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The New Age

Ooops, nothing new today except a translations I did recently in a forum in response to the new age bazi readings posted by a member there, ha-ha...

Special Charts in Bazi

Most of you have probably come across and get confused by the so called powerful Seasonal combinations of earthly branches followed by Directional combinations and then Six combinations and so forth in the Bazi Section on Combinations and Clashes. The Seasonal or Tri-combinations actually refer to the pre-requisite for a day master to fall into special category chart where the favourable and unfavourable elements of the daymaster is unlike that of the normal chart category.

Seasonal combination:

Spring group: Earthly branch with Yin Mao Chen with daymaster HS Jia or Yi
Summer group: Si Wu Wei with daymaster HS Bing or Ding
Autumn group: Shen You Xu with daymaster HS Geng or Xin
Winter group: Hai Zi Chou with daymaster HS Ren or Gui

Directional combination:

East Direction group: Hai Mao Wei with daymaster HS Jia or Yi
South Direction Group: Yin Wu Xu with daymaster HS Bing or Ding
West Direction group: Si You Chou with daymaster HS Geng or Xin
North Direction group: Shen Zi Chen with daymaster HS Ren or Gui

Spring or East group is called Wood Frame.
Summer or South group is called Fire Frame.
Autumn or West Group is also called Metal Frame.
Winter or North Group is also called Water Frame.

Rules and regulations:

1. Yang Day master must have support from Earthly Branch Season Master meaning the month or combinations from month earthly branch to fall into respective frames: e.g. Jia Day master with month earthly branch Mao with Yin or Chen together for Wood frame. Or Bing Day master with Month Wei with Si and Wu together to form Fire frame.

2. It is easier for a Yang Day master but difficult for Yin Day master to fall into this category with the above conditions. However, it does not means that Yin Day master cannot fall into this category of special charts.

3. If Earthly branches do not have the complete three elements required but however have resources and parallel elements without direct or indirect officers (authority: Qi Sha/Zhen Guan) will be called Dominant Chart and the like or dislikes is the same for the relevant group.

4. If the chart have Direct/Indirect Officers or Direct/Indirect Wealth element but without support or being clash and controlled can be classified as fake follower of the Dominant Element chart. However, it still has a hidden danger as in the right luck cycle, it brings wealth and prosperity but in bad luck cycle will brings disasters.

5. For Dominant Chart overly strong with resources(Pian Yin) and parallel(Bi Jian/Jie Cai), Life will be one way either very prosperous or disastrous.

6. Types of Dominant charts

A)Benevolence chart (Wood Frame)

B)Blazing chart (Fire Frame)

C)Sincerity Chart (Earth Frame)

D)Justice Chart (Metal Frame)

E)Knowledgeable Chart (Water Frame)

7.For the above charts category, same likes and dislikes

-Favor Resources(Pian Yin), Parallels(Bi Jian/Jie Cai) and Output (Shi Shang)

-Do not favour Authority(Guan/Qi Sha) and Wealth(Pian/Zhen Cai)

8.Take note:

With regards to the above charts, it can only be called parallel elements charts, not wealth, authority or output charts. Especially when it is in season, Daymaster will be overly strong and therefore called dominating elements chart and not being controlled or weaken by other elements.

Normal strong chart would like to have wealth or output elements however for Dominant chart is different as it is one way wanting to have same or supporting elements in luck cycle or favoring season and not regressing or being in clashs as it will brings disaster instead. And therefore it is one way ticket chart. (ha-ha, my version)

That’s all.


As usual, a movie, ha-ha, on computer virus in Human, Yes, Virus. (HYV)

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The Stone

There was this story of a person coming upon a stone with the painted words on it: 'Please turn me over, please, please.' Curious, he turned it over and on it was written: ' Mmmmmm, thanks I feel so much better now.' Ha-ha, guess thats what I was feeling after pressing that button: 'Delete all?' So sorry, I just can't go over sorting every mail to see which to remove if I should miss any of your mails. I know, I know its not spam. And don't yeah think I am stone okay? I just, just...

