Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Magician

茅山神算法 重現江湖來
能知過去事 不用纸筆写....................


Nothing much to write so thought I would like to share part of a note from a facebook friend this week about Black magic in South East Asia.

Lao Miao Zhu's notes

法術by Lao Miao Zhu on Saturday, 18 September 2010 at 18:20


Spiritual Arts

Very often, we will hear a story that so and so Master is so accomplished in the supernatural arts. Those that thought that they have been affected by Black Magic will look to him for help. He will just place a chicken egg at the victim' s head and do some chanting. Suddenly the egg will break and a nail will be discovered in it. The victim will then be cured and go back to being normal. When hearing the story, it sounds so profound and with most of the listeners adding in more excitement and encouragements , the story becomes alive and colorful. End of the day, the question is, did the nail comes from the victim' s body into the egg or is there some magic illusions involved.


Arts can be performing arts, literary arts, the arts of magic which many people have seen.


The eyes can be deceived easily and sometimes it is just an illusion like what magicians are so adept at. There are some Spiritual Masters who will often use a cup of tea which will turn black in color while you are holding it to show that you have been hit by black magic.

This actually is using a type of Chinese herbs to cheat the ignorant ones. Heavens help only those with merits.
'What You Do, The Gods Watches.' or 'Man proposes, Heaven disposes'


Old Miao here pleads that spiritual masters, black magic masters, shows your magnanimity and do not take advantage of the ignorant people!

Have a Magical Weekend.
:  )

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who let the Cat out?

Well, a Feng Shui story,

Grasshopper and his Master

Grasshopper: ‘Master, what is this Qi that everybody is talking about?’
Master: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Grasshopper: ‘I mean is it invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘How do you know it is invisible?’
Grasshopper: ‘We can’t see it right?’
Master:’ Can the fishes see the water they are swimming in?’
Grasshopper protest: ‘But we can’t use that to compare!’
Master: ‘Of course, you are not a fish and you won’t know what the fish knows’
Grasshopper: ‘Then?’
Master: ‘Is there any fishes in the Oceans that do not have water in its bodies?’
Thinking he have got it finally,
Grasshopper: ‘Maybe I rephrase it Master, if Qi is the air that we breathe, why does it comes from the ground below us and also in the water and also from the Heavens’
Master: ‘Can the Fish see you?’
Grasshopper: ‘Depends’
Master: ‘Therefore Partly….’
Grasshopper: ‘Why Partly? I don’t understand about the Fish seeing me
Master: ‘Be patient, you will know as time goes by.’

Many, many years later,
Grasshopper and his disciple Fishy

Fishy: ‘Master, what is this Qi that we must learn to use in Feng shui’
Master Grasshopper: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Fishy: ‘I mean is it Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘You mean it is Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Fishy: ‘Yes, it should have two forms’
Master: ‘Can you see Energy in Forms’
Fishy: ‘Yes in the clouds that are moved by the winds, in the rains that comes down on us’
Master: ‘Then what is Energy???’
Fishy: ‘Qi is then Energy’
Master: ‘Partly….’
Fishy: ‘Why partly?’
Master: ‘Does the rain that comes down on us fill us with Energy?’
Fishy: 'But Master, it does not but it gives life to everything.'
Master: ‘Be patient, and one fine day, you will know…’

Somewhere in the Near Future,
Master Fishy and his disciple Ignoramus

Master Fishy: 'So Ignoramus, what do you understand about Qi now?'

To be continued…….

Ha-ha, cheers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Of Angels and Demons

Ha-ha, I am getting Bored and I want to let off steams as what they will says in 5arts Forum.

This is the Bazi chart for Liu Wei ,  the talented no arms pianist that I have mentioned in my last post.


Hour pillar not known and is for show only.

戊    Luck Pillar
申     9-18 years

丁    1997
丑    10 years old. Lost his arms through an accident
        while playing with high voltage wires.

Shen Sha or Angels and Demons in Bazi,
is also his Heaven Dog star, a person with this star is prone to injuries from accidents. As in the classical text, two competing of Chou for metal combination will unlock the existing partial Tri-combination of and in the original chart and release to clash on to in the original birth chart. is also known as the Misfortune star. represent the arms or fingers. However some experts says that there is no tri-combinations as there is an existing clash by the side. So will that means that if a person spouse palace or day pillar have an existing clash will never get married?

丁 Luck pillar                                  
     19 to 28 years                                      
is supposed to be his Heaven Void meaning Empty during this period, why is it not activated? It is also his sword star and combining with in the chart and moving the sword. Do you realised he has almost the same chart as Mr. Obama and even the present luck pillar? is also known as the flying sword star as it clash the sword star ,  do you know how to use this star? In this case study, who won the duel?

His hurting officer   庚 2010
His Fan Power         寅  23 years old

when he won the award. The clash by on   is what some
masters would says is favorable called   'Prosperous clash' if the hour pillar I work out from Da Liu Ren is correct and 
will however still makes sense if you check the ZWDS Chart right to the month and day he won the award. So have I confused you enough? Ha-ha, just kiddings.

Till-then, cheers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Unfair World?

Trust the Yi Jing to immediately come up with an inspiration after I complained today. The following episode reminds me of a many time makeover favorite chinese TV drama based on a chinese sword-fighting novel : 'The Return of the Condor Hero' and seeing it comes to Life on screen.

From Shanghai Post, Liu Wei had won the 'China Got Talent'  award,

'Liu didn't put a foot, or a toe, wrong with an impeccable performance on the piano, and he was in fine voice, too, as he sang "You're Beautiful" to conquer the live audience and those watching at home.

Winning over the judges with his remark "at least I have a pair of perfect legs," Liu became the only finalist to move all three.' (This was in reply to when he was told by somebody that he is handicapped with missing arms when it comes to doing things.)

The following video is self-explanatory(no translations yet, my apologies) :

Ha-ha, well as they says: ' In Imperfections, then we Realised Perfections, the Yin and Yang'
Do you envy him, an before, handicapped but Now Superstar with his attitude in Life? Or shall we says he is truly a Master of his own Destiny...

Comparisons in Life?

A Chinese Saying,

'If you want to know your past - look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future - look into your present actions.'

Well, doesn't the above proverb sounds familiar, to change Destiny, we have to start with the word Self.

As usual, being bored with another new week and having lose my directions in Life and with nothing new to excite or put inspirations into my routine, and then a little voice inside my brain reminds me 'Remember when you complains about the lousy dinner you had the last time', our dear Mr. Yi Jing reminding me again.

So I thought I will share it here again for my readers who do not feel comfortable to come to my Facebook of the Change we need now when compared to those unfortunate ones when we carry on with our life this week like me,  looking for a reason about life......

Till-then, cheers.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Believe The Right Magic?

As usual a song first and then something from an email from Victorvictor....

Smile, And The World Smile With You!!!

When we come into the World


Growing Old


Have a great week, its almost over, ha-ha....