Friday, March 25, 2011

Tibetan Astrology

The Third Eye

Well, on this TGIF, for those of you who are curious about the Black Hat Tantric Sect founded by Lin Yun Rinpoche (He had passed away last year August), a Chinese feng shui Grandmaster trained by lamas in Tibet, there is a book that could perhaps fill your time if you are bored this weekend.

'The Third Eye’ purportedly written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, a writer who claimed to have been a lama in Tibet before spending the second part of his life in the body of a British man, Cyril Henry Hoskin and which some had deemed as a fraud. The book was published in November 1956 and soon became a global bestseller. The Times Literary Supplement said of the book: "It comes near to being a work of art." Explorer and Tibetologist Heinrich Harrer was unconvinced about the book's origins and hired a private detective from Liverpool named Clifford Burgess to investigate Rampa. The findings concluded with, please go Wikipedia to find out more as it is too lengthy.

His statement which he maintained for the rest of his life in reply to this: ” I am Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, that is my only name, now my legal name, and I answer to no other.’

Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material. One of the books, Living With The Lama, was described as being dictated to Rampa by his pet Siamese cat, Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers.

Taken from his book:

'The instrument penetrated the bone. A very hard, clean sliver of wood had been treated by fire and herbs and was slid down so that it just entered the hole in my head. I felt a stinging, tickling sensation apparently in the bridge of my nose. It subsided and I became aware of subtle scents which I could not identify. Suddenly there was a blinding flash. For a moment the pain was intense. It diminished, died and was replaced by spirals of colour. As the projecting sliver was being bound into place so that it could not move, the Lama Mingyar Dondup turned to me and said:" You are now one of us, Lobsang. For the rest of your life you will see people as they are and not as they pretend to be."

At school we had to study languages, Tibetan and Chinese. Tibetan is two distinct languages, the ordinary and the honorific. We used the ordinary when speaking to servants and those of lesser rank and the honorific to those of equal or superior rank: The horse of a higher-rank person had to be addressed in honorific style!

Our autocratic cat, stalking across the courtyard on some mysterious business, would be addressed by a servant: “Would Honourable Puss Puss deign to come and drink this unworthy milk?” No matter how “honourable Puss Puss” was addressed, she would never come until she was ready.

It was our belief that if an animal was killed—even by accident—and eaten, humans would be under a debt to that animal. Such debts were paid by having a priest pray over the animal body in the hope of ensuring that the animal reincarnated into a higher status in the next life upon earth.

In this connection, our horses were never worked for two days together. If a horse was ridden on one day, then it had to be rested the next day. The same rule applied to the work animals. And they all knew it. If, by any chance a horse was picked for riding, and it had been ridden the day before, it would just stand still and refuse to move. When the saddle was removed, it would turn away with a shake of the head as if to say: “Well, I'm glad that injustice has been removed!” Donkeys were worse. They would wait until they were loaded, and then they would lie down and try to roll on the load.'

Enjoy the book you can download on the internet by just searching ‘The Third Eye'.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

Well, Ching Ming Festival is coming in April, a traditional festival for the Chinese to visit and tidy up their ancestors graves. It never fails to remind me of Takashimaya@Ngee Ann City along Orchard Road which was previously a Chinese cemetery. In fact, it was even designed like a mausoleum or large tomb if you will to ask for my opinion. Every year the owners, a Chinese Teochew clan association would hold a ritual at the place to appease the spirits which are quite happy apparently as they have been no known paranormal case yet. The below are some of the pictures taken from my old article in 2009 on the Taoist ritual conducted there yearly.

The Largest Shopping Mall in Singapore when it first opened its door with at a deep womb(The many levels of basements) into Mother Earth.

It had  also reminded me of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang who was the first in China to construct a mausoleum city and to build coffin chambers and subordinate palaces in the mausoleum. The first emperor also started
the ritual of building chambers for those buried alive with the owner of the tomb on a large scale. Another
unusual discovery is that the mausoleum does not have a tomb of the empress. If Qin Shi Huang had succeeded in attaining immortality to see it, he would be amazed of what thousands of years ago he
envisaged is a reality today in Singapore, ha-ha....

A picture of the thousands of ceramic terracotta soldiers who accompanied the Emperor.

