Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's Bugging Me?

Hi Folks,

As usual,

Know your Sheep

The teacher came up with a good problem. "Suppose," she asked the second-graders, "there were a dozen sheep and six of them jumped over a fence. How many would be left?"

"None," answered little Norman.

"None? Norman, you don't know your arithmetic."

"Teacher, you don't know your sheep. When one goes, they all go!"

Ha-ha, my apologies with regards to my last post in this month.

Apparently, due to some copyrights, the first MTV has the audio content audited accordingly to You tube. Ha-ha, ha. Never mind Folks, to match the Ying and Yang for both MTV, simple, just play both MTV together and you will get the Sheng Qi. Argh, watch it, You tube, you are losing clients. I sure would temporary audit you, ha-ha. Ah, come more, this is not a commercial blog, right. Argh, my only favorite MTV with the movie: ‘Notebook’ and the song ‘Pieces of April’ has also been removed from your site. Please don’t accept contributions from people without sincerity at these times of gloom.’ Money no enough’, a local slang from Singapore. Oh, come on, this is not the first time from some of your nice members with other intent in sharing. Pardon me if I’m too brusque.

Also pardon me, folks, the method about using poker cards in I Ching soon in another day or two. I just have to de-stress.

Till-then, cheerio!!!