Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mariage D'amour 1

Well, the first week of the New Year have just gone by. And for today I thought that instead of just jumping in to continue the story, I would rather put a E-book first on The Luck Factor by Professor Richard Wiseman here for you to carry around for the rest of the year first. Read it if you are tired of the hula bula stuff, the usual run of the mill routine yearly forecast and so forth in Feng Shui.
I had also happened to read it in an article in the beginning of 2008 and it could perhaps help towards a better life if you are sick of paying top dollars for Feng Shui that did not work. I am not saying that Feng Shui don't work, just that you might have not met the right one yet but for the moment, this book will help I must say. It’s all in the mind, isn’t?
Okay, let me again wish you a Happy New Year and I would be back to continue the last story before Chinese New Year.
Till-then, cheers.
This is where you can download the E-book and Good Luck  :  )