Sunday, July 10, 2011

Of Angels and Demons 神煞

Continued from The Diary of A Blind man

It was getting to noon and there was still no signs of her, I was starting to perspires under the hot sun. However, I was impatient to get to see her as I was hoping what my master had find out by just looking at her birth time which was Ding Mao  Hour. I then saw her walking to Old Wang who was sick the last few days and was not around. This time, she was obviously frustrated as at the end she shouted: 'Even you Old Wang cannot read my destiny, I think I have to go to the city instead.'

I then waved my walking stick towards her direction, trying to catch her attention and fortunately she saw it. She hesitated for a while and then she came towards me, saying: ' I thought I am done with you...'

I interrupted her before she go further, also afraid that she might lose her temper as she carries on: 'Oh, I spoke to my master last night and he said he can give you the answers you are looking for but you must wait for the sun to set before I can bring you to him.'

She starts to show annoyance : 'How can I just wait till the evening and go all the way to your place and not knowing whether he really knows or not?'

I then said: 'My master said that it is about your children.'

Her expressions changes immediately and I can tell she was shocked, 'Ehmm, very well, I will go over...'

I then told her : 'But my master wants to have your full bazi chart if you want to have your readings done, if not, he said then he will not do it so as not to waste the time for both sides and he wants double the amount that we normally charges if he is correct.'

She then just nodded her head and look sheepishly.

It was nightfall when we reached my master home, we step into the house and there was no one around as I had put a signboard saying we are closed to visitors for that evening when I went out in the morning. I then prepared for tea and I can hear her telling my master her birth date and my master was using our Meteors Chase Moon method to work out her Birth chart. As I poured tea for my master and her, my master said: 'This is your birth chart and you are a Wood day master and your luck pillar starts from age 4, am I correct?'

She said: ' Yes.'

My master then said: 'Okay, as agreed that you will be paying me double the amount, I will give you a full reading from the age of four onwards and gives you answers for the doubts in your mind?'

She nodded her head, and I tapped on my master on his right thigh to let him know as he can't see.

Master : 'At four, you and your mother left home and you have two fathers....'

Woman: 'Correct.'

Master: 'Your stepfather treats you very well as he had always wanted to have a daughter and you have a very good childhood.'

Woman: 'Yes, he treats me very well.'

Master: 'At the age of seven, you started schooling but at the age of ten, you stopped.'

The woman's face show a look of amazement as she nodded her head and I again tapped my master thigh.

My master then paused and took a sip of the tea and after clearing his throat said:

'You got married as with our custom age at the age of 16 and you pick a match that was far away from your hometown.'

The woman nodded her head again,

'Your husband is very much older than you.'

The woman answered: 'Yes, he is forty years old.'

'From the moment, you step into his house, you became a step mother and your life is destined to have 5 sons and 2 daughters.'

'From then on after the age of twenty to thirty, you bear a lot of hardships.'

As I have seen my master done analysis for many times, I was not surprised at all this information but I was more curious as to why the woman was so anxious over her children and come for fortune telling instead of confiding to her close ones. I was also getting impatient, waiting for my master to come to that part.

Finally, my master as usual when coming to something important start to read a poem: '遇不遇,逢不逢。月沉水底,人在梦中。'

'To meet with purpose or by chance is not fated, just like the reflections of the moon in the water as being in a dream.'

My master then said:

'Lately, these few years, you have been living in torment for not being able to share this matter with anyone at all.'

The woman looks shocked at this but still do not believe that my master knows by insisting: 'Then you tell me what is my problem? '

'From my calculations, it can be seen that you have a lover.'

This time, the woman admitted readily and saying softly: 'Yes...' and she have an excited expression on her face probably maybe from having a chance to say it out finally.

'Then the last two years, another woman comes in between you and your lover, and you will not able to confront her and it has started tormenting you from then.'

I can see teardrops starting to well from her eyes though it was getting dark by then but at that times despite my failing eyesight, I found that I was able to see even clearer in the dark. I then started to nudge my master to stop him as I was worried she will start crying but my master ignored me and carried on:

To be continued............

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