I am back, man but in a hurry, going away for the next few days but I never forget what I’ ve say and it’s my blog, Man. Can’t do that, right?

Okay, let’s discuss a chart of a person who managed to turn S$240 milllions into US$2.7 Billions about S$6 billions in twenty years period. (sounds like the San Yuan Cycle in Feng Shui, ha-ha…) I would not discuss Bruce Lee chart as I am already bored by it but not him.

His date of birth: 13th January 1917. Time, figure it out yourself, I got it.

Here we go,

A story of how US$300 milliion became US$2.7 Billion started.

‘Mr.Khoo Teck Puat . He was 87 and largely immobile. Many afternoons he could be seen having lunch in the lounge of Singapore's Goodwood Park Hotel. Why this hotel? (Because he owned it, reminds me of Billionaire Mr. Li Ka Shing of Hongkong who shifted to a Mountain in the recent years. Goodwood Park is located in a higher terrain along the Orchard or Shopping Belt in Singapore.)

There's nothing too unusual about that. Mr. Khoo was not the only ageing overseas entrepreneur to own a couple of hotels. What did mark him out as exceptional was his ownership of the largest stake in Standard Chartered Bank worldwide, his 13.45 per cent being worth around $US2.7 billion ($A3.6 billion).

The road that took Khoo to be the biggest shareholder in one of the world's great banks is a remarkable tale.

Favorable month and year pillars in Birth chart?

His father, Khoo Yang Thin, had stakes in several Hokkien banks that later amalgamated to form Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC Bank) in 1933. Mr Khoo's first job was as a bank clerk in OCBC.

In 1959 Ji Hai Year, Luck Pillar Yi Si, he established the Malayan Banking Corporation in Malaya. The bank grew rapidly, but in 1966, Bing Wu Year, Luck Pillar also Bing Wu, rumours that he had channelled its funds to his own interests led to a run on the bank.

He was ousted in the wash-up. He was close to the then Sultan of Brunei, Omar Ali Saifuddien III (the current Sultan's father), who in 1965, Yi Si Year had given him permission to establish the National Bank of Brunei.

This became his new focus of attention. Khoo sought to draw members of the Brunei royal family into the bank's ownership so that he could leverage its operations on their name. The royal family's stake reportedly grew as high as 30 per cent stake. Khoo held the remainder. Khoo was able to capitalise on his links to Sultan Omar and play a prominent role in the sultanate's private sector in the 1970s and 1980s.

However, as the only bank domiciled in Brunei, the National Bank was not subject to the prudential supervision that it might have been elsewhere. Its status was vague and many outside Brunei believed (incorrectly) that it had sovereign or government backing

Mr. Khoo borrowed heavily from it to expand his portfolio of other businesses outside Brunei. One of these was the Southern Pacific Hotel chain in Australia.

Bing Yin Year 1986 Luck Pillar Wu Shen

‘In 1986, Khoo's friend and protector, the former Sultan Omar, died . His son Sultan Hassanal hired investigators from the US to examine the National Bank's finances. Its chronic exposure to Khoo's companies was revealed and the Brunei Government closed it down.

Meanwhile, in 1986 an opportunity arose when as a white knight, Khoo made a dramatic acquisition of a 5% stake in Standard Chartered Bank. He subsequently grew his stake to almost 15% to become the single largest shareholder with Hong Kong shipping magnate Y.K. Pao and Perth's Robert Holmes a Court, Khoo acquired a 37 per cent stake in Standard Chartered to prevent a hostile takeover by Lloyds Bank.

The reclusive Singapore-based financier had became involved with the bank as he was invited to take a stake to rescue Standard Chartered from a hostile takeover from Lloyds Bank.

He later on took over more of the shares when Y K Pao and Robert Holmes a Court took profits by selling them to him. His stake rises from the original S$240 million to US300 million (you have to do the conversion yourself, ha-ha..)

