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Qi Men Dun Jia-Part 2

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2 - 1.
The Arrangement of San Qi and Liu Yi in Nine Palaces
San Qi and Liu Yi, nine in total, will fall into nine palaces in a succession. They are Wu,Ji,Geng,Xin,Ren,Gui,Bing,Ding,Yi. Among them Wu,Ji,Geng,Xin,Ren,Gui, each has one Jia general or one of five Jia commanders hiding under it-- they are Jia-Zi, Jia-Xu, Jia-Shen, Jia-Wu, Jia Chen and Jia-Yin. When Jia-Zi falls into one palace (for example, No. 4 palace) in a Yang Dun Ju, we call it is a No. 4 Yang Du Ju.

2 - 2. Ju
Ju means situation. In Dunjia method, there are cyclic numbers on year, month, day and hour of Dunjia calendar. For example, Ju number of the date February 2, 1996 is 9, Yang Dun Ju. It means Jia-Zi falls in the No. 9 palace.To know one day is Yang Dun Ju or Yin Dun Ju and the Ju number people can look for the Dunjia calender. That is very important.

2 - 3. Yin Dun and Yang Dun
There are two ways of heavenly Qi's moving, Yin Dun and Yang Dun. Both are concerned with moving of Earth around the sun.
Yin Dun-Yin Dun is a period from summer solstice to next winter solstice. When during the Yin Dun period, Yin energy is born and increasing its power day by day.
Yang Dun-Yang Dun is a period from winter solstice to next summer solstice. During the Yang Dun period, Yang energy is increasing.

This circulation of energy concerned with time can be comprehend as revolution of earth like following:

Ju Shu ( situation numbers ) consists of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. It goes descendantly under Yin Dun period, and ascendantly under Yang Dun period like following:

Yang Dun= 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Yin Dun= 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

2 - 4. General Pattern for Earthly Disk

Star Wonder
Moon Wonder
Sun Wonder

Liu Yi

Yang Dun

NOTES: Here the numbers above mean the number in the nine palaces.There are altogether 18 Jus, one Ju every five days.There are nine Yang Dun Jus and nine Yin Dun Jus.

Yin Dun

2 - 5. Heavenly Disk
The aboved knowledge talked about the Earthly Disk and how to arrange the Liu Yi and Three Wonders in nine palaces and that is not enough. In ancient China, people held all things have to accept influence from heaven, earth and artificial aspect. Heavenly Disk represents the influence coming from above. There are altogether nine stars, each stands for a different influence, here we call them as Zhi Fu . Please read the following :

Eight Trigrams, Palace Numbers (which you should know at this stage), the nine stars with them.

Kan 1 Tian Peng star
Kun 2 Tian Rui
Zhen 3 Tian Cong
Xun 4 Tian Fu
5 Tian Qin
Qian 6 Tian Xin
Dui 7 Tian Zhu
Gen 8 Tian Ren
Li 9 Tian Ying

The following gives the explanation as to nine stars:

Tian Peng (): water element, corresponding to Kan trigram, has close connection to the appearace of theft. So, it is an inauspicious star. When Tian Peng falls in one palace, people should construct dam, or defence facilities or strengthen the stronghold in order to prevent something happening. It is not good to travel far or do business because the theft may happen.
Tian Rui (): earth element, Yin, has close connection with epidemic. So, sometimes we call it as a disease star. When Tian Rui stays in one palace, people should receive teachings or admonishment, make friends, stay in the original place, abstain from arm force deployment, no marriage, no quarrel, no travel far, no new construction, etc.
Tian Cong (): wood element, yang, has close connection with kind donation, doing kind deeds, or agricultural activities. It is an auspicious star. When Tian Cong dwells in one palace, it is good for military action, battle or fights. Beside these all is inauspicious.
Tian Fu (): wood element, yang, has close connection with cultrual education. It is a very ausoicious star. Whe Tian Fu dwells in one palace, it is auspicious for travel, business, marriage, construction, especially study progress, social status ascendence and culture and education development.
Tian Qin (): earth element, yang, auspicious for all things because it dwells in the central earth palace which can gives rise to all.
Tian Xin (): metal element, yin, has close connection with leadership capability, scheming, desease treatment and military deployment. t is an auspicious star.
Tian Zhu (): metal element, yin, has close connection with killings, strange things, mysterious matters, damage. It is an inauspicious star. When Tian Zhu falls in one palace, people should strengthen their garrison, train their forces, prepare for the bad. It is not good for travel far, do business, otherwise loss, injury, unfortunate things will happen.
Tian Ren (): earth element, yang, an auspicious star. When Tian Ren dwells in one palace, it is good for offering teaching to general people, pacificate people, crack down upon insurgence or mobsters. Also good for business, marriage, social status.
Tian Ying (): fire element, yin, has close connection with outrageous behavior, heated situation, fire and blood. It is a neutral star. When Tian Ying dwells in one palace it is good for planing, dropping a visit to high officials, but it is bad if people want fortune, social status possession, marriage or travel.

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