Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Way of the Dragon

Its Dragon's Time!


The above chinese words can also be read as The Return of the Dragon too. It was the title of a famous movie by the late kung fu actor, Bruce Lee, a blockbuster. Obviously, most of his movies uses the name of the Dragon or he was fascinated by it apart from his name which means Little Dragon. 

Okay, due to a email question from my persistent chinese ethusisast about the above words today, I decided to give you a  reply and edit my post now, Argggh....

15th December 2010

Mr. X: ' The words can also means 'Fierce Dragon Crossing the River or Lake?'

Hey, come on X, you dun expect me to write everything down right as it is the Chinese Whispers. This is a hidden meanings which you manage to grasp, my congratulations as it refers to the Tai Chi Tu or Ba Gua where the number 5 is Void as the Bagua have 8 number only. In Xuan Kong Da Gua, it would means the Dragon crossing from The Upper Era to the Lower Era, Got it?

My apologies, as you can see above, I have delete all the mails except your which I happened to read first and the reason why I have disable the comments for my blog. My further apologies to all as it is Seasons holidays, I would not be replying to any questions but no worry, there are still a lot of experts around elsewhere on the Net, please forward your enquiries to them. :  )

I will be BACK next Year!!!

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Some Heavy Stuffs today, as I have said before, if you happens to come on by here, please have some basic metaphysics knowledge, if not, please get out to avoid wasting your time reading about my crappings.

Interestingly, in Feng Shui, we have an important old classic line about this elusive Dragon by the Grandmaster Yang Yun Song,  先看金龍動不動,次察血脈認來龍, meaning See whether the Golden Dragon moves or not, verify the veins for the real Dragon.

Now why this Dragon is called Gold and not by some other names such as Water, Wood, Fire and Earth of the five elements of Chinese metaphysics. A Flying Stars Feng Shui practitioner must know this to know the essence of the Flying Stars for Feng Shui.

'此行于十一月十五日养吾由上海动身,家父乘民船,与先祖父灵柩,山横林启硅,相约于南方泉王明卿先生处会晤,是日风平天晴,于午后五时,相互到达,翌日伴同家父上山,家君步力尚佳,年虽七十有三,养吾已五十有一,彼此欣然而行,家君对此地极为满意,外堂开展,内堂蓄聚,虽穴情似有研求,而弦口清晰,中现微突,即于此鸠工开圹,初开动时略有斟酌,深约四尺,见土色紧润,色泽而有紫嫣,知穴矣,遂于是月十七壬辰日申时登穴,立子午兼癸丁,先祖系道光八年戊子生,今为辰日申时,可称三元齐合,亦天缘也。先祖母王太夫人已于壬申年冬,安葬于无锡西乡山地十五亩半,今与先祖墓地,遥遥相对,相去不过数十里,交通尚称便捷,春秋扫墓,即可竣事,(今按家君意,拟定明年已丑,将先祖母田华藏合兆于此,)当日即将墓碑封好,内地尚属不靖,幸有王明卿先生及何鸿 等,整日照料,得以安度,心甚感激,是年七月二十八,家母黄太夫人弃养,寿享古稀,本拟同葬于此,因地势太小,只得另觅吉壤,再行新扦矣,十九日与家君同行回锡,家君乘轮回乡,养吾则乘火车回申,此事为入土为安计,未加工程,所费不过二百五六十元,(后加工筑罗城又费五六百元)山地五分,计一百二十元,事已告成,家君可以放心,濡笔记之, 以资不忘。




第三, 当然谈氏家族会祸难当了。这就是我为什么说谈氏卦理符合经旨,一到入用就变调了的原因。


Part of the above chinese article is taken from a Chinese Feng Shui master in showing a case study on Master Tan Yang Wu who popularise the Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法 and gave up on the popular Flying Stars technique and wrote the book 玄空本义 after learning it from a Taoist Master Lee Qian Xu in the summer of 1929 and denounce Shen Zu Reng' s Flying Stars Feng Shui which then opens another new dimensions for metaphysics lovers. Here the writer explains his findings that in 1948, after Master Tan Yang Wu relocated his ancestral Ying Feng Shui  based on Two Era, Eight periods of Time in Xuan Kong Liu Fa for the Fourth period in the eighteen years of the Dui Trigram using this method. This was done during World War 2 and to be able to do it, the family must be well-off or wealthy. However, sadly as the writer who have taken the trouble to research and check on Master Tan Yang Wu' s audit of the newer Ancestral tomb and see the consequences that the late master's descendants have completely disappeared which contradicts the Liu Fa techniques that Master Tan have advocated and he had hoped that any of the present late master's descendants who come across his article can verify with him on their fortunes.

