Monday, October 11, 2010

Unfair World?

Trust the Yi Jing to immediately come up with an inspiration after I complained today. The following episode reminds me of a many time makeover favorite chinese TV drama based on a chinese sword-fighting novel : 'The Return of the Condor Hero' and seeing it comes to Life on screen.

From Shanghai Post, Liu Wei had won the 'China Got Talent'  award,

'Liu didn't put a foot, or a toe, wrong with an impeccable performance on the piano, and he was in fine voice, too, as he sang "You're Beautiful" to conquer the live audience and those watching at home.

Winning over the judges with his remark "at least I have a pair of perfect legs," Liu became the only finalist to move all three.' (This was in reply to when he was told by somebody that he is handicapped with missing arms when it comes to doing things.)

The following video is self-explanatory(no translations yet, my apologies) :

Ha-ha, well as they says: ' In Imperfections, then we Realised Perfections, the Yin and Yang'
Do you envy him, an before, handicapped but Now Superstar with his attitude in Life? Or shall we says he is truly a Master of his own Destiny...