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Hello to my fellows practitioners, got to sound more positive to cope with the world negative energy now, ha-ha. XKDG.

Of my views, for 铁板神数 or Iron Abacus Divination.

Yes, it works though there are some books written on it by masters disputing it apart from other researchers too. This is because the problem with this analysis is most of them start with what you call考六亲 or 考时刻whereby practically almost all information on the relationships of the subject’s life is provided by the subject himself to the analyst.

E.g., the questions would start where the analyst would calculate on the abacus and comes out with a number and refer to the thirteen volumes and ask: ‘Your dad passed away in a Water Year.’ Or ‘Brother One only’, is it? And with this information and a lot others provided or confirmed by the client in an hour or so, and you know some people also yaks a lot and give away personal informations without realizing it. The analyst would then tell you to come back for a second meeting which has been implied before consultation that it is necessary, where then the analyst would hand the results to the client. If you are unable to do or co-operate, most of the time, he would tell you, he can’t do it as he needs to verify the Trigram Qi for 考时刻 and there are three hexagrams needed to do an analysis. Some masters would need only two for your information.

The arguments by skeptical reputed masters is logical that since most of the answers are already provided, the analyst with strong foundations of knowledge in Bazi or Zi Wei astrology would then use relevant prose from the compendium and gives you the analysis. There are altogether 12,000 prose and logic is that it is easy to pick about 20 to 40 situations for analysis after using Zi Ping or other analysis depending on whether you like the client or not and gives him the value for it, ha-ha. So they deemed it as a fraud by analysts to make it legitimate and mysterious to get more money out of the client. Most Bazi or Zi Wei life analysis costs only at the most, a few of hundreds and not thousands.. These are quotes from some of the books, so kindly don’t provoke anybody to sue me, ha-ha. It became worse when some new schools came out using Zi Wei with it rendering it more implausible. As a book by a master had implied, Zi Wei Astrology is itself an complete art of destiny and by taking 8 domains of it to form a Bagua and incorporate it into Iron Abacus Divination makes no senses and justice to both systems. And as till today, nobody still can validates its originality for Iron Abacus Divination as the handed down texts had also started its own evolution from the masters with some verses added or corrected and certain terms changed. Another author had then commented that the beauty in some of the missing flowery prose in the volumes is that as man progress, new circumstances would have to be added in for divinations to keep up with progress thus the reasons for these blanks in the volumes to be filled as time goes by.

I had, however, the affinity to meet a master who surprisingly is not interested in materials gains three years ago. I then found out that you need a real master to give you the oral enlightenment, if not you would be lost in the maze of all the different sects theories and the mathematics.. But I won’t go further on that as this is strictly restricted based on my commitment to that master who wouldn’t want to be known. It’s not for any selfish purpose, but it’s really called the ‘Tian-shu’ or ‘Heaven’s Secret’. It can really tells you when you or loved ones have to say ’Bye-bye’ as well as a lot of other event accurately. That’s why some rich people are willing to pay so much for it. But so what, knowing it, would it make your life better? Or worse, making you loses your meanings in life. To be frank, after knowing it, I don’t know what‘s the purpose for having this analysis was. It is called 铁板 or Fixed (hidden image meanings in Chinese), meaning you can’t change it so what’s the point of knowing it. I had initially go thru the regime of what some analysts do and found it too tedious and comical especially the 考六亲 which had result in creating strong critics of this analysis. The regime of taking 2 weeks also sounds logical to drum up more money, ha-ha, and my admiration to the one who thought of it. Or maybe, as I still practice it off and on to see whether I have missed out on any value in the above mentioned method. The other method that I have been taught doesn’t have to go thru all this routine of being questioned and matching out eighty prose, it can be work out instead of 2 weeks in about an hour or two or so using mathematics. Suits me, believed me, I am a very lazy person and with mathematics, hah. But then, I doubt anybody would want to pay so much for a reading, ha-hah. After testing it on my own birth-chart a few years back, I really had to salute the unknown person who came out with this system of divination for destiny. As one master had commended, the beauty of it lies in 数 and not 神. It is the beauty of mathematics which I had once hated in my childhood. It’s like the film, ‘’A beautiful mind’ about a mathematics Nobel winner but he had suffer from a mental problem for many years before recovering and then only getting the award, no wonder there are so few of these masters promoting this art. Anyway, don’t write it off; if one of these days, you have the affinity to learn it, you would see the beauty of it, ha-ha…

Can destiny be changed without affecting Karma?

Till-then, a good day. Ha-ha, if you ask me what’s good about it? I won’t know either, ha-ha-hah.

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A story about higher education,

A dog is so smart that his master decides to send him to college.

Home for vacation, his master asks him how college is going.

"Well", says the dog, "I'm not doing too great in science and math, but I have made a lot of progress in foreign languages."

"Really!" says the master. "Say something in a foreign language."

The dog says, "Meow ! "