In 1986, The yearly Heaven stem Bing Fire attempt to combine with the existing Bing Xin combination of water in the chart and breaks the combination. Water gone and not around to support weak wood Day Master. Water is his resources or elders when favourable. However, the Tai Sui Yin have a seasonal relationship with Mao and Chen for wood meaning he still have supports from peers and the other so called Rob Wealth. If you are wondering how the Bing can combine with Xin for Water, a tip, this is a special structure chart. Those who knows the Blindman technique and Da Liu Ren will knows what I am talking about.

Where Khoo's money came from for his stake is unclear but his participation came just after the Brunei Government had accused him of removing funds from the National Bank of Brunei.

Pao and Holmes a Court sold their stakes some time later. Khoo held on to his and watched it grow from less than $US300 million to $US2.7 billion today.

In November 1986, the Sultanate of Brunei arrested Khoo's oldest son, Khoo Ban Hock, and two (later three) accomplices and ultimately charged them with conspiracy related to Khoo's plundering of National Bank of Brunei, which he and his family controlled. Of total loans made by NBB in excess of 1 billion Brunei dollars (then approximately USD450 million), over 90% had been loaned to Khoo-controlled businesses with little or no security or documentation, and the bank's financial statements fell short of "true and fair." Despite expectations that he would make restitution and resolve the issue financially—his worth at the time was estimated in excess of USD1 billion and he continued to buy Standard Chartered shares in the ensuing six months while he allowed his son to rot in jail while playing cat and mouse with the Brunei government.

In the end, Khoo Ban Hock, his eldest son, did not escape so lightly. He was jailed for two years in Brunei for his role in illegally channelling almost $US600 million in loans from the bank to his father's other companies.’

The clash by the 1986 Tai Sui Yin on the Luck pillar of Shen(the son) in the chart?

Anyway, 2 years for Millions, well, isn’t it worth it?

Over the following years Standard Chartered remained a perpetually attractive takeover target for banks with Asian ambitions, but Khoo's presence protected its independence.

Now this chart is weak and do not favour Metal- his son, meaning he can’t get along well with his son. Does that means he don’t want his son? Well, slowly think about it and let me know, would ya?

An news excerpt:
‘On November 20, 1986, the banks chairman Khoo Ban Hock was arrested as was the external auditors, Andrew Paettie And Bernard Soo. Chin Ping Fang , NBB’s executive director, and three other signatories were arrested in Singapore and extradited to Brunei on November 25.’

How did the son(Chairman of the Bank) Metal end up being a favorable element so called Rob Wealth?

From Michael Backman, news writer,

'Khoo once tried to offload the stake himself. Around 1996, Khoo approached Malaysian entrepreneur Halim Saad, who then headed Malaysian infrastructure company Renong, to test whether Halim would be prepared to swap all or most of his stake in Renong for all or most of Khoo's stake in Standard Chartered.

Halim almost did but then pulled out at the last minute. It was the worst mistake he ever made.'

Now this is interesting, this happens before the 1997 financial crisis, did both Big players in the Asian financial market knew about it and Mr. Halim Saad backs out of the deal.

From wilkipedia:

'The Asian Financial Crisis was a period of financial crisis that gripped much of Asia beginning in July 1997, and raised fears of a worldwide economic meltdown due to financial contagion.

The crisis started in Thailand with the financial collapse of the Thai baht caused by the decision of the Thai government to float the baht, cutting its peg to the USD, after exhaustive efforts to support it in the face of a severe financial over extension that was in part real estate driven. At the time, Thailand had acquired a burden of foreign debt that made the country effectively bankrupt even before the collapse of its currency. As the crisis spread, most of Southeast Asia and Japan saw slumping currencies, devalued stock markets and other asset prices, and a precipitous rise in private debt.'

This was written in the Sunday Times in February 2004:

'Like most Singaporeans, hotel tycoon Khoo Teck Puat enjoyed his food.

During a family lunch yesterday, he was already planning his dinner. But he suffered a heart attack and did not get to dine at the Grand Shanghai restaurant at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Havelock Road.

The 86-year-old Mr Khoo, whose fortune was estimated to be nearly $5 billion, had complained of discomfort after lunch when he was at his Belmont Road bungalow yesterday afternoon.

