Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awakening the Dragon

My apologies to my faithful readers here, though the story might looks like having missing parts on the Xuan Kong used but I do not want to waste anymore of your precious time in further full translations but nevetheless I hope that all of you here would still enjoyed the ending. Cheers.

One year later, Ah Tong had then followed Old Master Jiang instructions after meeting him at the tea house in Tai O fishing village. He then shifted to another residence as well as moving his office to another location. Old Jiang on seeing the two properties then told Ah Tong with a smile: 'From now on, both of you would be a very happy couple.'  He heard him telling Xiao Wu :'夫唱婦随啊... '

Ah Tong was then puzzled on this prose as Miss Han was still very cold towards him despite his efforts in showing his sincerity to win her back since she had recovered. It was not unusual as she is a proud woman and Ah Tong was also worried that he would be rejected if he approached her for a reconciliation.

One night when Hong Kong was hit by a typhoon, there was a loud crash and a scream which awoke Ah Tong. It came from the children's bedroom and Ah Tong rushed to see what happened. Amidst the lightnings and thunder sounds, he saw a shivering figure huddled at a corner which was Miss Han, he went to her and heard her sobbing :'Please hug me, I am very frightened.'

And as in a fairy tale, they then lived happily together and thereafter despite Xiao Wu's grim forecast of Ah Tong undergoing unfavorable marriage luck for the next few years in his bazi chart.

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for us to unlock the chains of life that bounds us from it....

The End

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

偷天換日, Steal the Sky, Change the Day

Ah Tong had then bought a fish shape clock that can chime hourly to put next to his main door and also to put a big gold fish bowl just filled with water only at the balcony as instructed by Old Master Jiang. He was then told to go to the teahouse one month later to meet Old Master Jiang before Xiao Wu sent the latter back that day.

Two weeks later, Ah Tong had then called Xiao Wu to meet again at the cafe by the park. Apparently, Ah Tong wanted to discuss with Xiao Wu about meeting the old master again later in the month.

Ah Tong: 'I called you here today is because I don't know whether I should ask if the old master can find a way for me to remarry my wife again.'

Xiao Wu burst out laughing immediately but quickly stopped: 'Sorry about the laughter, I really can't help it as I wonder if there is anybody in Hongkong now or before who had met a situation like this. I had guess this could be the reason why you had called me to meet you first. Anyway, how is your ex wife now?'

Ah Tong: 'I have been monitoring her closely for the last two weeks and it shows that she had completely recovered. Apparently she also do not know why she wanted to have a divorce as I saw her once looking at her divorce papers with a puzzled look. Another reason is that sometimes the children would wake up in the night and cry non-stop when she is not around to coaxed them back to sleep. You know how to read bazi, maybe you can tell me whether there is a possibility of us getting back together again.'

Xiao Wu: 'I would be frank with you, this are all reflected in your bazi chart. If it is a one year problem in the your bazi chart, there is still a possibility of a reconciliation. However, you are a weak fire daymaster which means the next two years are still unfavorable as it is Geng Shen Monkey, strong metal which represent your wife and wealth.  The year after would be Xin You and the You Rooster have an affinity with the Chou again in your spouse palace. It is actually very bad considering that it is three years in a row starting already from this year Ji Wei influencing your spouse palace. All in, it is bad whether you understand what I am talking about or not. Haiz....'

Ah Tong sighed too and said: 'Nevertheless I am glad that Miss Han is back to normal which is my main concern. She don't looks like she is habouring any ill-feelings towards me as my office staff must have told her what happened when she went back to help in my office. Another interesting thing is also that the client who wanted to sue me for a botched property deal had dropped the lawsuit and in return, had asked me to help him to negotiate with the owner of a land that I am on good terms with as he is interested in acquiring it. Sometimes I wonder if this is all coincidence or not as this was the same guy who was driving me crazy during that period which had influenced me also into agreeing to the divorce during that quarrel.'