Anyway, lets look at two interesting shopping malls owned by a local land investment company in Singapore on the feng shui. The two shopping malls are just opposite each other at a busy road junction, the one below is called Velocity@Novena Square. It don't have any sign of water features or any single drops of water at all in the frontage and the building was renovated with a wing building added in 2006 and renamed as Velocity going into Age 8. It instead have a basketball court at the front as it was said the management had wanted to portrayed an image of a sports and health hub.


The other mall owned by the same company known as United Square is diagonally opposite at the side of the cross junction. Here water, water is everywhere at the frontage.

As both are owned by the same listed company, is feng shui at play here and does it means that having yang activity is the same as having water? Or maybe water is not welcome for Velocity?
There are more interesting things to observe on the feng shui aspects between both Malls if you were to spend some time there while you are free, one fine day. Especially on the landforms too, as there is an hospital just behind the Velocity. By the way, you can says all Major Hospitals in Singapore are located on Hilly terrains(There are no mountains in Singapore), coincidence that all architects or the ones in charge love hilly terrains for locating hospital in Singapore?
Till-then, cheers.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feng Shui 风水

Da Liu Ren 大六任'曾經滄海難為水,除卻巫山不是雲'

Water - Part 2

Taken partly from Wikipedia:

'Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. Its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state (water vapour or steam). Water also exists in a liquid crystal state near hydrophilic surfaces.

Water is a liquid at standard temperature and pressure. It is tasteless and odourless. The intrinsic color of water and ice is a very slight blue hue, although both appear colorless in small quantities. Water vapor is essentially invisible as a gas.

Water is transparent in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Thus aquatic plants can live in water because sunlight can reach them. Ultra-violet and infrared light is strongly absorbed.

Since the water molecule is not linear and the oxygen atom has higher electro negativity than hydrogen atoms, it carries a slight negative charge, whereas the hydrogen atoms are slightly positive. As a result, water is a polar molecule with an electrical dipole moment. Water also can form an unusually large number of intermolecular hydrogen bonds (four) for a molecule of its size. These factors lead to strong attractive forces between molecules of water, giving rise to water's high surface tension and capillary forces. The capillary action refers to the tendency of water to move up a narrow tube against the force of gravity. This property is relied upon by all vascular plants, such as trees.

As an oxide of hydrogen, water is formed when hydrogen or hydrogen-containing compounds burn or react with oxygen or oxygen-containing compounds. Water is not a fuel, it is an end-product of the combustion of hydrogen. The energy required to split water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis or any other means is greater than the energy that can be collected when the hydrogen and oxygen recombine.

Elements which are more electropositive than hydrogen such as lithium, sodium, calcium, potassium and caesium displace hydrogen from water, forming hydroxides. Being a flammable gas, the hydrogen given off is dangerous and the reaction of water with the more electropositive of these elements may be violently explosive. (Comments: Hollywood had a great time on making movies of people exploding or burning up out of the blue)

Much of the universe's water is produced as a by product of star formation. When stars are born, their birth is accompanied by a strong outward wind of gas and dust. When this outflow of material eventually impacts the surrounding gas, the shock waves that are created compress and heat the gas. The water observed is quickly produced in this warm dense gas.

Oxygen attracts electrons much more strongly than hydrogen, resulting in a net positive charge on the hydrogen atoms, and a net negative charge on the oxygen atom. This attraction is known as hydrogen bonding. The molecules of water are constantly moving in relation to each other, and the hydrogen bonds are continually breaking and reforming at timescales faster than 200 femtoseconds. However, this bond is sufficiently strong to create many of the peculiar properties of water, such as the those that make it integral to life. '

Feng Shui Cures

How much do you know about Feng Shui items and using them? Does just putting it there works? Do you see results like the below 2 case studies examples?

Case Study 1

An Ren Shui 安忍

When it was first prepared and placed at that particular spot,

After 7 days,

Second time after changing salt and water and after 7 days, improved results....

Second case study, here it is not so obvious except for a greenish tone, could be algae....

But this tortise called Pauline named after the Great oracle Paul the Octopus knew what' s the problem. It stay in this upright position away from the little level of water in the tank for 1 whole day despite the water looking clean.

So guess how much do you know about using Feng Shui CURES?
 Water in snowflakes form on close up, nice?

So does Feng Shui just means Wind and Water only?

Till-then, cheers.

Have a great weekend!