He was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital and died at 6.50pm.'

Time of Death : 2004 Jia Shen Year, Feb Bing Yin Month,24 Gui You day, xin you hour.

There' s a mention of heart attack and look at the chart and luck pillars, okay? while I' m tempoary away.

All-right, this will do for now, I will be back to fill in the missing blanks for bazi after my holiday breaks to explain further for my dear friend who had insisted that the equinoxes precession have changed the time and adjustments needs to be done for time in Chinese metaphysics. If you are able to derive the ZWDS chart by finding the missing hour pillar, you will see that time, Ehmm, have stood still. Ha-ha, pun intended. All the events and date of birth are documented.

By the way, Mr. Khoo was in the same era of the then PM Mr. Lee and Venerable Sek Hong Choon. Was the Seven Stars Robbery technique used in Goodwood Park Hotel for Feng Shui. '七星抢劫, 福贵三代.' And the Hotel Goodwood Park have never been sold while Mr. Khoo Teck Phuat was around. Does that reminds you of another house along Oxley Road? Now if time adjustments have to be made, would all this events be changed?

He leaves behind 14 children from two wives, both deceased, several sons and daughters-in-law, as well as a brood of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

'The man, whose net worth was estimated at $5 billion, used to say: 'In life, you have to have the luck, the timing and the aptitude.' - Singapore Business Times 26 Feb 2004

Does Timing sounds familiar?

Till-then, cheers.

Okay, more to come when I' m back.

I will try to edit with my notebook when I can meanwhile, its kind of messy, wait till I' m Back.: )


Time After Time?

Yang Nine

As usual,

Father's Lesson

A boy asks his father to explain the differences among irritation, aggravation, and frustration.

His father picks up the phone and dials a number at random. When the phone is answered, he asks, "Can I speak to Alf, please?"

"No! There's no one called Alf here," says the person who answered the phone.

His father hangs up. "That's irritation," he says.

He picks up the phone again, dials the same number, and asks for Alf a second time. "No-there's no one here called Alf. Go away. If you call again I shall telephone the police," the person says.

His father hangs up and says, "That's aggravation."

"Then what's frustration?" asks his son. The father picks up the phone and dials the same number a third time.

"Hello, this is Alf. Have I received any phone calls?" he asks casually.



Oh boy, I have 1875 unread mails, : (
I think I would just press the 'Delete all' button, My apologies if your mail is in there, resent, ha-ha.. Have been itching to clear this feng shui clutter which is affecting my Qi Force and well-being. Ha-ha....

Lately, while doing nothing and surfing on the net, came across an interesting subject: that the all calendars or whatsoever is to be re adjusted with an example of Mr. Bruce Lee’s chart by as usual, posted by an metaphysics enthusiast. I have no complains and prejudice about that but I will not agreed with it. Though I am an admirer of the writer’ s research on Chinese Metaphysics. By the way, he had also mentioned Da Liu Ren and I sure would like to have an exchange of ideas with him after trying to figure it out for the last three years.(Could it be that he is correct about the time adjustment or I’ m SLOW, ha-ha..), just found out about it from another website.

I wanted to learn Qigong as you all know I am recuperating after my surgical operation. They are conducting a 17 days course for US$1900, food and lodgings included except for airfares. Cheap and good, with all the Dragons around. Notice they have mentioned that they have written about Da Liu Ren in their website. Anyway, they are Taoists and should know, right? I was curious despite having pick it up from some masters in the past.


I would like to know for the Sept Workshop if I am interested, is there any course for Da Liu Ren to be taught together in that period.

.Top ..Wed, 05/12/2010 - 05:46 #1 .laohu

Joined: 09/11/2009 Da Liu Ren Course

Yes, there are some contents to be taught concerning Da Liu Ren but not all. The whole Da Liu Ren Course requires at least one year of study and training -- too complicated system and the learners have to know Chinese if they want to fully master the knowledge. But, that is not all, you have to study under an experienced master and continue to train your skills for at least 6 years after gaining the necessary knowledge. In a word, please prepare for your whole life time if you really want to become an accomplished master!

