Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Magician

茅山神算法 重現江湖來
能知過去事 不用纸筆写....................


Nothing much to write so thought I would like to share part of a note from a facebook friend this week about Black magic in South East Asia.

Lao Miao Zhu's notes

法術by Lao Miao Zhu on Saturday, 18 September 2010 at 18:20


Spiritual Arts

Very often, we will hear a story that so and so Master is so accomplished in the supernatural arts. Those that thought that they have been affected by Black Magic will look to him for help. He will just place a chicken egg at the victim' s head and do some chanting. Suddenly the egg will break and a nail will be discovered in it. The victim will then be cured and go back to being normal. When hearing the story, it sounds so profound and with most of the listeners adding in more excitement and encouragements , the story becomes alive and colorful. End of the day, the question is, did the nail comes from the victim' s body into the egg or is there some magic illusions involved.


Arts can be performing arts, literary arts, the arts of magic which many people have seen.


The eyes can be deceived easily and sometimes it is just an illusion like what magicians are so adept at. There are some Spiritual Masters who will often use a cup of tea which will turn black in color while you are holding it to show that you have been hit by black magic.

This actually is using a type of Chinese herbs to cheat the ignorant ones. Heavens help only those with merits.
'What You Do, The Gods Watches.' or 'Man proposes, Heaven disposes'


Old Miao here pleads that spiritual masters, black magic masters, shows your magnanimity and do not take advantage of the ignorant people!

Have a Magical Weekend.
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