Friday, September 5, 2008

Symbolic Stars and Shen Sha

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Let’s look at another important and dangerous star, called the Sword in destiny analysis in four pillars. It is the prosperity peak of the five yang elements of one’s four pillars. In other words, has the strongest power to hurt as the name given in chinese, 阳刃.

If a man carry a sword with him, he is in danger of hurting himself and others. If the sword star meets a combination or a clash, or a persecuting clash in one’s four pillars or luck cycle, the sword will move. When the sword moves, a disaster will follow.

If a man has a sword star in his four pillars, he will be a great and powerful man in society. But his family relations, such as parents and brothers or sisters, will be affected negatively.

If one’s sword stars appear in one’s luck cycle or year cycle, he will risk losing wealth or his family relationship are troubled.

If it is located at the year pillar, the person would most likely return evil for good.

If there is a sword star at one’s month pillar, he could encounter a blood disaster at an early date in life .For a man, he will hurt his wife and marry again, for a woman, she will waste away but be unashamed.

The sword star is a ruthless and fierce star however if it meets the general star将星 in the pillar could implied holding power over the lives of people especially. However, the sword star overall is an evil star. If it appear in one’s luck cycle or year cycle, one have to be wary of misfortune.

Part of it courtesy of Master Hua Yibo and Ama Ren Xiu.

Itchy hands, couldn't help it but to kay-poh after seeing both data.

Noticed that Baracks Obama have the star of arts and also the sword star. This month will see the sword star meet the general or commanding star E10 with stars of arts having a combination for support. What do you think will happen? And next year, month of Jan 5th, will see a clash on the sword star at Wei and will the pot opened? Will the sword moved and what will happens? Well,..we 'll see whether it is positive or negative for his type of chart. His nominated VP Joe Biden happens to be a Ding Chou day master put in nicely by the Democrats to expediate things, another earth to clash the Wei and Chou happens to be the Emperor's Umbrella or the Star of Arts for Baracks.

By the way, John McCain's birthdate: 29 Aug 1936 time: 9.00 AM.(Information provided by Lydia of Four pillars yahoo chat group.)

After looking at his chart, all I can say is Good-Luck.


A better version or is it?

That'all folks, for bazi.

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Zi Wei Astrology.

Symbolic Stars and Shen Sha

Hi all,

For tonite, lets look at destiny analysis in Bazi. It's a chinese birth chart with some of the so called 5 elements that you are born with. Simple looking but deceptive. There is temperature of the chart involved, whether the chart is cold or warm, and also stable or unstable, etc. You could probably refer to it as your energy field. This is for readers who happens to get onto this blog by mistake. If you understand, you may carry on or get out to avoid wasting your time.

Ah, I've been waiting for Master Tony Tan analysis for Zi Wei to copy ha-ha, but unfortunately I think he's busy as he is preparing for his next Zi Wei Course for his next batch of students. Not to worry, get back to Zi Wei Astrology soon as I'm too tired tonite to do editing with the books and materials I have on Zi Wei.

For tonight, let's look at the Star of Arts, this is a different stars analysis from Zi Wei Astrology. A translation from a Taiwanese Master.

'Star of Arts is also pronouced as 'Hua Gai' in chinese 华 盖. In ancient China, whenever the Emperor goes out, there is a huge gorgeous umbrella on his carriage so this is how the name come about. The Star of Arts is a lonely star. He or she is hot-blooded , full of arrogance but showns a peaceful disposition, also independent and would stand on his or her own to do things.

He or she is intelligent and thirst for knowledge however indulges in self-admirations if unfavorable. Like reading, music, religion, philosphy and destiny studies.

If there is a Stars of Arts in a woman's four pillars, and also a Flower of Romance plus a Nobleman Star, she will be a famous singing star or a famous actress.

If the Star of Arts is at one Hour Pillar, he or she will normally be an adopted son or daughter. (Maybe because of Chinese culture, where off-spring with this star are encouraged to be adopted out to avoid calamities)

For a female , she will have a successful career but will not have good marriage affinity. For a male, he will have the power of calling others to follow him.(Wonder if Obama or McCain has it, didn't bother to look at their charts, here is one of the birth-chart provided by courtesy of Master Mas from Thailand)

Some monks or nuns who have superb talent have strong and favorable Star of Arts in their four pillars. However, if unfavorable, he or she will be a commoner or a lonely person who leads a vagrant life. (Heard of the song 'Streets of London?)

If one with this star is facing a unfavorable luck cycle, it's better to be apprenticed to a monk or nun especially for little children. The child will have less sickness and be easier to bring up. If not, the child will suffer calamity after calamity and normally, a strange sickness will come in before the age of 24. After apprenticeship, they can change their destny and become a different persons. Most of them will graduate thru University and develop useful talents.

If there is another Star of Arts at one 's hour pillar, he or she will always be a loner. If the Star of Arts is a Storehouse or Grave, he or she will be a commoner. He or she will be lucky and have a long life however with no close relationships.

If the Star of Arts meet a Solitary Star or a Lonesome star during the yearly or the ruling ten year cycle, he or she will become a recluse, withdraws from society and live a contented and carefree life.'

How does it sounds? You have it?

Edited, I think this is a better looking MTV, ha-ha, the freedom over net.

Ha-ha, a story to end the day about Eternity.

The priest was preparing a man for his long day's journey into night.

Whispering firmly, the priest said, "Denounce the devil! Let him know how little you think of his evil!"

The dying man said nothing so the priest repeated his order.

Still the dying man said nothing.

The priest asked, "Why do you refuse to denounce the devil and his evil?"

The dying man said, "Until I know where I'm heading, I don't think I ought to aggravate anybody now."