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Commander Nobleman 魁罡

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"Be Creative: Every day is an opportunity to be creative - the canvas is your mind, the brushes and colours are your thoughts and feelings, the panorama is your story, the complete picture is a work of art called, 'My life'. Be careful what you put on the canvas of your mind today - it matters."

Taken from my friend, Bhante Saranapala on facebhook.

Lets talk about the Commander Nobleman Star in Shen Sha or Symbolic Stars for today.

Taken from Master Hua Yi Bo (华芸博) translated by Ama Ren Xiu,

‘The Master Spirit Star, 魁 罡,’

The Master Spirit Star is made up of four combinations, Ren and Chen, Geng and Chen, Geng and Xu, Wu and Xu.

Master Spirit Star is a high ranking star in Heaven. There are two kinds of Master Spirit Stars: they are Literary Master Spirit and Military Master Spirit. If there is a Master Spirit in one’s Four Pillars, he is never afraid of ghosts or god; whenever he comes to a place, all of the ghosts and spirits go away.

For a female, this is not a good star in her fate, because it would hurt her marriage. If there is a related clash, she can become easily a prostitute.

If a man was born on a Wu Xu Day or Ren Chen Day, it forbids that there is a Direct Wealth or an Indirect Wealth in his four pillars. If he has one of them, he would be in dire straights as he covets wealth: especially for a young girl, she would get a job in a public places of entertainment.

Me leegiat: ‘ Now you will notice that for this 2 pillars of Wu Xu or Ren Chen Day, it is forbidden to have Wealth Stars, why?. Simple, it is actually referring to a special category chart. There are two, let’s start with one example first:

壬 壬 辛 壬
子 辰 亥 申


You will notice that there is a directional water frame combination of Shen, Zi and Chen, 申子辰 for Water. And the whole chart only has two elements of Metal and Water after the combination. Water being the most dominant and there is no direct wealth or indirect wealth stars in the chart, Bing 丙 or Ding 丁. And therefore, we can conclude that this star would then be relevant for this chart. It is called special category dominant 转旺格as in this case, it now favors resource stars, Metal and parallel stars, Water. You must be wondering why wealth stars is no good, after all Bing 丙 cam combine with Xin 辛 for water and 丁 can combine with Ren 壬 for wood. It is actually refering to the earthly branch of Xu 戌 Fire Pot which will break the combination of Chen Water Pot with Shen and Zi. The old bazi masters in the past like to encrypt the meanings in the flowery prose as you can see from the Flying Sky Prosperity Horse,飞天禄马格 Ha-ha...

Taken from Singapore Fengshui Centre’ s Bazi Course:

‘Commander Nobleman Star (魁罡), the pillars should not face a clash. A clash will weaken its qualities.

If more than one pillar appear, the effect is stronger. Well placed in the four pillars, the effect is stronger. Wealth and Power stars will bring downfall.’

Me leegiat: ‘ The above is just a part of the description, generally, I feel that some of the knowledge passed down by the bazi masters in old china in books was too vague without explaining further why this star has this characteristic. Anyway, some bazi masters also call the above chart as Flying Sky Prosperity Horse 飞天禄马格, Why, simple, Prosperity 禄means Power 官杀 Horse马 means Wealth 财才. The Flying into the Sky means disappearing, in short, no Wealth or Power stars in the chart. You all have see the three popular gods Fu Lu Shou sold in fengshui shops and should know the meanings of Fu Lu Shou 福禄寿 (Wealth, Prosperity and Longevity)’

Now for another example of another special category, Hmn I’m tired and will continue tomorrow again for this posting here, ha-ha…..

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Today, I want to talk about,

From Master Hua Yi Bo's book,

'If a man was born on Geng Chen or Geng Xu day, it is forbidden that there is an Authority or Challenge in his four pillars. If he has one of them, he would be in dire straights as he wants to be honored.'

Me:' Now why so? Simple, lets look at another example why Power and Status 官杀
is not welcome in this chart for the above pillars.

甲 庚 壬 壬
申 辰 子 申

Jia Geng Ren Ren
Shen Chen Zi Shen

This is a Follow Category 从儿格 different from the other example which do not want to meet
wealth. As self is too weak due to combination of again directional frame of water which weakens Self, it has to follow other elements like water and wood. Fire 官杀
'Authority and Challenge', Earthly Branch Wu 午 would clash away the combination and Xu 戌 Fire Pot would also clash away this combination resulting in what we call Broken Chart, 破格。So now do you understand that why the english translation though admirable but had missed out on the essence of the meanings resulting in more confusions.

About the rest of the translation on why it is a high ranking god and not favorable and inauspicious for woman, another day. By the way the above example is that of a woman, not my client, ha-ha....


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