Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wish Upon A Shooting Star

艷於春而盛於夏, 無心之怨一筆解決.....

Colours belongs to Spring while Magnificence is in Summer
Unintentional Grievances is resolved with a Stroke.......

This is another story by Zi Wei Master Yang set in the late part of the sixties in Hong Kong. It is a story about the ironical play of destiny in life from the interference of six relationships which influence the course in Destiny  in the bazi chart. This will also partly explains why some people despite having the same birth chart have a different life.

One evening in the late autumn, a black color car was parked at the edge of a beach, facing the sea. In it, a young couple was enjoying the scenery after the sun had set and the feeling of being in love. The young man is called Ah Shan, thirty years old, holding a management post in a trading company. His partner is a sweet looking girl called Ah Feng in her twenties working as a bank teller.  

Suddenly, a meteor appear in the sky and Ah Feng excitedly says: 'Ah Shan, quick, make a wish...'

Coincidentally, Ah Shan started to cough badly and by the time he had stopped, the meteor was gone.

Ah Feng: 'Are you all-right? Have you caught a cold?'

Ah Shan: 'I am okay, don' t know where the cough suddenly comes from too?'

At this moment, another meteor shoot across the sky again and he started coughing non-stop again. By the time, he stopped, it was gone again.

Ah Feng: 'Oh no, I wanted you to make a wish as they say that when we see a shooting star, we can make a wish and it will become true.'

Ah Shan: 'Ah Feng, it is good to make a wish but nevertheless, our happiness is not dependent on this as more importantly, it is our actions that will decides our happiness in the end.'

Ah Shan in sensing her disappointment: 'Never mind, lets see whether any more will appear and I will make a wish for our future, okay?'

Strangely, now that Ah Shan prepared to control himself not to cough and make a wish, despite having two shooting stars appeared in a period of ten minutes, the rest of the night did not have any more meteors.

Ah Shan then started to talk about their future and asked Ah Feng whether she is agreeable if he will to inform his parents that he wants to marry her in that year. He is anxious to settle down as they have already know each other well after 3 years of courtships.

Ah Shan: 'Okay, I will get my parents approval tomorrow first and I will pick you up after work and we will go to your house to inform your parents about our request.'

The next evening, at about 6.30 pm, Ah Shan was waiting in his car  for Ah Feng outside the bank. When Ah Feng gets into the car, she saw that Ah Shan was not looking happy. She asked: 'What happened?'

Ah Shan: 'Let us find a place to eat and at the same time, I will tell you what my parent says.'

They then went to one of those restaurants by the beach, and while having dinner, Ah Shan started to explained.

Ah Shan: 'My parents have no objections but my father is still the old fashioned and superstitious type, he wanted me to ask for your birthdate. He wanted to consult his fortune teller about our compatibility and pick an auspicious date for the wedding. To think that our future is to be decided by a fortune teller had annoyed me.'

Ah Shan then looked at Ah Feng to see her reactions and was surprised that she was not affected at all.

Ah Feng: 'Well, I had thought that he had objected to our marriage which is more of a concern to me. Never mind, since he wanted to check fortune telling, let him be as it is not good to have any frictions with him before we are even married.'

Ah Shan: 'What if the fortune teller said we are not compatible?'

Ah Feng: 'Oh then, we don't get married then. ah, just joking, I am sure they will offer a solution since they are paid to check for problems. I will check with my mother on my birth time and called you to let you know tomorrow, ok?'

Ah Shan: 'All-right, I am glad that you are not angered by my father's ridiculous request.'

Ah Feng: 'It is more important to have a good relationship with your parents if I were to be married to you as I will be seeing them often.'

The next day, Ah Shan got a call from Ah Feng who gave him the birth-date details and immediately after work, Ah Shan went straight home to give it to his father. His father, however, told him to give it to the fortune teller with whom he had fixed an appointment the following day which was a Sunday.

On that day, Ah Shan thought of asking Ah Feng along but her parents had wanted her to accompany them for a visit to a relative. He then proceed to the fortune teller's house and was met at the door by the master himself. The fat silver haired master looked old however he had a ruddy color and jovial look on his face.

Master: 'Welcome, would you prefer coffee or tea before we proceed?'

Ah Shan: 'Oh coffee would be fine. Thank you.'

Master: 'Okay, let me have a look at the birth dates of you and your girlfriend.'

Ah Shan then gave him the details written on a piece of red paper which the master then started to check with a chinese calendar. Ah Shan then drank the coffee as the master started writing down the bazi charts on another piece of paper. While the master was doing it, Ah Shan noticed he was muttering to himself and shaking his head. After a while, the master apparently had finished analysing and stopped and with a smile asked Ah Shan:

'How is your father? I believed that he had interest in our chinese astrology and is knowledgeable, did he tell you anything about your destiny?'

Ah Shan: 'Not really, it is just that he is retired now and spend more time on reading books on this art as a hobby and for my matter, he said that it is better to consult an expert like you.'

The master looked pleased at the reply and says: 'Well, tell you what, you go back first as I will need time to pick an auspicious date for the wedding, I will then call you and let you know when a good date can be found.'

Ah Shan was disappointed as he thought that he would be given the date at the visit. However, he have no choice but to go back first and hope the master would give him a reply soon. As he don't believed in this fortune telling stuff and was more keen to get a wedding date, he decided not to ask about compatibility since the master did not mention about it, to avoid further complications to his wedding.