Xiao Wu: 'Not to worry, as the old master had asked you to meet him again. I have a feeling he must have some advice for you as the timing was probably not right for that time at your place to let you know more. I am also intrigued as there was nothing much he did apart from asking you to buy those few common items. Anyway, I am going to tell you something important but do not put your hopes too high. My uncle had told me before that Master Old Jiang knows a lost legendary Feng Shui skill called 'Steal the Sky and Change the Day' meaning he can change your destiny if he wants. This is why my uncle had not wanted to teach me Tie Ban Shen Shu but instead instructed me to learn tea appreciation so as to try to get Old Master Jiang to take me as his disciple. It is also why I am not working now but spending my time here instead at Tai O Fishing Village. Do not let him know that I tell you this as he might not help you then, remember...'

Seeing the sudden sparkle in Ah Tong's eyes, Xiao Wu immediately try to take away the excitement that the former must be feeling. He was also worried as he thinks that it is quite impossible to change destiny from his experiences gained so far from reading bazi charts. He don't want to give Ah Tong any false hopes as this is still hearsay for he have not really seen the old master at work yet.

'Tell you what, lets go for a massage later to relax and take away your anxiety of waiting to meet the  old master as thinking about it can't help much.'

Ah Tong: 'All-right , I also do not want to go back early yet and faces Miss Han for I feel guilty whenever I see her. I am also thinking of the children for the future as it feels odd living as a divorce couple in the same house together. I really still love her a lot and I don't think anybody can replace her in my heart.'

To be continued......

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger

The next day, Ah Tong decided to call the Miss Han’s father to check whether she did went home. He felt suspicious that she could have purposely provoked him for a divorce. Strangely, she was at home and the father told him that she had cried upon coming home and locked herself in the bedroom. When asked about it, he told the father that he would explained to him later on. 
After a few days, Miss Han called him and told him to contact her lawyer on the paperwork for the divorce.  He however was more concerned about the custody for the children and asked her about it. She then told him that she will leave the children with him but will visit them anytime she wants. She also wanted a separate bedroom for herself if she wanted to stay overnight.  He was also curious as Miss Han now appeared to be more coherent in her speech and actions. He then started thinking that she might really have a lover outside as what the last Tie Ban master had hinted in a prose 有夫,暗有夫(Open and Secret Husband). He decided he will  call Xiao Wu to discuss about it further later.

Miss Han then did come back and visited the children when he was at home and sometimes stayed overnight. He has no objections to it as he does not intend to look for a companion yet. However, she will still at times behave erratically. Once she had ordered a set of travelling luggage from a friend’s shop which he did not feel strange until after a few days, she threw them all down from the apartment. He found out when the building supervisor had called him and complaint that it was dangerous as it might hurt someone. Later on, he thought she could also be rebuking him indirectly for not going for a honeymoon as he had promised during their wedding that they will do it once his new company had been established.

Once in the middle of the night, she threw down all the pillows and bed sheets. All these also confused him as to whether she has recovered from her mental illness. She would also at times disappear for weeks and did not go back to her father’s home. This also puzzled him as he felt that if she have a lover, she have no need to be secretive as they have now agreed on the divorce. This mystery of her whereabouts before marriage and after was finally solved when one day; a woman called him and told him that she is the aunt of Miss Wu in Macau. She apologized for not attending their wedding but had called him now because she finds that there is something wrong with Miss Han. In the past, she would come by to her place when she was unhappy and seek solace from her. However this time, she refused to say anything when the aunt had wanted to know further and then she found her crying in the middle of the night. Further, Miss Han had never stayed in her place for such a long period before and she found it strange and decided to call him to ask about it.

Ah Tong then started having misgivings as whether he was right to agreed to a divorce before finding out things further. However both of them had already signed the divorce papers though it had also consoles him that she did not have someone new in her heart. He then decided to call Xiao Wu to discuss about his situation. He arranged to meet him at the old café when they had first met at the part.

Xiao Wu: ‘I am not surprised that things have come to this stage as I had said that there is a clash on Chou in your spouse palace by the Tai Sui Wei this year in your bazi chart. Normally, either separation or divorce would follow in this situation. I had hoped that Master Iron Bone would have solved the problem for you which apparently were not.’

Ah Tong: ‘She did improved after the masters had visited my place and conduct their rituals. However, the divorce was over another matter and nothing to do with her being unsound. It was over some clay materials for pottery works that she bought.’

