Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Bazi Case

Lately with the interest of Broken Chart in Bazi on the Web. Thought I would like to entertain myself with another case. As usual, there ain't no hour pillar.

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Wong Ka Kui

Chinese name 黃家駒 (Traditional)
Chinese name 黄家驹 (Simplified)
Pinyin Huáng Jiājū (Mandarin)
Jyutping Wong4 Ga1 Keoi1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Taishan, Guangdong
Origin Hong Kong
Born June 10, 1962(1962-06-10)
Hong Kong
Died June 30, 1993 (aged 31) (Internal bleeding due to head injuries)
Tokyo, Japan
Other name(s) Koma Wong
Occupation Singer, Musician, Actor
Genre(s) Cantopop, Hard rock, Pop-Rock
Instrument(s) Guitar
Years active 1983-1993

Wong Ka-Kui (June 10, 1962 - June 30, 1993) was a Hong Kong composer, songwriter, musician and singer. He was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and the founder of the Hong Kong rock band Beyond.

He composed more than 90 percent of the songs for Beyond and wrote a few award-winning lyrics. Ka-Kui is remembered for his musical talents as well as his unique and powerful voice that is able to convey a number of emotions. His songs are often addressing humanity and social issues such as injustice, war and peace, racism, poverty, family and pursuit of dream.

Wong Ka-Kui had a great influence on at least a generation of Chinese because of his outlook on life and the spirit of never giving up. He devoted his entire life to achieve change in the Hong Kong music industry and also tried to make a difference in the world.

Beyond was a famous rock band in Hong Kong that was founded in 1983. They have always identified with the people of Hong Kong, as reflected in their songs about social issues, pursuit of dreams, politics, and peace. Wong Ka Kui's " 海闊天空 (Boundless Oceans Vast Skies) & 光輝歲月(Glorious Years) are two of their best known works.

Beyond is also well known for Wong Ka Kui's distinctive vocal, remarkable melodies, meaningful lyrical themes, and their musicianship on their instruments.

One of the songs, Glorious Age (Chinese: 光輝歲月), is about racism and the struggle of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. The song, at the time, was a fresh breath of air in the midst of saccharin sweet love songs that were dominating the Hong Kong music scene. Wong Ka Kui won the best lyrics award in the Hong Kong Grammy-equivalent award ceremony. The guitar solo opening for the song paints the loneliness of Mandela's struggle. The guitar solo went on to be one of the most recognizable electric guitar rift in Hong Kong rock music.

While filming a gameshow for Fuji Television in Japan on June 24, 1993, Wong Ka-Kui fell off a 3 meter platform head first, and was hospitalized immediately. He died after spending several days in coma due to internal bleeding of head injuries.

This is a ? earth day master.

See the combination on Yin Mao and Chen for seasonal combination of wood Fame and Status at play at his Funeral. Normally people with favorable combination are millionaires or are somebody in life, trust me.

As this is a blog for practitioners, I m sorry that you have to do your own plotting or get out of my blog to avoid wasting your time. Ha-ha, no offence meant.

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