Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who let the Cat out?

Well, a Feng Shui story,

Grasshopper and his Master

Grasshopper: ‘Master, what is this Qi that everybody is talking about?’
Master: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Grasshopper: ‘I mean is it invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘How do you know it is invisible?’
Grasshopper: ‘We can’t see it right?’
Master:’ Can the fishes see the water they are swimming in?’
Grasshopper protest: ‘But we can’t use that to compare!’
Master: ‘Of course, you are not a fish and you won’t know what the fish knows’
Grasshopper: ‘Then?’
Master: ‘Is there any fishes in the Oceans that do not have water in its bodies?’
Thinking he have got it finally,
Grasshopper: ‘Maybe I rephrase it Master, if Qi is the air that we breathe, why does it comes from the ground below us and also in the water and also from the Heavens’
Master: ‘Can the Fish see you?’
Grasshopper: ‘Depends’
Master: ‘Therefore Partly….’
Grasshopper: ‘Why Partly? I don’t understand about the Fish seeing me
Master: ‘Be patient, you will know as time goes by.’

Many, many years later,
Grasshopper and his disciple Fishy

Fishy: ‘Master, what is this Qi that we must learn to use in Feng shui’
Master Grasshopper: ‘What do you actually mean?’
Fishy: ‘I mean is it Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Master: ‘You mean it is Visible and Invisible Energy?’
Fishy: ‘Yes, it should have two forms’
Master: ‘Can you see Energy in Forms’
Fishy: ‘Yes in the clouds that are moved by the winds, in the rains that comes down on us’
Master: ‘Then what is Energy???’
Fishy: ‘Qi is then Energy’
Master: ‘Partly….’
Fishy: ‘Why partly?’
Master: ‘Does the rain that comes down on us fill us with Energy?’
Fishy: 'But Master, it does not but it gives life to everything.'
Master: ‘Be patient, and one fine day, you will know…’

Somewhere in the Near Future,
Master Fishy and his disciple Ignoramus

Master Fishy: 'So Ignoramus, what do you understand about Qi now?'

To be continued…….

Ha-ha, cheers.