End of epilogue

Very subtle as in Tai Chi Kung Fu, I like the reply. : )

Why slow? I had always thought that my senseis have left some important parts out either because I was not initiated as a disciple by them or I had not volunteer to pay them substantially enough. Nah, just found out from that reply, its not that, they won’t want it even if I want to. We had so much fun together doing what is normal stuffs as they don’t have to behave like a Prominent Master, being all proper in front of me or worrying about me going around telling people about it, and I have Tang Lang, the Wolf in my Zi Wei chart, I like to corrupt people with Lian Zhen in My Ming Gong, Life palace. They just loves my style, ha-ha, just kidding. We were all Holy together like that MTV in one of my earlier post 'Tao', just drinking and no touching the faires. Ah, I' m not referring to my Mentor at Singapore Feng Shui Centre.

Well they were correct, always carry the secret manual(Just kidding) with me every time so that I can refer to it and practise and practise and ……

OMG! Chinese is needed!!! You sure, how am I going to teach it then? Ha-ha, don't worry....

Do go to the site, they have some basic stuffs on Da Liu Ren for you to learn which is free.

'When there' s will, there' s a wat?'

Till-then, cheers.

P.S. I will be back with an interesting recent birth chart based on present time with no adjustment done chronicling his rise to a billionaire and the day that he died. Prove me wrong, my dear friend, remember I am an admirer of your research and I won't want to waste my past ten years having the wrong basics with something as simple as Time. I would be pleased to be wrong as I still have a lot of times ahead to make amendments and changes unlike others. No offence to others....

Sincerely Yours,
: )

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Polar Bear?

Must have been watching Avatar again last nite when I could'nt sleep, thought I would write about it after receiving an email.

Our Planet Earth is Millions of years old but there is no doubt that Civilisations of Man begins only a few thousands of years ago. How come? Did the Ancient Chinese or the one who came up with this He Tu and Lo Shu Square knew that the Earth was round but had no way of explaining it to the then backward people at that times. How come the Hexgrams in the I Ching can coincidentally be remarkably similar to the recent Binary System for Computer. If only Bill Gates was born in China at that time, could he have a made a difference for the New World to progress faster or would he have the same problem explaining his concept and end up coming out with a River Horse or whatever it is, ha-ha....

Educating the Common People in Feng Shui.

For the Ancient Chinese metaphysics, 5 is a number whose function is to neutralise and unify which cames from yang number and ying number of 1 + 4 and 2 +3. 5 implies establishment. 10 is a number with the implications of stopping or
decreasing the full growth of ying and yang. All numbers contain Zero and One. The establishing number is the number one and that which is established is zero. Thus the number 5 is an establishment which can be expressed by zero and contains the possibility of going up or down the scale.

And the interactions of 5 and the 4 Xiang in the I Ching then also gives birth to the Eight Trigrams and the 5 + 10 combinations for (planet) Earth then gives birth to the millions in Life. The Ten heavenly stems combinations here is about Fengshui Qi and is different from the Bazi combinations for Heveanly Stems.

The number One or that one white dot in the He Tu Chart is Heaven and position at the North of the bottom of the chart is taken from the Pole star , meets 5 and gives Six which then combines into Water (The Little Bear, Ursa Minor consists of Polaris star and six stars).

The Two is Earth at the South and meet 5 and gives Seven which then combines to Fire . (Five known planets at that time, Saturn, the Central planet, Jupiter represent the East, Mercury the North, Venus the West and Mars the South and the Sun and the Moon gives you the Seven). The polaris group (Heaven) and the solar system (Earth) at that time with the known 5 planets which in San He fengshui represent the 5 elements which you can see on traditional San He Luopan rings. Obviously the Chinese knew about Orbiting Clockwise and Anti Clockwise. If you don't know what I' m talking about, you are way far behind them a few thousand years ago, ha-ha, just kidding. By the way, what does gravity got to do with magnetism?

