Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Qi Men Dun Jia Part 2

Destructive and Productive Cycle

Hi all, I say it must have getting boring at this stage. Don't worry, it's like getting to fly a aeroplane, so much to learn before you can enjoy being up in the sky with the eagle. Let's carry on.

2 - 6.Gate Disk
There are altogether 8 Gate used in Dunjia, which summarize the possible influence from mysterious aspect or celestial powers. We call them Zhi Shi.

Associated Number


To generate energy for action of the day. It is an agent of Gen-Trigram, and also represents Chou-branch and Yin-branch. Generally speaking, This gate is useful for any purpose, especially for health.


To be injured or scratch something easily by mistake, because of hurry to the work or remainder of yesterday's tiredness. It is an agent of Zhen-Trigram, and also represents Mao-Branch. This gate is useful for hospitalization with operations.


Start working of the day, but not smoothly done for complete. It is an agent of Sun-Trigram, and also represents Chen-branch and Si-branch. This gate is not useful for any purposes. This gate is only useful for running away, or arresting robbers.


The most active time in a day. It is an agent of Li, and also represents Wu-branch. This gate is useful for any purposes.

5, 2(slacken)

Sleepy for satisfaction from eating. It is an agent of Kun-Trigram, and also represents Wei-branch and Shen-branch. This gate should not be used except burial.


It's nearly the time to finish the work. As concentrations get declined, people are easily surprised at unexpected happenings. It is an agent of Dui-Trigram, and also represents You-branch. This gate is not useful for any purposes.


Return home after work of the day. It's time to go to bed. It is an agent of Chain-Trigram, and also represents Xu-branch and Hai-branch. This gate is useful for any purposes. Kai denotes all things are prosperous, metal elements,


People are in sleep. It is an agent of Kan-Trigram, and also represents Zi-branch. This gate is useful for any purposes.

2-7 The Eight Guards or Gods
The following also gives the explanation as to each of the Guard:

1. Zhi Fu ():
earth element, central position, the commander of all other Guards. When it falls in one palace, all evil things will flee without any trace.

2. Teng She ():
fire element, south, hypocratic and crafty Guard. Stands for hypocratic characters, acrimony speech. Responsible for strange, hypocratic and dreadful things.

3. Tai Yin ():
metal element, west, the sheltering Guard. Of obscure and invisible attributes. Where Tai Yin comes upon it is suitable for planning, scheming, plotting, etc. and for taking shelter and hide the military forces.

4. Liu He ():
wood element, east, the protection Guard. Its character is unclouded and amiable. Where it falls upon it is suitable for marriage arrangement, discussing business, negotiation, etc.

5. Bai Hu ():
metal element, west, atrocious Guard. Apt to killing in most of situation, Responsible for arm forces deployment, killings, epidemics, traffic accidents. Under it there hids Gou Chen.

6. Xuan Wu ():
water element, north, crafty sycophant or thief. Prefer to stealing and clandestine love affairs. Responsible for thieft, going into exile, quarrel. Under it there hides the Zhu Que.

7. Jiu Di ():
earth element, central position, the common mother of all things. Its charater is tame, quiet, pliable. Where it comes upon it is suitable for planting, dwelling, stationing arm forces.

8. Jiu Tian ():
metal element, positioned high up as like the heaven. Valiant Guard. Very strong character and prefer to taking action. Where it comes upon it is suitable for deploying arm forces, battle, travel.

That's all for now. I would slowly enlighten you for after all, thousand years of chinese astrology can't just be assimilated in a few pages.
Just remember it as the basic as in learning Bazi or Fengshui.