Days and months then started to go by with no news from the Master, Ah Shan was getting impatient and when he complained to his father about the delay, his father was nonchalant and told him to wait. The father was also persistent that an auspicious date be given by the master before the wedding can be proceeded. He had also try calling the master to see whether the date can be given earlier but was told that no suitable date was found yet and that he will be informed when it is ready
Ah Shan then started feeling uneasy about it as he remembered that the master had shook his head while analysing their birth data. He then remembered he had a quiet classmate who was crazy about chinese astrology and by now, should be knowledgeable in this art. That classmate was considered weird by the rest and was often bullied and Ah Shan had always stepped in to help that classmate. He decided to give him a call to meet up and see whether he can offer any suggestion on an alternative solution to expedite his wedding.

This classmate of his was called Xiao Jin who was pleased to hear from him. He agreed to meet Ah Shan for dinner that night at a eating house near to his office. Ah Jin is working as a administration manager of a company and draws a high salary. After he left school, he had the affinity to meet a Zi Wei Astrology master who had liked him and took him as disciple though he had no intention to practise the art commercially. We can say that he had reached a proficient level in this destiny analysis when Ah Shan had called him that day.

When Ah Shan saw Xiao Jin, he was surprised that the latter had changed completely from a once wimpy, timid person to one with a quiet air of self-assurance. He almost could not recognised him if Xiao Jin had not called him first. They then sat down at the table and after having their orders taken, started chatting about the changes in their lives after graduation. After they had taken their dinner, Ah Shan then started to tell Xiao Jin the reason that he wanted to meet him.

Ah Shan: ' I am intending to get married this year and would like to know if it would proceed smoothly' and at which Ah Shan handed a piece of paper with Ah Feng and his birthdate to Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin then looked at it and moved and counted his fingers to work out the chart and after a while, muttered to himself: 'Mmm, the Zi Wei Star is at Chen Palace....'

Ah Shan was curious and started asking what he meant by that but Xiao Jin was totally engrossed in working out the chart to answer him. What Ah Shan did not know is that Xiao Jin is not reading the bazi chart but converting it to Zi Wei Astrology chart. After about 15 minutes later, Xiao Jin says: 'Life palace at Mao, born in the year of Jia Wood and will have Tai Yang the Sun Hua Ji at Spouse palace.'

Of course Ah Shan don't understand what Xiao Jin meant by that as all along he have no interest in metaphysics. Ah Shan then asked: 'Are you reading my fortune?'

However Xiao Jin was not done yet and still totally engrossed with his fingers working out the chart, it was as he was in another world and there was nobody around.

After another ten minutes, Xiao Jin then stopped as if he have returned from another world and then looked at Ah Shan and said: 'You don't move, I would like to have a closer look at your face to confirm my readings,'

Ah Shan of course did not dare to move and by now was really curious to know what Xiao Jin have to say about his marriage.

Xiao Jin then asked Ah Shan to show him his palm and stared at it intensely for a few minutes before muttering to himself again: 'The Sun in negative aspect at spouse palace matchs the face's spouse palace and the palm's spouse line also branches out.' It is understood that in most destiny studies, what one read from one method would also reflect in another method of reading.

In Zi Wei Astrology, when the Sun is in negative aspect at Chou Palace, you would have Tuo Lou star the aggressor in the same palace and if meet the couple of Huo Ling Fiery and Siren stars combination in the same matrix, it is not favorable for the spouse palace.

Xiao Jin then looked at the paper on which the birth data was written again and then says: 'There is no possibility of you getting married within this chinese year.'

Ah Shan was shocked: 'What! We already have our parents' approval and now just waiting for an auspicous date. Did you read wrongly?'

Xiao Jin: 'I would not argue with you on this as we would only know by next year but this is what I have read from both your charts for this year.'

Ah Shan: 'Not possible, it is just that the other fortune teller that I have asked to pick the auspicuous date is busy and have not given me a date.'

Xiao Jin: 'Anyway, you will get married next year however there are certain precautions and things that you have to do as your spouse palace is not in favorable position. I will tell you what to do by then.'

Ah Shan was curious: ' Why wait until next year, you can tell me now, it would be the same, isn' it?'

Actually Xiao Jin do not want to tell Ah Shan further but was afraid that the latter might misundertand that he wants something in return as a favor then carried on: 'Based on your star chart, you have what we called harm in the spouse palace and you will need to take some actions to protect your spouse if you really love her.'

Xiao Jin was being diplomatic about it though he is not a professional ZWDS consultant and had just said that there is harm in the spouse palace which is normally termed as hexing the wife.

Ah Shan then asked: 'If there is this harm in the spouse palace, there are solutions for it right? Why don't you tell me now?'

Xiao Jin: 'Yes, not to worry, there is solution for it and it is pointless telling you now. Anyway, you will not get married this year so what's the hurry?'

Xiao Jin then carried on : 'Well, anything else you would like to know for your future?'

Ah Shan: ' Sure. I would like to know when my luck will be better and I will have a successful career.'

Xiao Jin: 'For career, you will start to progress after the age of 36 years old.'

They then chatted about other things and also of  trying to contact as many of the other classmates to meet up for Ah Shan's wedding next year. By the time they have finished, they realised it was quite late and they bade each other farewell.

As Ah Shan drove home, he keep thinking that Xiao Jin must have made a mistake as it is not possible that he will not get married this year. It was only July and there are several months more before the new year. It is just that the fortune teller that his father had entrusted, had been unable to give him an auspicious date yet.

To be continued........

Till-then, cheers.