Ah Tong then told him what happened that night and that he was hasty as he was angry and jealous that she might have someone new in her heart.

Xiao Wu: 'I think maybe we can try to enlist the help of this master whom I have lately met again at a teahouse in Lantau every morning. He is a close friend of my uncle, the one who did the Tie Ban Shen Shu reading for you. He is very good in solving difficult problems from Destiny as he is a Da Liu Ren (大六壬 )expert.'

Ah Tong: 'What is Da Liu Ren? How come I have never heard of this before? Is the same art as Master Iron Bone uses.'

Xiao Wu: 'No, it is not. Da Liu Ren is is a form of Chinese astrology using the Sun position relative to Earth in anticlockwise movement dating from (at least) the later Warring States period. Along with the divination methods Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 and Taiyi 太乙—collectively known as the "Three Styles" (San shi 三式)—Da Liu Ren is considered in China to be one of the highest forms of Chinese metaphysics.'

Ah Tong: 'How come I have never heard of all these three arts before if they are that good.'

Xiao Wu: 'When the communist took over, most of these masters went into hiding or fled overseas as they had already know that they will be targeted. Those who fled overseas had then maintain a low profile as it is believed that secret operatives of the Communist Party continued to hunt them down in Taiwan, the base of the Koumintang Party or in Hong Kong. It is believed that Chairman Mao had uses Qi Men Dun Jia successfully against the better equipped Kuomintang party supported by the West. He was also afraid that these Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers might be used against him by internal rivals and had proceed to wipe out this threat.'

Ah Tong: 'I see, then in this case, we must sought his advice to see what I should do next. I am beginning to regret as I have just found out that Miss Han did not have someone else in her heart and it would be unfair to have divorce her in that moment of anger. Though I don't think there is much this master can do as we are already divorced.'

Xiao Wu: 'There would be no harm giving it a try as matter have already come to this stage. However, I have to think of a way to introduce you to this master so that you could sought his help.'

Ah Tong: 'Mmm, I don't understand. I thought you know him well as he is a friend of your uncle.'

Xiao Wu: 'Yes, but my uncle had told me that he would always claims that he is not skilled enough when people asked him for help. He would always asked them to look for my uncle or to go somewhere else.'

Ah Tong: 'In this case, I think we might as well forget it and leaves it to affinity as in my case with Miss Wu which I think have ended.'

Xiao Wu: 'Not really, he had told me in one of our breakfast session that he is just tired of the mudane world and he prefers a carefree life. However, I can tell that he is very capable as at time, he would hint to me about certain events that would happens to me which came true. He is very good as I had managed to avert a major disaster which I would tell you another time.'

Xiao Wu: 'Talking about affinity, I believed I can convince him to help you. This master likes tea and is always talking about tea appreciation which I no longer have interest while you are still a tea connoisseur. Both of you might get along fine and he might consider helping you if he likes your company. Why don't we do this, you come by to this teahouse in Tai O fishing village the day after at 6.30 am and take a seat in a corner. He would normally goes there at 7.00 am and I will be there at 7.30am, my usual time. I would then chat with him for a while and pretend to need to use the latrine. We would then acted out that we had met coincidentally and I would invite you to join me and that master. It would be like affinity for you to meet him and he might consider helping you based on that.'

Xiao Wu then took out a small notebook and wrote the address on it and tore off the page and gave it to him.

Ah Tong:'All-right, I really regret having agreed to the divorce but I would still like to help Miss Han to recover as she still at times behave irrationally though not as bad as before.'

Xiao Wu: 'All-right, so let's do as what I have proposed and I will see you on that morning there.'

On that morning, things then went smoothly as planned and Xiao Wu had then bought Ah Tong along to sit at his table after acting out that they have met coincidentally there. He then introduced Ah Tong to the old master who is named Old Jiang after explaining that they were old friends and Ah Tong is a tea lover. Further, Xiao Wu added that it was such a coincidence for them to be meeting in such a remote place. Old Jiang smiled on hearing the word 'coincidence' and acknowledge Ah Tong. As both of them sat down, they were surprised to see Old Jiang using his fingers to count something as what Xiao Wu's uncle had done in the Tie Ban Shen Shu reading. After a while, he then says something that really surprised both of them.

