Saturday, November 29, 2008

Me and Yi-Jing

oOps, should be Yi-Jing and Me, Ha-ha, hope you dun mind, Yi-Jing.

Ah, another nice afternoon to indulge in my present torture of knowing too much or is it?

Feeling Lost lately, with the holidays. Can't move around as Mr. Rat, my sword or some call it the bloody knfe, ha-ha, would be around soon. By the way, I am a Yang Ren or strong water person and Mr. Rat, supposed to be my secret friend, have a conspiracy or combinations with my Mr. Ox in my chart and would be moving the sword. Dun know what I can do to pass my time. Thought of maybe accepting the offer of a trip to Hongkong with all expenses paid for December BUT. Surprisingly, got a signal from my dear Yi-Jing and here it goes:

Ok, let me just talk more about my best friend, Yi-Jing as I' m thinking that for some of you folks who don't know much about Zi Wei Astrology or Purple Star Astrology can read the book by Mr. Loh Yew Fatt, 'Predestined Affinity' or something like that. You can go to the forum that I have mentioned earlier on for some comments on it, in my earlier post. Not that I' m being lazy, ha-ha. By the time I have finished with it at this pace, you might lose your interest.

Now, I still have not figured out the gender for Yi Jing, so we would just address as it is ? . I personally feel that the Yi Jing is the basis for all metaphysics studies. Initially, you might feel out of touch with using the texts for interpretations or divinations, but don't despair. It takes times to be connected. It's like you just got to know a friend. It would take times to built a relationship to a level that it's like having telepathy. Like some of you might find that certain best friend or close one is in trouble, you would get an uneasy feeling the whole day. That' s what I meant, intuition.

Anyway, I would stop now to enjoy this lazy afternoon. Argh, it's fading off!