Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Power of Mantra?

Medicine Buddha Mantra by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche

The mantra, or even the name of the Medicine Buddha (Skt: Bhaisajyaguru, Tib: Sangye Menla, Chin: Yaoshi-fo, Jap:Yakushi) is beneficial.

Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche has said that a mantra is essentially an elaboration on the deity's name, and that any mantra is the shortest possible form of the sadhana. The Sanskrit mantra of Medicine Buddha is:

Tayata, Om, Bhaishaye Bhaishaye Maha-Bhaishaye Raja Samudgate, Svaha.

or, pronounced the Tibetan way:

Tayata, Om, bekandzeh, bekandzeh maha-bekandzeh, radza samungateh. Soha.

'May all beings benefit from the sublime love and power of Sangye Menla' is often given as the meaning but it is not a literal translation.

Since the practice of Medicine Buddha is considered a Sutrayana practice (i.e., based mainly on scripture) no empowerment is necessary, but it is good to attend one or to ask for one when you have an opportunity.

Hi all,

No, no, not that I have lately felt guilty of being bad and seek religion as a means to alleviate my guilt, ha-ha....

Actually, it is good to know some mantra for uses in fengshui audit, e.g. protection against negative spiritual forces or reinforcing life energy. The above mantra is for health and it's FREE.

Anyway, lately a friend on my Facebook had wrote this on my wall, I leave it to you to decide about the commercialism that has now gone into religion, whether it should be or should not. Though I'm not in the position to demand.....

'Erick Tsiknopoulos: Please demand that Lillian Too take responsibility for her actions!'