Old Jiang with a serious look on his face then said: 'Mmm, it looks like your friend Ah Tong here have some serious domestic problem and would like to see whether I can help or not. So it is not so much of a coincidence to be meeting here eh?'

Seeing Xiao Wu looking sheepishly, Old Jiang then said with a smile: 'Don't worry, I won't blame you as we have been having breakfast often for the last few months together and I know your character well. You are a friend in deed when there is a need.'

Ah Tong then quickly: 'Yes old master, do not blame Xiao Wu as I am the one at fault. I have a problem with my wife for the whole year and Xiao Wu have been trying to help me with it unselfishly.'

Old Jiang then said: 'It is all right as we still have affinity to meet despite that I have purposely chooses this remote place to stay away from the mudane world. I would help also on account of Xiao Wu's uncle who is a good friend of mine. If Old Abacus is still here in Hong Kong, he would also help you on account of Xiao Wu.'

Both Ah Tong and Xiao Wu replied simultaneously: 'Thank you, thank you old master.'

With that, it was arranged that they would meet at Ah Tong's office on a day that the old master had chose and after which they would go to his residence. Xiao Wu volunteered to chauffer the old master on that day to Ah Tong's office as he have been impressed by the skill of the old master and curious to see what he would advise Ah Tong to do.

On that day, they met at Ah Tong's office and as Old Jiang was looking around, Miss Han suddenly appeared. She appeared to know what they are doing as Old Jiang was holding a Luopan (Chinese Feng Shui Compass) and spoke loudly:

'I am born in the year of 1949 old master, see if this office is suitable for me?'

Seeing the puzzled look on Old Jiang on whether she is a staff or a relative as Ah Tong and Xiao Wu was struck speechless to respond, she said with a laugh: 'Haha, I was once his wife and now no longer, wonder if it is of any use to know this now.'

Old Jiang with a kindly smile to her: 'Not to worry, you might be surprised.'

Miss Han suddenly fall silent and then went and sat on one of the office chairs with a magazine that she have been holding.

Ah Tong then bought him with Xiao Wu to look at his office room where Old Jiang then told Ah Tong in a quiet voice: 'Take this little bell that I have bought along and hang it now at your main office door and then come back here.'

After Ah Tong have done it and came back to the room, they then proceed to the car to go to his residence.  Miss Han suddenly also appeared as they did not see her when they left the office. She rushed to the car to open the door and accidentally knocked her head and exclaimed in pain while using one of her hands to massage that part. Ah Tong was concerned and rushed to her side to check whether if she is all right.

She just keep saying :'I am okay, I am okay.'

Xiao Wu whispered to Ah Tong as they got into the car: 'Looks like she got a nasty bump on her forehead.'

Ah Tong: 'Never mind first, let Old Jiang settle my matter first, I would bring her to a bone setter (chiropractor) later to check.'

When they have reached Ah Tong's apartment, Miss Han immediately eagerly went to the children's room as with any loving mother. Old Jiang then walked around the apartment after which he sat down at the living room and suddenly started laughing hysterically and holding his stomach which reminds Ah Tong of the Tie Ban Shen Shu prose: 哭笑不得.(To laugh or cry). Old Jiang then slowed down his breath and said: 'My apologies, I don't know what came over me. Could be I am amused and suprised that both your office and house have the same fengshui setup which I have never encounter before. Your wife must have given you a lot of unexpected headaches this whole year.'

Ah Tong nodded and sighed.

Miss Han suddenly then walked out from the children's bedroom and strangely then in a quiet voice says to Ah Tong.

'Ah Tong, you must listen carefully to what this old master have to says and do whatever he tells you about this house. I am going back to my father's place now and will come back tommorow to visit the children.'

With a smile at Old Jiang, she then turned and walked out of the house as if they were still the loving couple before. Ah Tong was then confused in the change of her behaviour as he was quite skeptical about the small bell that Old Jiang had asked him to hang at his office door. He had then thought whether it could be related to her getting a knock on her head while opening the car door as she had also injured her head in the previous incident that had resulted her behaving abnormally. He just can't believed that it is as easy as that to have solved the problem though he can see some abrupt changes which he is unable to explain logically.

To be continued.....