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The Passing of An Era in Feng Shui

Once upon a time in the Galaxies before JY, LT, and ET etc.....

Sounds like Stars Wars Stuff?

Ha-ha, Nope, just saw this article in Chinese yesterday on the passing of a Grandmaster who had influence the West on the Chinese Culture. To some, he bought Hope while for some, criticisms but nevertheless had made the Western World aware of the Art of Feng Shui.

密宗大師林雲傳在美辭世 享壽80歲
更新日期:2010/08/13 00:31




A short summary, Master Lin Yun just passed away at the ripe age of 80.

Many years ago in 1997, where he had made a public apology in a press interview where one of his reply to being an Grandmaster with : '“People call me the Grand Master when, in fact, I am the Grand Disappointment.” left me in stitches. I recall it gave me of the feeling of a person who had what we Chinese likes to say: 'See Broken' (translate it to Mandarin and you probably can see my view point). Anyway, I would say for those not familiar with the Chinese mentality, it would means looking at the world from a different perspective even by playing a Clown giving up the burden of Fame and Riches and the Worry of how people view you in the Limelight. Don't pity those Crazy or Mad People you see, they are actually happy, lost in their own world not giving a Damn or bothered wiht how people look at them.

This sadly reminds me of an ongoing tussle between a rich Feng Shui master and a westerner student doing translation of the ancient Tibetan scriptures where the victim had wanted monetary compensation and the master was however more concerned of where by settling the issues would have been publicly admitting that she was in the wrong. Anyway, life still goes on regardless....

Interestingly, the origins of where Master Lin Yun had made an impact again comes from an unusual settings as in my that article on the Hungry Ghost Festival.

An Biography though it sounds like an advertisement:

H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche is a distinguished Buddhist scholar, philosopher and calligrapher and the world's leading authority on Feng Shui. Grand Master Lin Yun has been using Feng Shui to help heads-of-state and corporate executives raise profits and lower stress for more than 50 years. As spiritual leader of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism of the Black Sect, he has met with world leaders including the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Prince Charles and President George Bush.

An advisor to many political and business leaders, Grand Master Lin has lectured worldwide on Feng Shui, the I-Ching, Buddhist practice, meditation, and Chinese culture at such institutions as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, The American Institute of Architects, and the United Nations. He is the founder of the Yun Lin Temple in Berkeley, California, and the Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York. A household name in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Grand Master Lin Yun has taught thousands of students in Asia, Europe, and America. He is largely responsible for Feng Shui's popularity in the United States and has trained most of America's practitioners. Many of the most prominent Feng Shui authors, consultants and teachers now practicing throughout the world have been his students.

Born in Beijing in 1932, Tibetan lamas "discovered" Grand Master Lin Yun's spiritual gifts when he was six. They took him under their tutelage at the famous Yon-he Buddhist Temple For nine years, they taught him Black Sect Tantric Buddhism and later Feng Shui. At seventeen, he left China for Taiwan and continued his studies with Buddhist scholars.

He is the author of four best-selling Feng Shui books - "Interior Design with Feng Shui", written ten years ago, has been called the Bible of Feng Shui by the New York Times. His latest book is "Feng Shui Design: The Art of Creating Harmony for Interiors, Landscape, and Architecture." The video, "Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being," is based on his teachings and is the first TV program on the subject for a Western audience, shown on selected PBS stations, DIRECTV, Pay-Per View.

Grand Master Lin Yun has been interviewed by national and local television networks, including CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, the BBC of England, and major television networks in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Interviews and articles on Grand Master Lin Yun and his teachings often appear in newspapers, journals, and magazines throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Articles and reviews of his books have appeared in the Washington Post, House & Garden, and Harper's Bazaar, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

In 1998, His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, the supreme leader of the Bon religion, which is recognized by the Dalai Lama as one of the five great Tantric traditions in Tibet, personally led four high lamas to the United States from India. Their purpose was to conduct enthronement ceremonies, one in Yun Lin Temple in Berkeley, California, and the other in Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York, to officially present Professor Lin Yun the title of "His Holiness" of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Fourth Stage. This is the first time in the history of Tibetan Bon religion that a Chinese person has been presented such an honor.

The Black Sect School of Feng Shui is unique in that it takes into consideration physics, psychology, architecture, and design in its Feng Shui analysis. While traditional Feng Shui relies upon a compass, the Black Sect School considers the immediate environment to be more important because the chi (energy) flow of cardinal directions is influenced by so many factors of modern life - i.e., tall buildings, freeway structures, power lines, computers, televisions, etc. So Black Sect practitioners study the changing dynamics of chi by examining the immediate surrounding exterior: landscape, conditions of nature, roads, neighboring structures, building design and interiors: room shapes, angles, colors, and placement of furnishings.

Mmmmmm, does the last paragraph reminds you of those Xuan Kong Liu Fa practitioners who emphasises on Landforms as being the main criteria first but.....

Anyway, coincidentally there was a much publicised spending by an Asian, a Malaysian who had splurged Millions in a Nightclub which is normal news to me, I means who cares, if you can afford it, do it after all you can't bring your money with you to the grave. But I had a good laugh as I had saw a phrase from Cheeky Quotes by Paris Hilton before this episode(no pun intended):

"Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything." -- Paris Hilton (American model, actress, entrepreneur and socialite)

While blogging, happens to hear this song on Radio FM 90.5(My local radio station) by DJ Tim, 'Sweet Dreams' with a poem too, also Sweet Dreams, that's strange...

To all the Womans in the World:

Okay folks, dats about it. Have another Great Weekend!!!