energy here, and as long as it is comfortable and the place is peaceful and it do not hate the place, it will not go back and haunt that person and creates problems or bad luck anymore. Therefore, a spiritual ritual would needs to be conducted.

The ritual would then start by picking an auspicious day to bury an urn or a small coffin with the person’s belongings as in a normal funeral burial. Then, a ritual of forty nine days involving spiritual invocations would then be needed to be conducted too by the spiritual master. And that will be all to start life afresh with that vexing spirit or negative energy being buried though it is supposed to hide the soul from disaster in the original Taoist version. Okay, I will leave it to you readers to decide on its effectiveness.

Next, the Bazi chart of Nicholas Tse, 謝霆鋒 aka Tse Ting-Fung. Now, lets look further into Nicholas Tse’ s Bazi Chart to see if we can find where his problems started from which luck pillar and whether it tally with this special chart on its likes and dislikes of elements.

His chart interestingly belongs to Special category and is called a Fake Follow Power Chart. It would also be interesting to see whether his live burial has helped him when the years were unfavourable as the ritual was supposed to have been done in 2002.

As can be seen in the chart below, Nicholas Tse is a Jia Wood Daymaster born in Autumn where Wood is controlled by Metal.The only support he has is a Bi Jian Friend aspect element next to him, another Jia  which is however sitting on Shen Metal but is clash by the Geng Metal in the year pillar and cannot render Support. As such, with no other major support like resources aspect Water and parallel aspect Wood, he has to succumb and follow the strongest element which is Metal. As the two earths Chen  and Xu (Spouse Palace) is in clashing though Heavenly stem protrudes Wu.

Metal will be the strongest element in the chart. So we can call this chart a Follow Metal (Power aspect) Chart 从杀格.

However, though Power aspect Metal element is supposed to be favourable for this category but because there is no Unconventional Intelligence or Indirect output star 食神 Yang Fire in his chart and therefore there is no control on Qi Sha Indirect Power Star Metal 食杀, it has resulted in a tendency for rebellious streak behaviour with disregard for proper authority in ten elemental relationships in its absence.

                                               Nicholas’s Parents in celebrations for the Grandson

Output Star Fire is still favourable though as Wealth (Earth) aspect protrudes in the Heavenly stems to protect the Power Star (Metal). As the Power aspect prominent in Year and month pillar as well as being favourable represents strong family status and fame which reflects in his family background, his father is popular HK actor, director and producer, Patrick Tse Yin. Mother Deborah Lee, 1973 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant winner and famous HK actress. Recently, I read with amusement again at the newspaper headlines wrong impression that Patrick Tze was chiding the son for being weak which actually is good as he is trying to provoke his son to regaining his fighting spirit as the latter was probably depressed by his divorce and children custody problems. Guess as what they alway says, the father will knows best.

From Wikipedia, Tse and Lee divorced in 1996 and in 2008; Patrick Tse started dating a girl named Coco who is almost 50 years younger than he is, if you can read the bazi chart well, it is all in there. A clue, the father is next to him in the Hour pillar.

His luck pillars:

Bing Xu pillar (Chinese age 13-23) Indirect Output Star  and Wealth 食

As mentioned, here was a good luck pillar as he meets Indirect Output Star to control his Strong Power Star where he propelled into Stardom.

In 1997 Ding Chou, Nicholas Tse aged 18 in sign a record deal with EEG under the Fitto label, releasing his first album, "My Attitude". The album was ranked 3rd on the top selling CD chart of IFPI. It was that year where he won the most popular new artist award.

Tse received mainstream success in 1998 Wu Yin with songs like "早知" and "如果只得一星期" and became a prominent successor in the entertainment industry. He received a musical award during the 1999 Ji Mao, Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards with his popular song "非走不可" recorded on September 27, 1993 (Gui You).

Ding Hai luck pillar (Chinese age 23-33) Direct Output and Direct Resource Star

Here is where the Blindman School of thoughts would put this as the worst luck pillar to be in for Nicholas Tse.

His problems starts to begin in 2002 Ren Wu Chinese age 23 when he enter into luck pillar Ding Hai pillar, first being involved in a car accident driving a ferrari where a false police report was lodged and he was jailed for 2 weeks. It was then followed by another incident of an assault on a reporter where it was settled out of court. He also had another car accident in 2003 Gui Wei and had his license suspended for 2 years. In 2005 Yi You, he had another accident and was again suspended from driving for another six month. Apparently, he is out for death thrills through speed in racing.

Things started to change, in July 2006 Bing Xu where he meets the favorable Indirect output star 食again, he officially admitted he was dating Cecilia Cheung and in September that year, they got married secretly. First son, Lucas was born in 2007 Ding Hai  followed by second son, Quintus in May 2010 Geng Yin last year.

But 2011 Xin Mao this year, rumours surfaced that he has marriage problems as it was supposed to be activated next year Ren Chen where the Chen will activate the clash with Xu in his spouse palace. Nicholas Tse reportedly filed for divorce on the 14th of June 2011, Geng Zi day in Jia Wu month. Obviously there is a difference for 2011 Xin Mao compare to in 1999 Ji Mao where he had became more popular with a music award instead. A source revealed Tse reached his decision after realising unconditional sacrifice would not lead to ultimate happiness and divorce was the only right decision. This comes after pictures of Cheung and Edison Chen on a plane together surfaced in the Taiwanese media. Cheung and Chen had earlier been embroiled in a sex photo scandal. Tse was also reported to have had enough of Cheung’s constant demands and “threats” in their marriage, including taking her own life and son Lucas if he did not give in to her demands. Next year Ren Chen, Nicholas Tse should be entering  into Wu Zi luck pillar which though does not sounds so good, but anyway, let's still wish him the best.

Till-then, cheers.