Then you have Early Heaven Fire at the East representing the Sun and Early Heaven Water at the West. The Sun rises in the East and the Moon rises in the West (The Ancient Chinese felt the Moon represent Water as its gravity affects the tides). The Three then meets 5 and gives 8 which then combines into Wood. The Four at the West meets 5 and gives 9 which then combines into Metal.

The 4 Xiang of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 refers to the interactions between the Polaris group of stars with the four groups of 28 constellations of stars governing the North, East, South and West with the ancient chinese thought of the then Solar system and also the interactions between the Sun and Moon and Earth which then gives birth to the four seasons of the four Elemental Qi . The chinese He 河 meaning the river literally also means Sky River and Tu图 Map also refers to the Earth and together they refers to the intearctions between the Stars in Heaven and Earth, or a map found on the back of an mysterious animal.(probably an alien robot R2-D2 from Stars Wars, ha-ha, just kidding). Coincidentally, from wilkipedia:

Japanese: 天の川 amanogawa "River of Heaven"
Korean: 은하 eunha "Silver River", from Chinese, in pure korean.
Chinese: 銀河 "Silver River".

There is no doubt that the He Tu refers to the mapping of the energies from the Heavens,

The meaning of the Four Xiang in the Yi Jing:

Full Yang: The Strong Force

Full Yin: The Weak Force

Lesser Yang: The Light Force

Lesser Yin: The Heavy Force

By adding a yin line or yang line to the four forces, the Eight Trigrams are then established.

Arggh, I had thought of no metaphysics at the moment until I had received an email from a : )

Dedicated to Laphard and Mulberry from 5 Arts Forum. I would be busy from now on as I have been invited by my Mentor to participate in his Four pillars section in his Forum at Singapore Fengshui Centre. Can't be at two places at one time, ok? Forgot to let you all know, don't bother to email me at my old yahoo account. it is SPAMED, must have been the fault of that article titled 'The Internet' I posted the last time, well, I deserved it, ha-ha..

Till-then, cheers.


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Marriage Bliss?

Aww, can't get to sleep, thought might as well blog...


One afternoon a man came home from work to find total mayhem in his house.

His three children were outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn all around the front yard.

The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house.

Proceeding into the entry, he found an even bigger mess.

A lamp had been knocked over, and the throw rug was wadded against one wall.

In the front room the TV was loudly blaring a cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing.

In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife.

He was worried she may be ill, or that something serious had happened. He found her lounging in the bedroom, still curled in the bed in her pajamas, reading a novel. She looked up at him, smiled, and asked how his day went. He looked at her bewildered and asked, "What happened here today?"

She again smiled and answered, "You know everyday when you come home from work and ask me what in the world did I do today?"

Ha-ha, as usual, Life.....

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Lonely won't leave me alone

Ooooh, no metaphysics temporary right?

Yap, but Lonely won't leave me alone. Hey, I' m on LEAVE, Man, leave me alone...

I' m sure relaxing now with a bottle of champagne (Brut)at super discount to celebrate. Hey there, You Lonely(The clash on My Spouse Palace), yeah you, You only got three years left in my ten year luck pillars to torture me and unfortunately bad news for you, there are two years which is my : )

Cheers, I will be soon be BACK with the nine Hexagrams for the nine Palaces for Flying Stars, you mean you never heard of it? Never mind but meanwhile I' m on LEAVE and I will be talking about Life more, about People,people and ME.

Nah, I' m not being Horny but its the privilege of being Senoirs, ha-ha...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Lately I have been getting bored with Metaphysics and thought of taking a break like the frog in the last post. Started with some sorting of books as I thought of selling some of my almost brand new Chinese books, in Feng Shui, they called it clearing the clutter. I then came onto these few books by this author Chen Bo Yu. It was part of a collections of 25 odd books I have bought second hand from a metaphysics enthusiast who have told me he has given up on this hobby. Paid S$150 for them all.It was damn cheap, some of the books cost as much as S$40 alone when brand new. The books were almost brand new conditions even though some bought as far as back as 2001 with plastic cover wrapped protectively. The owner must have been very loving to metaphysics then. Ask him for any other reasons for selling as I was very puzzled with the books in mint conditions but he just shook his head. After buying the books, I had put them aside as I was then doing a lot of travelling in and out of Malaysia.