Now I am not here to critisize on different schools of thought, just that I find it amusing. It is with interest that I am writing about this is because this event happens during Age 5 for Flying Stars Fengshui in 1948. Shen Zu Reng' s Flying stars techniques uses the San Yuan Nine Yun or Three Era, Nine Periods of 20 years to measure time. Now most of you knows that for Age 8 now, sector Gen Gua Star 8 is the Zheng Sheng 正神, the Ruling Star for the period and the opposite sector Kun Gua Star 2 where star 5 the Dragon is the Ling Sheng 零神. Ling Sheng means Void sector which wants to be filled up with Yang energy so the saying that it is good to have water or activities in that sector. So in Age 5 where Star 5 The Dragon did not go Missing but Return to the centre of the Luo Shu Square, some present day masters advocate Star 4 as the Zheng Sheng, the Ruling Star and Star 6 as the Ling Shen for the first ten years and vice versa for the second ten years in their teachings. Another school of thoughts advocates using Star 2 as the Ruling Star for Zheng Sheng and Star 8 for Ling Sheng for the first ten years and vice versa for the next ten years of the 20 years period. So who is right or wrong? That is to say that either Star 2, 8, or 4 and 6 would have extra 10 years each, doesn't it sound not so perfect for measuring time? And interestingly, the Water star 5 in the birth chart of the property cannot have water but the Star 5 in the age of the Ruling star in the Luo Shu Square must have water or Yang energy for Flying star or Liu Fa (The Golden Dragon for Liu Fa is in the North East or Gen Gua for this period which is the difference for the two schools of thought). If you can understand this, you would have taken another step forward to understanding Flying Stars.

Now for Xuan Kong Liu Fa, the above chinese writer have already mentioned that in 1948, Master Tan Yang Wu who knows part of the Shen' s flying stars technique is most likely to have use the Trigram school of measuring time using the yaos and relocated his family ancestral tomb, yet accordingly have bear no fruits for his descendants. If the time measurement is incorrect, it would also means the date selection for the new location of the ancestral tomb would also be wrong. The positioning of the Tomb would also have to be timely.The above writer stated that he is keen to locate anyone related to Master Tan Yang Wu to verify his findings.

Now, now, don't panic, for those of you using Flying stars technique, it is still safe as Age 5 would still be at least another 100 years away. But if you would like to have great great grand children enjoying great fortune 100 years later, could help to do some research or find out from those who know. Actually the answer is in the meaning of the Golden Dragon or Star 5. It would also helps in understanding on how to Fly with the Stars. : )

Seasons Greetings to all who happens to pass by here.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

For Emperor Only

It amuses me that a few years back, a friend of mine had attended a Chinese Metaphysics course called Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲. Having paid about US$1500 and despite after spending 2 full days learning it from that Master and only manages to know how to plot the charts and that it is to pick a good direction to do important things such as looking for a doctor, going for a job interviews, etc. That friend have to pay another US$100 for the course book in English where I was given a copy to discuss with him as he was still unclear about some of the jargon and I had not thought highly of the book then. Later on, I had also came across a series of books written in English about this art also costing about 800 Euro dollars. At the moment, this secretive art is still being taught for about US$1000 at least by some Masters. If that friend of mine today happens to come onto this new book written by Calvin Yap, I guess he would be fuming mad as this book explained and teaches it more clearly that a beginner would have no problem understanding the concept. There are even several case studies to show how it works if you still don't get it end of the day.

Now I have put a link here for those of you interested as it is priced reasonably as you can see here. In the past in Feudal China, this art is to be used by the Emperor only and is not accessible to the common people. I was initially skeptical because the book was priced too low as there are no other books on this art apart from those written in Chinese. To my surprise, after reading it, the author had shared almost all that you can know about this art. The meaning of the chinese words 奇门遁甲 is Mysterious Door Hide Jia which is to protect leader(Jia) in one of the Eight Doors as probably in the past, it was mainly used for warfare and not meant for the common people. It was believed that Mao Zedong uses it to defeat the Kuomintang Army which has more soldiers and well-equipped and supported by the Western world who don't want to see a Communist country. For those of you who hates plotting chart, no worry, just copy the chinese words 奇门遁甲在线排盘系统 and google search and you will get a free software to help you plot it. You can then start having fun and testing it out on your career or romance and so forth. I do not want to spoil your fun by telling you more, so enjoy the book.

Taken from part of an article by Joey Yap about Qi Men Dun Jia:

'Now, if you are a Feng Shui enthusiast, you may have heard of Qi Men. You may even have heard that it has certain ‘occult’ elements to it, or that it is so powerful that it can enable a person to escape fate and destiny. Some books and Chinese Metaphysics teachers go so far as to claim that Qi Men can change matters of life and death. Some people even say that Qi Men is not a ‘legit’ field of Chinese Metaphysics because it can be used for illegal acts such as killing someone and getting away with it....'

Till-then, cheers. I will come back on Face readings another day.

Qi Men Dun Jia was used by a war strategist Chu Ke Liang in this part of the Warring States History of China in this movie.