Saturday, April 17, 2010

Da Liu Ren II

As a facebook friend, NK have requested to carry on the posting, here I go,

A Case Study

干支:戊寅 丁巳 乙卯 庚辰 

   朱 蛇 贵 后
   戌 亥 子 丑
  合酉    寅阴
  勾申    卯玄
   未 午 巳 辰
   青 空 虎 常
   后 勾 阴 合
   丑 申 寅 酉
   申 卯 酉 乙
   兄 甲寅 阴
   财 己未 青
   父  子 贵 ◎

The above chart was done by a Da Liu Ren Master from China, Master Liu. He was just given the year of birth for the subject born in 1950 Geng Yin Year. From the chart, he was able to tell that the person have a son who is studying in a University away from his hometown and a daughter who is short sighted. For the year analysis, he was able to tell that the month before, the subject had got a substantial indirect wealth i.e. from other sources and the following month, he had a car accident and had to compensate the other party.

To construct a DLR chart is actually quite easy and the only thing to memorise is the sequence of the 12 Gods and the lunar calendar of the 24 Jie Qi to position the 12 generals. As you can see there is a chart which looks like a Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple star astrology chart however with the palace being replaced by different earthly branch i.e. Zi Chou Yin, etc but at different locations here. This is in fact the Heaven Plate which is work out from knowing the month which is the General in charge. Heaven, the Sun meet Earth, the Earth branch position as in a Tai Ji of Two. And as then two gives birth to four, you will find four column as in a bazi chart which is then derived from this Heaven Chart or Plate. This four pillars will then gives birth to the so called Three Pass which is like a trigram of three lines using a system of nine methods to construct. And therefore, four gives birth to eight trigrams and so forth.

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