Well, happen to see this author first with four books and three were on Bazi and one was on Flying Stars Fengshui with also a translation of Purple White Flying Stars. Went thru the fengshui book first and found as usual that it looks suspiciously of those run by the mill Chinese fengshui books. Thought I would just go to the last section and look at his conclusions or viewpoints at least before deciding what to do with these 25 odds books. Surprise, he had concluded by giving some predictions from as way back in 1992(The first version was printed in 1992). This was a reprint version in 2002 Ren Wu year in the epilogue and it caught my attention with a prediction, probably add in at that time of the reprint on the Taiwan Presidency Election 2004. It had caught my interest as I had a Taiwanese girl-friend before and reminds me of my times with her. I then started feeling relaxed thinking how I had managed to get out of the relationship with her dumping me instead. You know if she had been with me, I would’nt have this luxury of time to be a travelling man in my pursuit to learn from masters all over the place. No offence to the ladies, guys better be careful not to get too engrossed with your pursuits that you don’t realise that your spouse have went missing.. Okay enough about me, this author begin by looking at the bazi of the then Chen Shui Bian VS Lien Chan (KMT) and James Soong (People First Party) and claim that Mr. Chen was in good ten luck pillar and would be having a better chance of a second term as president as Mr.Lien Chan was in bad luck cycle and so forth. He then claimed that Mr. Ma Ying-jeou also stand no chance but however would be the next president in 2008 by explaining this person’s bazi. I gleefully thought that I had then caught him there even though I have not much knowledge of Taiwan politics, I had remembered that Mr. Chen Shui Bian’s luck was’nt that good as he was caught in a scandal and Mr. Ma Ying-jeou had taken over as President vaguely. I just need to confirm the time period. I gleefully then did a search on the net to prove him wrong and thought that I would have something to gloat about, me BAD and I like to play catch, ha-ha… , Smugly thinking that I would still give him some respect that though he was wrong, as he had begun with his predictions saying that he might not necessary be right as there is no end to learning and he probably have not reached that level of understanding Bazi. Actually thought he was just trying to pretend to be modest. Don’t know why lately I’m getting cheesed off or bored by metaphysics and trying to find a reason also to dump away some books or to let off gas, whatever it means. Mind you, if he was wrong, the three bazi books I would have probably sell it off to an unsuspecting buyer but probably at a loss to compensate for me being bad. Anyway, thought why worry, why the heck about virtue, Big Bad Wolf (His id user on the forum), had done that to me, by selling the books to me, probably had found out that this writer of 3 bazi books and maybe more have also gone wrong and gave up on Metaphysics and sold the books to me.

Well, it now had ended up with me croaking instead of gloating, must have the fault of that little frog I put in my last post, yes, you froggy!. The writer was correct in his prediction, Mr Chen Shui Bian won the 2004 elections for presidency, his second term and only got into trouble with a scandal in 2006. Mr Ma Ying-jeuo had then won the 2008 elections for President. Well, kinda of feeling guilty, thought I would blog about his books as a compensation to him for having such lowly thoughts. Arggh, that means I would be reading all his books in the mean time and would be too busy for the Net. And worse, my grammars is getting worse with too much brainworks now switched to Chinese or Am I now using the right side of my brains? Anyway, I have to give him respect for having the guts and daring to predict despite at the risk of his reputations and of losing his students and also having written some books and having people like me looking to dump the books fast, ooops. Anyway, I don’t see any reputed master would also take that kind of risk unless super confident of his bazi skill as then there is no risk at all, right?.. And coincindentally, Lien Chan (Koumintang) was gaining votes until a series of events changes the destiny, one was the gunshot injury to Mr. Chen and etc…

Mmm, don’t thank me, Mr Chen Bo Yu, I was wrong about you and I don’t keep things to myself even though no one knows what I was thinking when I read your predictions. To be fair, I would have complained about you if you were wrong as I would be trying dispose your books to an unsuspecting buyers though I would sell them cheap. Hey, you people out there, vote me as your Watchdog for Metaphysics, would ya? :)

Well, enough of my crapping today, thought I would take a break from metaphysics and what the heck, I going thru it all again. Well looks like the Yi Jing wants me to do some readings up even if I’m taking a Break. “Urgh, Master YJ, I means I want I want nothing to do with Metaphysics for my Break.”


Till when I’ m Bad, oh I means Back.

On second thoughts, How about Korean? Thought of knowing more about the language offered at S$120, a bargain at a Community Centre (Local government instituion)for my Break. Man, he looks cool.. Aah, don't worry, I AM Ah-Beng(lingo for being Crude in trying to be Macho), Man. Remember Brother Sharp in one of my posts, mmm,copying from, Master Ken Lai' s Blog, ha-ha....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Having been called senior in the past and now, don't envy me....

Just came across this exercise suggested for seniors, to build muscles strength in the arms and shoulders. It seems so easy, so I thought I'd pass it on to some of my younger friends. The article suggested doing it three days a week.

Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side.

With a 5-lb. potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides, and hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, then relax.

Each day, you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.

After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-lb. potato sacks.

Then 50-lb. potato sacks, and eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb. potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.

After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each of the sacks; but be careful.


I' m getting old, man.

Anyway, can't think of anything to write except copying, anyway the following is a divination method used by the Tibetan monks called the Mo Divination, taken from Digital Tibetam

'Here is a fast divination technique using a mala.(Tibetan Strings of Beads)

You visualize the deity (often Manjushri) and pray one japa of the mantra. You then hold the mala in your lap, and with each hand grasp a bead at random. You then count off in threes, moving the hands toward each other, until one, two, or three beads remain. You do this three times.

One remaining bead is called Falcon. If you have a Falcon on your first round, it indicates support from protectors, luck in new endeavors, and success in lawsuits. If you have a Falcon on the second round, this indicates general good luck, with small risk of misfortune. If you have a Falcon on the third round indicates expected guests will arrive imminently, or you will have news of them.

Two beads remaining is called Raven. A Raven on the first round means little support from the protectors, nothing can be accomplished, lawsuits will be unsuccessful, and enemies have the upper hand. A Raven on the second round indicates serious illness and a decline in force. Things will be lost or stolen. A Raven on the third round indicates bad luck for travelers, and sicknesses will not be cured.

Three beads remaining is called Snow Lion. A Snow Lion on the first round indicates middling support from the protectors, slow accomplishment, and weak enemies. This is generally a neutral result. A Snow Lion on the second round indicates dangers to health that could nevertheless be resolved. Things lost or stolen can be found. A Snow Lion on the third round indicates late arrival for travellers, and some difficulty finding the right treatment for illness.'

Anyway, the above is the link to the above divination from my friend Erick who had just wrote on my Facebook wall and inspired me to blog as I was bored. Arrgh, I' m being back to Ba Gua (local lingo for busybody)....

Anyway, foods for thoughts, I' m kind of wondering that with all the metaphysics we have learned, what is the point of not being able to use it morally. And of course, are their parents and peers willing to believe that we can avert a catastrophe for them.(refering to the links below). We can't blame them too as there are Shamans out there who have given this trade a bad name.

It sure it's disturbing as there are many more out there, depressed teens. Sure the pay is peanuts but it is worth giving a helping hand. I know, I know, what you means, many a times we help somebody by pulling that person when he or she is about to cross the road with an oncoming car and saves that person. It might feels great but problem sometimes that person don't even bother to say a simple 'Thank You'. Well, You know it could be worse as there is another situation, e.g. you happen to know , a speed demon would come by at this particular time everyday at this blind spot and you pull the guy back and nothing happens as that speed demon' s machine is at the workshop and you end up being called a BUSYBODY. I can't blame you if you do not think that its worth doing this as Man tends to be ungrateful and suspicious. and neither can we blame them with the history of charlatans being around.

Well, just my thoughts for the day. Won't be the reason for my retirement though, ha-ha...